How to Become a Fashion Marketer?

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One of the prominent reasons for opting for a career as a fashion marketer is the responsibilities and scope of the industry. There is a tremendous increase in fashion marketers nowadays. As a fashion marketer, you need to manage and devise ways the marketing fashion products followed by proving their worth to boost their sales. These fashion marketers usually focus on either branding efforts or creating advertising campaigns for the promotion of fashion-related businesses, brands, and stores. Some of the other responsibilities of fashion marketers include being there behind the scenes for photoshoots, examining the results of marketing campaigns, travelling for the opening of new stores and managing a professional marketing team. Furthermore, fashion designing marketers determines the decision about an array of things including costing, selling, product design, allocation and advertising. They consult with the sales department, product developers, designers and promoters to exhibit all these responsibilities before taking action on the plan. To become a fashion marketer you are first required to earn at least an undergraduate degree preferably in management, concerning marketing and business administration. It is advised to be mentally prepared for the career you may opt ahead as the fashion industry always had a mouth cut to throat competition and it is quite difficult to walk in the shoes of a fashion marketer as this field requires a lot of hard work, dedication and talent. To explore more Keep Reading!

Steps to Become a Fashion Marketer

If you want to pursue a career as a fashion marketer, you must follow the steps given below.

Step 1

First, it is very important for you to be mentally prepared for opting for a career as a fashion marketer. 

Step 2

Then you are required to pursue a bachelor’s degree in any of the related fields such as marketing, management, and business administration from an officially recognised institution with good marks.

Step 3

Further, you can look for a vacancy for a fashion marketer. There are numerous employment opportunities available for fashion marketers. 

Step 4

You are advised to pursue a postgraduate degree in relevant subjects from a recognised university with a good score as it increases the employment opportunities as recruiters prefer postgraduate candidates over others.

Eligibility Requirements 

It is a must-have a creative bent of mind as well as leadership qualities to pursue a career as a fashion marketer, however, you are also required to fulfil other eligibility criteria. To help you with this here are some basic eligibility criteria necessary to be satisfied by a person to pursue a career as a fashion marketer. 

  • First, you need an undergraduate degree in related fields such as fashion marketing or management from an officially recognised university or college.
  • It is advised to complete a postgraduate degree as it helps in gaining more knowledge and skills, further it also increases the chances for employment.
  • A work experience of five years or more in the same field is most preferable.
  • You also require some of the key skills for becoming a fashion marketer including time management. Communication, critical thinking, creativity, search engine optimization, planning and execution.

Best Universities for Fashion Marketing Abroad

There are a plethora of universities that offer courses in marketing, management, business administration and related fields. Some of the popular universities are 

Name of the Universities Country
University of Manchester UK
The University of British ColumbiaCanada
University of AlbertaCanada
Harvard UniversityUSA
Northeastern UniversityUSA
Memorial University of NewfoundlandUK
Arizona State UniversityUSA
Ludwig Maximilians University MunichGermany
University of GreenwichUK
University of WaterlooCanada

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Best Universities for Fashion Marketers in India

There are an array of universities that offer courses required to pursue a career as a fashion marketer. Some of the prestigious colleges in India are 

Name of the Colleges Location 1st Year Tuition Fee
Miranda House New Delhi, Delhi NCR₹19,800
Loyola CollegeChennai, Tamil Nadu₹16,790
Hansraj College New Delhi, Delhi NCR₹24,515
Presidency CollegeChennai, Tamil Nadu₹1,270
Kirorimal CollegeNew Delhi, Delhi NCR₹14,595
St. Xavier’s CollegeMumbai, Maharashtra₹7,187
Ramjas CollegeNew Delhi, Delhi NCR₹14,610
Sri Venkateswara College – DelhiNew Delhi, Delhi NCR₹14,555
Kalinga UniversityRaipur, Chhattisgarh₹80,250
Stella Maris CollegeChennai, Tamil Nadu₹22,895

Job Prospects

Most of the firms that deal with marketing and fashion look for aspirants who are fashion marketing managers. Some of the major employment opportunities you may look for are 

  • PR Agencies
  • Fashion industry
  • Marketing departments and companies
  • Telecoms 
  • Production houses 
  • Entertainment industry
  • Media houses 
  • Multinational company
  • Advertising and marketing agencies


The salaries of fashion marketers vary from individual to individual depending upon the location, skills, and experience of the candidates. This salary gradually increases with the increase in skills and experience. 

India ₹18,076
Australia $70,000
Canada $40,000

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