How to Become an IT Analyst Abroad?

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An IT Analyst is a person with a specific mindset and ability to think logically and with reason. The main role of these analysts is to understand the requirements of the company, and its technology and then provide appropriate IT solutions. They act as the bridge between business stakeholders and technical teams to implement IT projects with maximum efficiency. The article given below will give a complete idea about who is an IT Analyst, the required skills, roles, and responsibilities, steps to become, salary, courses, and certifications.


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Who is an IT Analyst?

IT Analyst is responsible for creating and analyzing functional specifications, They develop various IT systems catering to business and technology needs as per the requirements of stakeholders. The major responsibilities include researching new tools, upgrading of systems, and prioritizing the requirements of users.

IT Analyst

The career of an IT Analyst demands the individual to fulfil the IT objectives with a strong understanding of updated technologies to speed up organizational efficiency. 

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of an IT Analyst is to integrate various IT Systems to solve team problems to increase their efficiency. Check below the roles and responsibilities listed in detail:

  • Coordination – IT Analysts are required to coordinate with various teams, understand their requirements and problems and then upgrade the IT systems to increase efficiency.
  • Review – IT Analysts are responsible for reviewing the IT infrastructure, developing, testing, and then implementing. They analyze the data and find out ways to improve them.
  • Designing – As IT analysts they must design, new systems by using information engineering, modelling, etc
  • Supervision – IT Analysts provide technical support through phone calls and SMS. Also whenever there is a transition IT analysts supervise the desk staff.

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Steps to Become an IT Analyst

Candidates who are interested in maintaining the information technology of the company then they should go for the role of IT Analyst. To become one the candidates can check out the steps:

  • Skill Identification – The first and foremost step is to identify the skills. Some of the soft skills required are communication, analytical, organizational, and time management. In addition to this candidates can also acquire some hard skills such as SQL, Linux, Analytical Reasoning, etc.
  • Course or Training – The candidates can enrol themselves in some training or a course. The minimum qualification required to become an IT analyst is that the candidate should have passed 12th boards, graduated with a degree in software, and then gained some work experience in the relevant field.
  • Certification – To enhance their career more the candidates can do some certification courses such as system administration & IT infrastructure services, certified security analyst, and SOC analyst training.
  • Build a resume and apply for Jobs: The candidates need to build an attractive resume that includes all the relevant details and then apply for jobs on various websites.

Skills Required to Become an IT Analyst

There are some specific skills that the candidates need to acquire to become an IT Analyst. Check below the listed skills:

Country-wise Average Salary

The salary for an IT Analyst varies on the organization and experience level. IT analysts are offered a median salary of US$62K – US$95K annually.

Check below the salary offered to IT Analyst in different countries:

Country Average Base Salary
Singapore$4,550 per month
United Kingdom£38,143
United States$80,113

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Certifications & Internships to Become an IT Analyst

Check below the listed certifications and internships that will help to become an IT Analyst:

ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning Process & InstitutesCOBIT 5 Certification Training
ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training CourseTOGAF 9 Training (Combined Levels 1 & 2)
ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module TrainingITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve
ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and SupportITIL® Intermediate SO Certification Training

Work Environment of an IT Analyst 

IT analysts are required to work in an office space, They are not required to travel. They can also choose to work full-time from home. You can get contractual or permanent IT analyst jobs. There can be work pressure as an IT analyst. At times, they may even have to work overtime. The general weekly working hours are 40. Weekend leaves are available.

To learn about life as an IT analyst watch the video below:

Credit: @TheBeardedITDad

IT Analyst Job Requirements

To become an IT analyst you need to meet the job requirements. The general requirements asked for an IT analyst profile are as follows:

  • At least 3 years of work experience in a related role. 
  • Critical thinking skills, and analytical skills
  • You need to be a great problem-solver
  • Must possess time management skills
  • Additionally, you must be meticulous and possess organizational skills
  • You must also have obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT or similar field 


What is the full form of an IT Analyst?

The full form of IT Analyst is Information Technology Analyst. It’s a desk job-based role.

What is the role of an IT Analyst?

The initial role of this position is to manage a company’s IT systems, keeping them updated, and ensuring the use of the best practices for a high level of network security.

What are the skills required to become an IT Analyst?

Check below the skills required to become an IT Analyst: 
Communication Skills
IT Skills
Problem-solving skills
Project Management

Is It hard to be an IT analyst?

It is not impossible to become an IT analyst. However, the path can be difficult. You must prepare well to meet all the work requirements sought by an employer. You must have completed a BA in Computer Science, IT or a related field. Additionally, you must acquire the necessary skills and experience. 

This was all the information about how to become an IT Analyst. If you also want to explore such a profession and want to know more about the course that will help you become a professional aircraft maintenance engineer, contact Leverage Edu

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