Requirements to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

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In the academic year 2021-22, a total of 697,970 international students came to the United Kingdom, out of which a total of 44,195 were Nigerian students. There was an increase of 107% in the number of Nigerian students from the previous year. It clearly states the qualitative nature of education and world-class innovative teaching offered by the UK. The courses in the UK education system are comparatively shorter and more intensive than in other countries. All the Nigerian students willing to study in the UK gather around, this is the ideal place for you to gather relevant information. Scroll through to learn the requirements to study in the UK for Nigerian students. 


Eligibility Criteria to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

The following are the eligibility requirements for study in the UK for Nigerian students:

ResidencyMust be a Nigerian citizen
Academic AchievementTypically, an upper second-class honors or its equivalent.
Course of StudyScholarships are limited to specific disciplines or courses.
English ProficiencySome institutions may ask for UK Higher Education Institution (HEI) tests. Generally, a satisfactory IELTS or TOEFL score is enough. 
Financial NeedSome scholarships aid the economic conditions of the students. 
RecommendationsLetters from academic or professional referees showcasing your potential.

UK Visa Requirements for Nigerian Students

Ne of the major requirements to study in the UK for Nigerian students is to learn about UK Visas. Refer to the following table for more information.

Type of Student visaWho is it forIdeal Time to ApplyArrival date in the UK
Student route (General) visaAge- 16+ students3 months before the course tenure.For longer than six months of courses, arrive one month in advance. For six months or fewer courses, arrive one week in advance.
Student route (Child) visaAge- 4-17Students with a legitimate student route sponsor.3 months before the course tenure.Age- 4-17 Students with a legitimate student route sponsor.
Short-term study visaShort-term courses students, like English language3 months before your departure to the UK.Completely depends on your travel dates.

Tuition Fees to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

Tuition fees in the UK for Nigerian students can differ depending on the course and the tenure of the course. The following are the details about it.

CoursesAverage Cost GBPAverage Cost(Nigerian Naira)
Foundation Courses (Full Fees)10000 to 1500056,26,990 to 8,44,0480
Undergraduate courses (per year)11000 to 1500061,89,690 to 84,40,480
Postgraduate courses (Full fees)11000 to 1600061,89,690 to 90,03,180
Doctorate courses (per year)14000 to 1600078,77,780 to 90,03,180

This is everything about the requirements to study in the UK for Nigerian Students. 

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UK Scholarships for Nigerian Students

There are certain scholarships available in the UK for Nigerian students. The top UK scholarships for Nigerian students are the following:-

Scholarship NameDescriptionCoverage
Chevening ScholarshipFully funded scholarship for Nigerian international students pursuing a master’s program in the UK. Covers travel costs, monthly allowance, tuition fees, and other expenses.Travel costs, monthly allowance, tuition fees
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipFull-cost scholarships for outstanding international students to pursue a master’s or PhD at the University of Cambridge.Full-cost coverage for study at Cambridge
Rhodes ScholarshipFor those dreaming of studying at the University of Oxford with limited funds. Covers monthly allowance, tuition fees, and travel costs for a master’s or PhD degree in any subject.Monthly allowance, tuition fees, travel costs
Developing Solutions ScholarshipFully supports international students at the University of Nottingham, covering tuition fees, travel costs, and a monthly allowance.Tuition fees, travel costs, monthly allowance
GREAT ScholarshipFor exceptional international students pursuing postgraduate degrees in eligible UK universities.Support for postgraduate study in the UK

Career Opportunities in the UK for Nigerian Students

Work laws for overseas students might not be the same every year, it changes frequently. However, some of the common things to know about the work requirements to study in the UK for Nigerian students are given below. 

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Job RolesPay per hour (Approx.)
Health services£10.80
Social Care£9.50
Children Contact Supervisor£9.15
Customer Service£10

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Can a Nigerian student study in the UK without IELTS?

Some of the universities in the UK offer courses which do not require IELTS. However, it is a basic test to analyze proficiency in the English language. 

What are the documents required for a UK Student visa from Nigeria?

A Nigerian student in the UK requires a valid passport. CAS from the institution, bank statements, Tuberculosis test, and for under 18 students, consent from parents or guardians. 

What is the minimum qualification to study in the UK?

The minimum qualification requirement to study in the UK for Nigerian students is to complete 12 years of education undergraduate courses or a relevant bachelor’s degree. 

How much will it cost a Nigerian to study in the UK?

The average cost of courses in the UK is £11,000 to £20,000 which is exclusive of the total accommodation costs. 

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