Pharmacy Courses in Ireland: Universities, Fees, Salary, Scope 

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pharmacy courses in ireland

Pharmacy courses in Ireland help a student learn about all aspects of natural and synthetic drugs. The courses include the study of its chemistry, its uses in medicine, and its work within the human body. Those who take up pharmacy courses can become pharmacists, analytical chemists, food and drug inspector, drug therapist, chemical technicians, drug inspectors, and health inspectors, among others. Graduates of these courses work in the healthcare sector. Universities in Ireland offer plenty of Pharmacy courses that international students can apply for. Keep reading to know about the eligibility requirements, popular courses, top universities, salary, and more.


Why Study Pharmacy Courses in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the top countries in terms of peace, safety, development, and overall quality of life. The country has an appealing blend of landscapes, English-speaking environments, and a rich and welcoming culture. There are plenty of reasons why students should study pharmacy courses in Ireland. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ireland offers plenty of pharmacy courses to International students. For example, M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Bsc (Hons) in Forensics and Pharmaceutical Science.
  • The country offers plenty of job opportunities for students. In fact, it is the EU’s biggest Pharmaceutical exporter, and a major pharma development hub. Ireland is home to several plants/production establishments of popular companies like Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, and more.
  • Pharmaceutical science courses in Ireland are listed under critical skills occupations. That is, there is demand for pharmacy courses in Ireland. Moreover, after completing Master in the subject students can get a post-study work permit for 2 years.

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Ireland universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy courses. Some of the most popular courses are listed below. These courses are available in the top-notch universities in Ireland. Interested students can apply for the same.

Top Universities for Pharmacy Courses in Ireland 

Ireland universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students. Some of the top universities that students can apply for are as follows. The fees of these universities are also provided for the student’s reference.

Universities CourseTotal Course Fee
University of LImerick Bsc (Hons) Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry$69261.10/ INR 56.98 lakh
Griffith CollegeMsc in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology$15796.39/ INR 12.42 lakh
Midlands MidwestBsc (Hons) Forensics and Pharmaceutical Science$51034.49/ INR 41.41 lakh
South East Technological UniversityBsc (Hons) Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation$10935.96/ INR 8.41 lakh
University of College CorkMRes in Industrial Pharmaceutics$15796.39/ INR 12.83 lakh
Royal college of Surgeons in IrelandBsc (Hons) MPharm Pharmacy$94778.35/ INR 74.54 lakh
Trinity College DublinMsc Pharmaceutical Science$20656.82/ INR 16.63 lakh

Pharmacy Courses in Ireland Eligibility Requirements 

Ireland offers plenty of pharmacy courses. For this reason, the eligibility requirements  for the pharmacy courses in Ireland differ based on the course. However, the general requirements for pharmacy courses in Ireland are provided below:

Bachelors Course 

The General eligibility criteria for Bachelors in Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation are as follows:

  • Must have a school leaving certificate science subject is desirable 
  • Must have at least 1 H5 Grade/minimum points score of 200
  • Additionally, the student must have Mathematics Grade F2. O6 or H7
  • Moreover, securing an English grade O6/ Irish Grade O6/07 is mandatory

Masters Course 

The general eligibility requirements for Msc in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology are as follows:

  • Must have an Honors degree (minimum 2.2 or higher) at NFQ Level 8 or higher 
  • The student must have taken up Science, Engineering/Quality, or related discipline
  • Additionally, the student must meet the English eligibility requirements set by the university. That is, a minimum of 6.5 IELTS. Do note that some universities accept an IELTS score less than that. Moreover, students have the option to give the IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo Exam.

Documents Required 

To study Pharmacy courses in Ireland students need to submit certain documents. The documents are required by the university to verify the student profile. Below is the list of documents that a student needs to upload.

Application Process

Generally, the application process involves selecting the course,the university, submitting the necessary documents and applying for the course.To apply for Pharmacy courses in Ireland the student can follow the steps below. 

  • Make the complicated process easy and connect with the experts at Leverage Edu. The experts will assist you finding the Pharmacy courses in Ireland using the AI Course Finder. 
  • The experts will start the application process with the relevant university. Compile all the necessary documents.Next, you can submit the LOR, SOP, IELTS score, etc to support the application process. 
  • Leverage Edu experts will start the accommodation application process, student visa, and scholarships after the successful submission of the application
  • Lastly, the student needs to wait for the offer letter for a period of 4-6 weeks.

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Scope of Pharmacy Courses in Ireland 

Pharmacy courses in Ireland have a lot of scope. Students have excellent possibilities at leading pharmaceutical corporations and manufacturers. Career opportunities for the graduates include working in drug regulatory bodies, Pharmaceutical companies, the Biotechnology sector, and Chemical safety and toxicology. Moreover, students can choose to go for further studies. That is, M.Sc or PhD.

Some of the common profiles a graduate can apply for include Food and Drug Inspector, Analytical Chemist, Hospital Drug Coordinator, Drug Therapist, Chemical Technician, Drug Inspector, Health Inspector, and Drug Technician.

Jobs and Salary

The graduates of Pharmacy courses in Ireland are eligible to work in various job profiles. Hence, the salary of a fresh graduate will vary depending on the designation. Ireland degrees are acceptable worldwide. Hence, the students can compete for various posts globally. Below is a list of the jobs and salary for pharmacy courses. Do note that the average salary of a pharmacist in Ireland is €78,000 (INR 70.69 lakh per annum).

DesignationAverage Annual Salary
Hospital Drug Coordinator$41,887/ INR 34.40 lakh
Drug Technician$38,400/ INR 31.72 lakh
Chemical Technician$49,881/ INR 41.20 lakh
Drug Inspector$96,398/ INR 79.63 lakh
Health Inspector$41,734/ INR 34.47 lakh

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Which pharmacy course is best in Ireland?

M. Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, B.Sc and M.Sc Integrated Program, and M. Sc In Pharmaceutical Business and Technology are some of the best pharmacy courses in Ireland.

Is B Pharm valid in Ireland?

Yes. B.pharm is a valid degree in Ireland. The course must be followed by 1 year of post-registration training.

Is pharmacy a good job in Ireland?

Yes. The job of a pharmacist is one of the most in-demand professions in Ireland.

Which country is best for pharmacy jobs?

The United States, Iceland, Australia, and Ireland are some of the best countries for pharmacy jobs.

This was all about Pharmacy Courses in Ireland. To discover more articles like this one consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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