Masters in Fashion Designing Abroad: Fees, Colleges, Scope, Scholarships

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masters in fashion designing abroad

Fashion Design is an immensely popular field within the realm of design studies, drawing a significant number of applicants each year from various institutions. These individuals aspire to build successful careers as fashion designers. This discipline offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, presenting itself as one of the most imaginative educational avenues, not only in India but on a global scale. 

Choosing a fashion design course holds the potential to unlock a wide range of opportunities for those pursuing a career in this domain. However, it is wise to acquaint oneself with the essential aspects of the program before committing. This blog will provide insights into the costs, top colleges, prospects, and specialized areas of master’s programs in fashion design abroad.

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Why Pursue Masters in Fashion Designing Abroad?

Pursuing a master’s degree in Fashion Designing abroad opens doors to a world of creativity, innovation, and global exposure. It offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of this dynamic field while experiencing diverse cultures and perspectives. Here are eight compelling reasons to consider embarking on this exciting educational journey:

1. International Perspective: Studying abroad in Fashion Design exposes you to a diverse range of styles, trends, and cultural influences, providing a broader perspective on the global fashion landscape.

2. Career Opportunities: A master’s degree from a reputable international institution can significantly enhance your employability on a global scale. It demonstrates a commitment to excellence and a willingness to embrace diverse perspectives.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: These institutions typically offer top-notch facilities, including well-equipped studios, advanced technology, and extensive libraries, enabling you to explore your creativity to the fullest.

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Top 10 Universities for Masters in Fashion Designing Abroad

Studying Fashion Design abroad is a favoured choice among global students. These degree programs strive to blend artistic flair with business acumen, equipping you with valuable skills applicable to the fashion sector. 

Over 100 universities worldwide provide Master’s programs in Fashion Design. Students from around the globe can pursue an MS in Fashion design in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This educational pursuit broadens horizons, offering in-depth insights into various aspects of fashion, including clothing, textiles, and management.

Below are some universities that provide master’s in fashion design. 

Universities Country  QS World University Rankings 2024
Coventry University United Kingdom  571
Indiana University United States of America  313
Stanford University United States of America  5
The University of Edinburgh United Kingdom  22
University of Southern California United States of America  116
University of Glasgow United Kingdom  76
Cornell University United States of America 13
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor  United States of America 33
Monash University Australia 42
University of California – Los Angeles Campus United States of America  29


Each university has a different fee structure. Students who are willing to pursue masters in fashion design abroad can refer to the chart mentioned below which gives an overview of average annual tuition fees. However, they are advised to visit the official website of each university or consult Leverage Edu experts for the exact fee structure of a masters in fashion designing abroad. 

Universities Average Annual Tuition Fees
Coventry University GBP 20,050 – GBP 21,250
University of California – Los Angeles Campus USD 29,819.17
Cornell University USD 20,801.59
Stanford University USD 61,322.60
University College London GBP 26,712.20

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Admission Process

The admission process to study master’s in fashion design from abroad requires the students to fulfil the eligibility criteria as per the university, submit the important documents, and begin with the application process. The whole admission process is mentioned below, but students are advised to carefully go through their dream university’s website before applying. 

Eligibility Criteria

To secure admission into overseas universities or colleges for an MS in Fashion Designing program, students need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

1. Successful completion of 12th grade.

2. Possession of a bachelor’s degree.

3. Attainment of specified English language proficiency scores through exams like IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL.

4. Furthermore, there are various general documents that you must provide to the university, including your leaving certificate and passport-sized photos. 

Application Process

Overseas students can apply for a Master’s in fashion designing abroad from the official websites of the universities. Or, students can also avoid the process and connect with Leverage Edu study abroad experts, who will help you in the following steps:

Documents Required

Here is a list of the necessary documents for pursuing a Masters in Fashion Designing abroad:

  • Scanned copies of your 10th and 12th standard mark sheets
  • A valid passport
  • Your birth certificate
  • A migration certificate
  • A medical certificate
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • An offer letter from the university you’ve applied to
  • Airplane tickets
  • Your leaving certificate

Note: It’s important to note that these documents must be entirely authentic and genuine.


Scholarship University Award
University of the Arts London Mead Scholarships London College of Fashion The Mead Scholarships and Fellowships are scholarships ranging from 2,500 GBP to 10,000 GBP given to undergraduate or postgraduate students. 
Moorhouse Scholarships  University of Arts, London Discount in tuition fees 
Academic Achievement Masters Scholarships University of Leeds  Discount in tuition fees 

Fashion Designing: Career Scope 

By completing a Fashion Designing course, there are diverse career prospects you can explore. From textile designing to footwear designing, fashion designing is not just limited to designing clothes and accessories but engrosses various other specializations. Here are the major career prospects for fashion designing graduates:

Job Roles  Average Salary in USA Average Salary in Australia Average Salary in UK 
Fashion Designer USD 54,600 per year AUD 73,750 per year USD 41,744 per year
Fashion Marketer USD 98,002 per year AUD 9,060 per month USD 35,619 per year 
Retail Buyer USD 38,000-72,000 per year  AUD 80,000-100,000 per year  USD 25,000 per year 
Fashion Stylist USD 36,000-65,000 per year  AUD 60,000-70,000 per year  USD 28,000-38,000 per year 
Fashion Coordinator USD 55,000- 70,000 per year   AUD 75,000-85,000 per year  USD25,000 per year 


Q1. How many different types of fashion design courses are available? 

Ans. Below is a compilation of design programs:
Bachelor of Design (BDes)
Bachelor of Fashion Technology
BA (Hons) Communication Design
BA (Hons) Jewellery Design
Master of Design (MDes)

Q2. What does fashion designing entail?

Ans. Fashion designing is a highly sought-after field of study that offers a blend of creative fulfilment and financial rewards. It involves the creation and design of various clothing items and accessories, ranging from bracelets and necklaces to professional suits and party attire. 

Q3. Is there a demand for Fashion Designers?

Ans. Certainly, there is a global demand for fashion designers from prominent fast-fashion brands, local enterprises, and independent designers. Fashion designers often work as freelancers or are self-employed, granting them the freedom to express their unique styles and techniques.

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