University of East London Scholarships for International Students 2023

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University of East London Scholarships

The University of East London is a public university located in the heart of London. The University was established in 1898 with the aim to equip graduates with skills and resilience to succeed in their careers and to make a positive impact on the planet. The other campuses of the university are situated in  Stratford and Docklands. The University of East London provides plenty of scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarships help the students to cover their tuition costs and continue their education. Keep reading to learn more about the University of East London Scholarships, eligibility criteria, benefits, and the application process.


Why Choose the University of East London?

Here are some of the best reasons why a student should opt for the University of East London.

  • The university is well known as a ‘career-led university’. The aim of the university is to equip the students with skills that are required for their career growth.
  • The university is one of the best universities that gives importance to equality, diversity, and inclusion.  For example, 52% of university students are the first to attend university in their respective families.
  • It is well known for its research facilities. In fact, 92% of university research is known to be world-leading and is internationally recognized.
  • International students are well represented. Students from more than 156 nationalities study here.

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University of East London Scholarships

The University of East London offers both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to International students. Bursaries are provided as well. Bursaries are given to students who need financial support. On the other hand, scholarships are granted on a merit basis.

  • University of East London Scholarships: Undergraduate
Scholarship NameScholarship Benefit
Dean Scholarship£27,750/INR 28.56 lakh is granted over a period of 3 years either as a tuition fee waiver/cash award.
Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship£27,750/INR 28.56 lakh  is granted over a period of 3 years either as a tuition fee waiver/cash award.
Sports Scholarship£6,000/INR 6.17 lakh per year 
Helena Kennedy Foundation£2,250/INR 2.31 lakh 
ELSEF Scholarships£1,000/INR 1.02 lakh for the 1st year
UTC Scholarships£1,500/INR 1.54 lakh for the 1st year 

Bursaries for Undergraduate Students 

The  University of East London offers bursaries for students who are in need of financial help. Some of the popular bursaries offered by the university are as follows:

Bursary Name Benefit
Hardship Bursary£3,000/ INR 3.08 lakh
Engagement Bursary£3,000/ INR 3.08 lakh
Progression Bursary£3,000/ INR 3.08 lakh
Young Independent Student Bursary£1,500/INR 1.54 lakh per year

Bursaries for Postgraduate Students 

University of East London Scholarships are provided to postgraduate students. It includes both general course fee discounts and subject-specific scholarship grants.

Scholarship Name Scholarship Benefit 
Early Payment Discount5% course fee discount 
Postgraduate Scholarship50% course fee discount 
Hardship Bursary£3,000 /INR 3.08 lakh
Alumni DiscountCovers 25% of tuition fees
Sports Scholarship£6,000 /INR 6.17 lakh per year 
Asylum Seekers Postgraduate ScholarshipCovers 100% of tuition fees 

Bursaries for Postgraduate Students

University of East London Scholarship is provided to PhD students.

Amount  An untaxed bursary of £12,000 per annum, plus home/overseas tuition fees
Funding for  Home Students and International Students
Eligible Research filed  Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Documents Required 

Below are the documents required for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. Interested students need to submit these documents to be considered for the scholarship.

  • Submit the complete application form for the university scholarship
  • Submit a personal statement that explains why you would require the scholarship
  • An offer letter from the university to a full-time program undergraduate/ postgraduate course is mandatory. 
  • The amount of scholarship won by the student will be mentioned in the offer letter
  • Additional documents, if required 

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Courses excluded from the University of East London Scholarship

International students can apply for scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. However, students cannot apply for scholarships for the following courses. These are as mentioned:

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How to Apply to the University of East London Scholarships?

To apply for the University of East London Scholarship follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the University of East London and go through the courses available at the university.
  • Select the course that you are interested in, check the eligibility criteria, and apply for the same
  • When the student completes the application form a student ID would be provided. The student can use the same for a scholarship to that program.
  • To apply for the scholarship check out the undergraduate/postgraduate scholarship details provided on the university website 
  • Check whether the student is meeting the eligibility requirements and applying for the scholarship.


Does the University of East London offer a full scholarship?

University of East London offers a range of scholarships to postgraduate and graduate students. One of the scholarships -Asylum Seekers Postgraduate Scholarship covers full tuition fees. However, other scholarships only cover a percentage of tuition

How can I get a scholarship to East London University?

Students can get a scholarship in the UEL by applying for the course of their choice, and then applying for the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship the student will be receiving will be mentioned in the offer letter. Whether the student gets the scholarship or not depends on the university.

Is the University of East London free for international students?

No. The University of East London is not free for international or domestic students. However, the university provided several scholarships and bursaries for International students. Students can apply for these scholarships to cut down their tuition costs.

University of East London scholarships are provided for international students. Students who are applying for postgraduate and undergraduate programs can apply for these scholarships. The scholarship amount offered to international students is between £1,000 and  £5,000.  Some of the undergraduate scholarships include Hardship Bursaries and Sports Scholarships. Some of the postgraduate scholarships include Early Payment Discount and Early Payment Discount. To discover more articles like this one visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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