Top Technical Skills to Enhance Your Resume

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Technical skills to Enhance your Resume

One of the absolute necessities is to include technical skills on a resume. Thus, these types of skills are very important to show recruiters your quantifiable qualifications and these skills help you in shaking your hiring manager. To add these technical skills you are required to grab correct knowledge, not to copy-paste and pack your resume with skills that are essential for the job you are employing for. If you want to know more about technical skills, the benefits of including these technical skills for a resume, how to show these skills and much more then Keep Reading!

Technical Skills for Resume with Examples

Technical skills are termed the abilities, expertise, and knowledge that are required to perform specialized job-related tasks. These technical skills are related to jobs in sectors of science, tech, manufacturing, finance, or engineering. These are learnt through structured learning and on-the-job experience. One of the basic things you need to consider is that every job requires a different skill set as for some it could be optimizing neural networks.

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Here are some examples of Technical Skills for a Resume with Examples:

Writing Skills

SEO, Yoast, technical writing, ghostwriting, WordPress, and journalism.


Google Sheets, link to the database, excel, OpenOffice, comparative analyses, macros, vertical lookups and pivot tables.

Phone Skills 

Hold, record, forward and voicemails.

MS Office 

OneNote, excel, access, PowerPoint, Word and outlook.


Mail merge, folders, filters and rules.

Google Drive

Sheets, forms, slides and docs.


Trello, Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Zapier and Todoist.


Invoicing accounts payable, reports, payroll, cash flow management, expense tracking and employee time tracking.


Illustrator, Acrobat, Freehand, InDesign, Corel Draw and Photoshop.

Enterprise System 

Payment processing, customer relationship management, business continuity planning, automated billing system and enterprise resource planning.

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Geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra, basic maths, calculus, and statistics.


PowerPoint, keynote and public speaking.

Video Creation 

Framing, compressing, uploading, shooting, editing and creating engagement.


Cost assessment, requirements gathering, decision-making, analysis, brainstorming

Programming Skills 

C++, HTML, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, C#, ASP.NET, Ruby, Javascript, XML, C, Java, AJAX, Objective-C.


Assessment, analytical skills, testing, calm mindset, logic, problem-solving, thinking skills, critical thinking skills, collaboration and system knowledge.

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Benefits of Including Technical Skills on Resume  

There are numerous reasons why it is necessary to add technical skills to a resume. Some of the basic reasons include. One of the factors that highlight personal, as well as professional strengths to recruiters, is mentioning writing skills on resumes. The key feature is to include both hard and soft skills as these help in proving to employers that you are a team player as well as talented enough. Certain industries require more technical skills than others such as UX and Web Design, Software Development, Healthcare, Engineering, Marketing and information technology.

How to Show These Tech Strengths?

The technical strengths are sprinkled on the resume according to the needs of the company. To show these tech strengths perfectly you need to follow these steps.

  • You are required to first read thoroughly job listing to get an exact idea about the strengths required in an ideal candidate.
  • After analysing make your list that showcases your strengths and then cross-reference both lists to find which of your strengths match the same.
  • Please note that showing knowledge of the company’s needs mirrors enthusiasm and helps you get success not only before but also after getting recruited.
  • Don’t forget to mention these technical skills on your resume beginning from the summary of qualifications.
  • At last, you must have proof (proving an achievement) for each ability to illustrate the same.

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Bonus Tips 

All businesses basically look for industry-specific technical skills for resumes. Here are a few tips you need to showcase major technical skills on your resume.

Creating a Dedicated Section for Technical Skills

If you are one of the heavily emphasised candidates, your technical skills must be at the top of your resume. You can place these skills below the introduction part and above professional experience and a list can make it easy to read. For example

  • Accounting applications: Peachtree, QuickBooks, FreshBooks
  • ERP: SAP R/3, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials
  • BI applications: Crystal Reports, Domo, InsightSquared, IBM Cognos
  • Payroll applications: Paychex, Sage HRMS, ADP, Ascentis
  • Core competencies: Corporate, cost and tax accounting, GAAP, risk management

Prove your Professional Experience in Bullet Points 

You are required to target your professional experience in bullet points and in this section, you can effectively show how you used tech strengths to benefit your previous or current employer.

Strong Resume Introduction

Another greatest way to put forward the tech strengths front is to highlight these skills with a resume summary. This summary is basically a highlight reel of impressive skills and qualifications. 


What should I include in the “Technical Skills” section of my resume?

In the “Technical Skills” section of your resume, include the specific technologies, programming languages, software, and tools that you are proficient in. Focus on skills directly relevant to the job you are applying for. Mention your level of expertise (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced) for each skill to provide a clear indication of your capabilities. Remember to keep the list concise and tailored to the job requirements.

How do I effectively showcase my technical skills on my resume?

To effectively showcase your technical skills on your resume, use a bulleted list to present them in a clear and organized manner. Group related skills together (e.g., programming languages, databases, operating systems) to make it easier for recruiters to quickly identify your strengths. If you have a specific proficiency level, you can use a scale (e.g., on a scale of 1-5) or mention years of experience to provide context. Additionally, consider providing specific examples of how you have applied these skills in your professional experience or projects.

Should I include both basic and advanced technical skills on my resume?

While it’s essential to showcase your technical skills accurately, focus on highlighting the skills that align closely with the job requirements. Including both basic and advanced skills can give a well-rounded impression of your abilities, but be selective to ensure relevance. Emphasize the skills you are most proficient in and have practical experience using. Remember, your resume should be tailored for each job application, so customize the technical skills section accordingly to match the specific needs of the employer and position.

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