Cost of Living in Ontario

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Cost of Living in Ontario

As an international student, managing your funds may be challenging. Balancing finances with your education is never simple. Knowing the costs and cost of living in the destination you’re considering might make it much simpler because you’ll already have an idea of it. As of 2022 data total of 2,89,835 new students opted for Ontario as their place for their higher education. The rapidly growing economy and high quality of academics make it a popular place among the students. Ontario has its unique cost of living which needs to be considered by students before they plan to study in Ontario. In this blog, we will cover the cost of living in Ontario comprehensively and examine the key areas associated with it. 


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Why Choose Ontario? 

While you consider various places to study abroad, Ontario emerges as one of the top places located in eastern Canada offering various reasons to make it an attractive place for international students. 

  • Ontario is home to several renowned universities and colleges with exceptional worldwide rankings. 
  • The place offers a variety of programs and courses to cater to everyone’s interests and allow students to explore other fields as well. The universities in Ontario ensure that the students gain theoretical knowledge along with practical-world experience. 
  • The place offers a diverse culture where students can interact and create networks with people across the world. This exposure enhances their opportunity concerning job prospects and gives them a global outlook. 
  • Post-study work facilities are also available for international students. Canada allows post-study work permits to help them gain work experience. The work experience can also help them become a permanent resident of Ontario. 
  • Ontario’s rapidly growing economy has increased the job market with numerous employment opportunities, making it an ideal destination to study and settle for international students. 

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Cost of living in Ontario


The price of accommodation takes up a significant portion of the total expense. Places like Toronto and Ottawa are steadily seeing an increase in the price of housing. Students can opt for their mode of living

  • Dormitories: Most universities in Ontario offer residency on campus for students. Dormitories are places where many students live together in large buildings. Dormitories provide food courts, and basic utilities at a reduced cost. 
  • Off-Campus Apartments: students can also opt for apartments shared with roommates in a single room. It provides amenities such as Kitchen, washrooms and living area. 
  • Private Rental Apartments: As you reach Ontario, you can prefer to live in private rental apartments such as Airbnb. 
TypeAmount in CADAmount in INR
Off-campus Apartments400-80024,100-48,200
Private Rental Apartments300-50018,000-30,000

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There are ways of transportation that a student can opt for but to cut down the cost, students can prefer public transportation which is cheap and secure. Ontario has several modes of public transport such as buses, trains, subways, and more. Students can also avail of discounts with their student I-card. 

ModeCost in CADCost in INR

Food and Utility Bills

One of the most important factors that students are worried about is the cost of food and dining. The average cost of food along with other bills, the expenses range between INR 12,000 – INR 18000 (CAD 200 – CAD 300). 

Some of the top restaurants that are affordable for students in Ontario are:

  • Banh Mi Boys
  • Gandhi Cuisine
  • Wilbur Mexicana
  • Pho Thi Fusion
  • El Camino
  • The Mule
  • Burrito Boyz
  • La Luna Express

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Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance to study in Canada. In some cases, students get their health coverage from their universities whereas in some cases students need to buy health insurance of their own which can cost from INR 37,000 – INR 56,000 (CAD 600 – CAD 900) every year. 

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University Fees

Apart from the cost of living in Ontario, students need to pay their fees for university too which vary from university to university. Since Ontario is home to world-class universities it attracts more international students. The fees of some of the top universities are

University NameFees in CAD per yearFees in INR per year 
University of Toronto47000 – 6300029.00 Lakh – 39.22 Lakh
University of Waterloo31,000 – 42,000019.00 Lakh – 26.15 Lakh
McMaster University26,000 – 39,00016.00 Lakh – 24.00 Lakh
Western University30000-4200018.67 Lakh- 25.15 Lakh
Queen’s University29000-4400018.00 Lakh- 27.39 Lakh
York University26000-3400016.18 Lakh-21.00 Lakh
Ryerson University25000-3200015.56 Lakh-32.00 Lakh

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Q.1. Most Indians live in which part of Ontario?

Ans: Ottawa is the place where you will find most of the Indians living in Ontario.

Q.2. Where do most students go to study in Canada?

Ans: More than half of the students prefer going to Ontario as it has various renowned universities and colleges.

Q.3. Is health insurance compulsory for international students to study in Canada?

Ans: Yes, health insurance is an important document that you will have to carry while applying for Universities.

This was all about the Cost of living in Ontario. Hope this blog helped you will the information regarding the cost of living in Ontario. For more articles and updates related to study abroad, follow Leverage Edu

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