Average Salary in Canada & Top Job Opportunities in 2024

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Average Salary in Canada

If you are planning to move to a vibrant country, the main reason to consider is understanding the average salaries that will help you plan your financial future. Along with good earnings, you can also help to improve your way of living, which can help you fulfill your needs. 

This blog post will help you learn about the average salary range across various industries in Canada, offering you a starting point for exploring your career options. Also, we will help you to identify your best-earning profession in Canada based on your choice so that you can grow in both earning and learning. 

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What is the Average Salary in Canada in 2024 

Based on a 40-hour workweek, the average wage in Canada is 20.16 CAD per hour, or 41,933 CAD annually. An experienced worker in Canada can expect to make between 54,600 CAD and 105,000 CAD per year on average. It is crucial to remember that the average salary in Canada might change depending on the kind of work, employers, experience, and skill level.

Factors Affecting Average Salary in Canada

The following are some additional variables that, in addition to work permits for Canada, influence the average pay for full- or part-time jobs in the country:

Average Salary in Canada

Province-wise  Average Salary in Canada 

In Canada, the average pay varies by region. The amount of salary you will receive is determined by the cost of living in that specific area as well as other considerations.

Province Name Average Salary Per Year 
Quebec57,506 CAD
Alberta74,237 CAD
Newfoundland45,500 CAD
Nova Scotia56,550 CAD
Saskatchewan88,428 CAD
Ontario63,369 CAD
British Columbia66,232 CAD
Yukon52,500 CAD

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City-wise Average Salary in Canada 

In Canada, an hourly wage of 58 CAD is the average. The Canadian average pay by city is displayed in the table below.

City Name Average Salary Per Year 
Calgary 67,000 CAD
Montreal 68,900 CAD
Vancouver 69,000 CAD
Ottawa 66,000 CAD
Toronto 62,000 CAD
Windsor 59,000 CAD
Regina 60,000 CAD
Winnipeg55,000 CAD

Industries wise Average Salary in Canada 

in 2024. A few industries have experienced significant growth recently, even though many are in demand. The following industries and their corresponding salaries are listed: 

Popular Industries Average Salary Per Year 
Accounting, Administration & Human Resources64,247 CAD
Architecture & Creative Arts61,321 CAD
Banking, Finance & Insurance88,666 CAD
Construction & Maintenance57,902 CAD
Engineering 121,364 CAD
Hospitality & Travel 59,101 CAD
Accounting and Business firm76,843 CAD
Health Care and Social Assistance52,888 CAD
Food Services43,033 CAD
Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction 113,506 CAD
Public Administration75,799 CAD
Retail, Cosmetics & Customer Service42,844 CAD
Childcare & Education61,500 CAD
Transportation and Warehousing61,011 CAD
Retail34,503 CAD

List of Most Growing Industries in Canada

The following industries are seeing growth in Canada:

Average Salary in Canada

Top Positions wise Average Salary Canada

In every industry, Canada has some of the top job prospects. Some common job titles and their associated salaries are included in the table below: 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Surgeons279,646 CAD
Orthodontists209,373 CAD
Chief Marketing Officer109,196 CAD
Software Engineering Manager143,044 CAD
Software Architect109,021  CAD
Pharmacist105,088  CAD
Data scientist84,630 CAD
Accounting Manager110,000 CAD
Credit Analyst108,915 CAD
Investment Banker128,903 CAD
Biomedical Engineer107,250 CAD
Chemical Engineer116,333 CAD
Civil Engineer112,137 CAD
Business Intelligence Analyst 105,373 CAD
Data Analyst89,699 CAD

Note: Salary source from Indeed and ca.talent.com 

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How much is a good salary in Canada?

In Canada, a good wage typically pays 23 CAD per hour, or 44,850 CAD per year. Entry-level salaries begin at 34,125 CAD annually, while the majority of experienced workers earn up to 91,469 CAD annually.

Which career is best in Canada?

Here are a few best career options that you can explore in Canada
Mechanical engineer
Financial analyst
Pharmacist assistant
Accounting technician
Software Developer
Devops Engineer

Can I apply for a job in Canada directly?

With a few exceptions, most foreign nationals need permission to work in Canada. Most applicants will need a job offer from Canada backed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to apply for a work permit.

How can I find a job offer from Canada?

You can look up Canadian businesses and sectors that match your experience and skill set if you have a particular interest or area of expertise. To learn more about employment openings, you can contact their recruitment or human resources departments, check their websites, and follow their social media pages.

What is the average salary in Canada per month

The average monthly salary in Canada is $44,363 per year or $22.75 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $35,100 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $115,000 per year.

This was all the information about Average Salary in Canada & Top Job Opportunities in 2024. For more such blogs follow Leverage Edu and stay connected with our official jobs abroad page. 

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