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Corporate Law is a specialized discipline which concerns the important legal aspects of banking and finance operations and explores the various business law subjects like corporate restructuring, investor issues, litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency, intellectual property rights issues amongst others. Further, in recent decades, it has acquired a multidisciplinary outlook with research being undertaken on corporate aspects of cyber law, environmental law, international regulations globalization, etc. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, governments have tightened the noose on loopholes in law pertaining to the corporate sector and the time is ripe to enter into the field. 

What Exactly Does a Corporate Lawyer do?

The most prominent option for those who want to establish a career in Law is that of a corporate lawyer. With opportunities open across industries, the prospective candidates become the ultimate authority when it comes to analysis and review of financial transactions from a legal angle. From adherence, mercantile, and tax laws to setting up terms of a contract, investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions and solving shareholder issues and even financial implications of environmental regulations, the range of tasks is unlimited. Owing to the multitude of specifics involved as well as peculiar case situations, corporate law graduates tend to specialize in particular aspects of this field. These have been given a rundown below.

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With the updates carried out in recent decades, codes of bankruptcy and insolvency have been revised and are quite complex, if not more. A corporate law graduate with specialisation in bankruptcy works towards understanding, interpretation, and application of these laws and what it means in terms of current financial situation, equity and debt capital ratio, asset distribution and attached procedures.

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Intellectual Property

Legal aspects of intellectual property involve dealing with patents, copyrights, royalty, licensing and essential issues related to it. Typical responsibilities of a corporate lawyer specializing in intellectual property is to deal with issues like theft of intellectual property, analyzing and setting up of IP transactions and contracts, litigation, etc.

Corporate Litigation

Aiding corporate dispute resolution and legal proceedings, corporate litigation is another field in itself. A solid grip over the nuances of proceedings and litigation-oriented laws is a major prerequisite. If you wish to work as a corporate lawyer in litigation, you can expect to encounter issues of compliance, shareholder-derivative lawsuits, breach of contract, torts, tax compliance, etc.

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As a corporate legal advisor, you can work at organizations, large and small, to tackle issues related to employment and labour law, insurance matters, adherence to corporate codes, management of conflicts, etc.

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Compliance Analyst/Expert/Specialist

Ensuring compliance is an integral part of company operations. Specifics involved like the type of business operation, nature and influence can subject a company to various legal codes from local to federal as well as international. A compliance expert acts as the be-all and end-all when it comes to such matters.

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Corporate Law: Other Professions

Apart from the aforementioned job profiles, a corporate law expert can also work in the enlisted: 

  • Paralegal
  • Conflicts Expert
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Support Officer
  • Legal Recruiter
  • Researcher
  • Lecturer/Professor

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Corporate Law: Courses & Universities

In particular, to start your career as a corporate lawyer, it is mandatory to hold a degree in law. Major course options include the 5-year BBA LLB, 3-year LLB, LLM and a PhD in Law [for a career in research], amongst others. Furthermore, many course offerings at institutions across the globe consist of Master of Law along with dual degrees combining multiple disciplines like corporate law and public policy, etc. Take a look at the following list of universities and courses for a better overview.

Name of University Location THE World University Rankings 2021 Corporate Law Courses
University of Edinburgh UK 30th LLM-Commercial Law
University of Melbourne Australia 31st Master of Banking & Finance Law
Master of Commercial Law
University of Manchester UK =51st LLM International Business & Commercial Law
The University of Sydney Australia =51st Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Laws – Business Law
The University of Queensland Australia =62nd PhD – Business and Commercial Law
MPhil-Business and Commercial Law
Master of International Commercial Law

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If corporate law interests you and have decided that it is the path you want to pursue, it is also parallelly important to choose a suitable course and university combination. Take quality guidance from experts and mentors at Leverage Edu through a free 30 minutes counselling session and make an informed decision towards a vibrant career!

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