Application for Leaving Certificate: Format and Samples

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Application for Leaving Certificate

A Leaving certificate or a transfer certificate is sought by a student when they want to leave an educational institution. The leaving certificate acts as proof that the student has studied in the school/college for a certain period of time. The certificate is given to students who have either completed the course or are choosing to leave in the middle of the session. To obtain this certificate the student will need to write an application addressed to the head of the institution. Keep reading to know more about how to write an application for leaving certificate- its format, and examples.

How to Write an Application for Leaving Certificate?

Student, after completing his/her studies, requires a leaving certificate so as to get admission for further studies. Hence, to get a leaving certificate, a formal letter addressed to the principal of the school stating the reason for the same has to be written. It is quite similar to writing a letter to principal for getting TC.

Reasons to Apply for a Leaving Certificate 

Below are the reasons why a student might choose to send an application for  leaving certificate

  • A student has completed the course in the college or school.
  • The student has decided to continue further education at a different institution 
  • The family of the student is moving to a new country or city
  • There is no opportunity to continue further education at the current institution

What to Include in the Leaving Certificate?

Below are the details that need to be there in an application for leaving certificate from a college/school. These details must be included for the educational institution to grant you the transfer certificate.

  • Enrollment number, student name, contact details, and the admission year or batch
  • The subject should contain the reason for sending the application letter
  • The reason for leaving the educational institution has to be clearly specified
  • Provide legitimate reasons such as moving to another city 
  • Finally, thank the appropriate authorities for reading your application 

Format of Application for Leaving Certificate

Below is the application for leaving certificate format that students have to follow

  1. Receiver’s name and address–  The first step, is to write the receiver’s name. In this case, the name of the Principal and the address of the college or the school that you are a part of.
  2. Date– Proceed to write the date of the application in the next line.
  3. Subject– Clearly specify for what intention you are writing the letter. 
  4. Salutation– Address the receiver. For example, as respected sir/ma’am 
  5. Body of the letter– Clearly explains the reason you are leaving the educational institution. Also, don’t forget to mention the class and roll number of the student.
  6. Signature and name– Sign the letter with your signature and write your name 
  7. Sender’s address– The student’s address can be written as well
  8. Contact number– Lastly, include your contact number so that the head of the institution can contact you.

Samples of Application for Leaving Certificate

Below are the sample applications for leaving certificates from school.

Sample 1

The Principal,
[XYZ School],
[XYZ  School Address],

Subject: Application letter for school leaving certificate.

With due respect, I have to state that I am _______  and I completed___from your reputable _____(school name) this year. Now, I need a school leaving certificate for admission to another new institution. For my future studies, I need to be enrolled in this school.

Therefore, I  request you kindly issue me the transfer certificate for admission purposes. I will be really grateful to you.

Thanking You.
Yours Faithfully,
[Student name],
[Student roll number]
[Application Date ].

Sample 2

Application for Leaving Certificate
The Principal,
[Name of the institution],
[ Address of the educational institution],
[Application date].

Subject: School leaving certificate application.

I am _________ [student name], a student of Class _____. I  cannot continue further education here as my _____[father/mother] has been transferred to____[location]. That’s why my family and I will be moving to ____[location] soon.

Hence, I kindly request you grant me a school leaving certificate. So that there is no problem for me to go there and get admitted to a new school.

I would be very grateful if you would approve my request and provide me with a school leaving certificate.

Thanking You.
Yours Faithfully,
[Student roll number],
[Application Date ].

How to Apply for a Leaving Certificate?

To get a school leaving certificate student has to follow the steps below

  • Contact the respective educational institution 
  • Make sure that you have gained clearance from the school regarding the tuition fees, library fees, laboratory dues, and others.
  • Clear the outstanding balances with the school office
  • Send an application for leaving certificate from school. The application is generally addressed to the head of the institution or the Principal
  • The school might charge a nominal fee for granting the leaving certificate
  • After paying the fee (if applicable) the student can get the transfer certificate from the school.

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How can I write an application for Leaving Certificate?

Students can write an application for a leaving certificate by writing the sender’s name, date, receiver’s address, subject, salutation, body of the letter explaining the reason for the transfer, and adding a signature at the end.

What is the reason for a leaving certificate?

A student applies for a leaving certificate when the student relocates to another location, nation, or another educational institution.

What is a short form of a school leaving certificate?

The short form of the school leaving certificate is SLC. 

A school leaving certificate is an essential educational document. It is also called a transfer certificate. To get this certificate you can send an application for leaving certificate stating a legitimate reason to the head of the institution. To discover more such articles contact Leverage Edu.

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