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The UK Universities is a popular destination for many aspiring international students, with over 4.5 Lakh international students from over 200 countries each year migrating and coming here to study and build their dream career. UK is proven to be one of the best high-quality education systems, as most of its universities rank in the QS World University Ranking. Additionally, UK university offers a wide range of courses across different fields from undergraduate to postgraduate and research degrees. Read this blog to know which are the most popular degrees to pursue in UK in 2023!


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Why Study in UK?

Before diving into the details related to the most popular degrees in the UK, let us get to know a bit about the study culture and student life in the United Kingdom. So apart from high-quality education and top universities available in the UK, here are some points:

  • Global Recognition 
  • Cultural Diversification 
  • Premium Student Life
  • Scholarships and Funding
  • Career Opportunites
  • Friendly Environment for International Students

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Here are the most popular degrees in UK as these study programs are widely chosen by the masses and have positive responses from students and also have a high employment rate. Kindly take a look at the table below:

                    Courses           Average Tuition Fees per annum
Business Administration and Management GBP 21,000 (approx INR 21 Lakh)
MedicineGBP 36,000 (approx INR 37 Lakh)
Engineering GBP 22,000 (approx INR 22 Lakh)
Economics GBP 12,000 (approx INR 12.2 Lakh)
Law GBP 17,000 (approx INR 17.3 Lakh)
PsychologyGBP 11,000 (approx INR 11 Lakh)
Computer ScienceGBP 22,000 (approx INR 22 Lakh)
Communication and Media StudiesGBP 10,000 (approx INR 10.1 Lakh)
EducationGBP 9,000 (approx INR 9.1 Lakh)
Mathematics and StatisticsGBP 16,000 (approx INR 16 Lakh)

*This may vary depending on which University you want to be admitted to.

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Top 5 Courses to Pursue in the UK

Here are the Top 5 most popular degrees in UK to pursue with a high employment rate:

Business Administration and Management

With an employment rate of 94%, this is one of the highest enrolled and most popular degrees in the UK. Business Administration in the UK involves managing the day-to-day operations for a company or an organization to function properly. This field covers a wide range of areas such as finance, human resources, marketing and operations management. Degrees for example are BBA  and MBA.


With the highest employment rate ie. 99.4% of all these study programs Medine is always a relevant field for having specialities in recent times. It involves learning about the human body, diseases, and medical procedures as well as practical training in hospitals, clinics and even can practice privately if an individual wishes to. As the UK healthcare system is highly respected globally due to its evidence-based practice and research, this makes the UK an ideal place for aspiring students who wish to study abroad. The benefits of studying medicine in the UK include access to cutting-edge resources, opportunities for clinical research, and potential for employment in the UK. Degrees for example are BSc and MBBS.


Engineering also has a fairly good employment rate of around 72.1%. Studying engineering in the UK provides students with a theoretical yet practical education from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It involves learning about the design and construction of machines, systems, and structures. You also develop problem-solving skills and technical analysis with time. As the UK has a strong history of engineering innovation, with many industry-leading companies located in this country this automatically opens the door for your opportunities for internships, building your career, and gaining work experience. Degrees for example are B. Tech Mechanical Engineer, MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.


Law has a pretty high rate of employment at around 93%. It’s also one of the most demanding professions around the globe and the most popular degree in the UK. Studying Law involves gaining knowledge and understanding the legal systems, principles, and practices. Apart from the world-class education in the UK, there are certain benefits as the UK has established a strong legal tradition in the whole world which can help a student to gain a deep understanding of common law, corporate law and human rights. Degrees for example are LLB and LLM.


Even though the employment rate in this particular study program is a bit on the lower side ranging around 60-71%, Psychology is one of the interesting subjects and mastering it can help a person in improving their own strategic thinking which ultimately results in individual character development. Again, due to UK’s high-quality education system and research-driven mindset studying psychology in the UK can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It also involves gaining deep knowledge of understanding human behaviour, thought, and emotion. Degrees for example are a Master in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology.

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Top 5 Universities in the UK

So we got to know about the most popular degrees in UK, now let us check out the top 5 universities in the UK according to their QS World Ranking by taking a look at the list below:

                    University                  QS World Ranking
University of Cambridge #2
University of Oxford#4
Imperial College London#6
University College London#8
The University of Edinburgh#15

Cost of Living in the UK

                      Expenses                Average Cost Monthly
AccommodationGBP 250 – 300 (approx INR 25K to 30K)
TransportationGBP 100 – 200 (approx INR 10K to 20K)
Telephone and Mobile BillsGBP 30 – 50 (approx INR 3K to 5K)
FoodGBP 120 – 200 (approx INR 12K to 20K)
Other Utility BillsGBP 30 – 45 ( Approx INR 3K to 4.5K)

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Top 5 Scholarships to Study in UK

Here are the top 5 scholarships which you need to check out:

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Post-Study Work Visa in the UK 

After you have successfully completed your academic studies and got your degrees, you can get a job opportunity in the UK itself. So you need to know about the UK Post Study Work VISA policies and build your dream career by getting a job in UK


Here are a few basic eligibility criteria you need to fulfil to be eligible for Post Study Work Visa

  • You need to hold a higher education degree from a recognized institute 
  • The application for this VISA needs to be submitted within 12 months of completing your higher education degree. It can be undergraduate, postgraduate, or Diploma.
  • You need to be financially independent

To get to know and learn the detailed aspects of Post Study Work VISA, this blog below can be very beneficial for you:

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Which has the lowest employment rate among all the degrees mentioned above?

Economics has the lowest employment rate at around 21.5%

How to find the right course for myself?

If you are considering studying in the UK, and can’t pick the right course for yourself have a look at Leverage Edu’s new AI-powered Course Finder.

Which English Language proficiency test is accepted by UK Universities?

All UK Universities accept IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

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