An Overview Of IT Technician Salary in UK 2024

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it technician salary in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most thriving information technology (IT) markets in the world, It is ranked 2nd behind the US in terms of IT spending per head. According to the increasing demand of the digital economy, the tech industry in the United Kingdom experienced phenomenal growth. And the demand for IT technicians is also increasing gradually. Most organizations in the United Kingdom offer you a high range of salary packages along with various benefits. Let us discuss the salary of an IT technician on the basis of various factors that affect the salary range in the United Kingdom. 


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What is the average  IT Technician Salary in UK

The field of IT offers a range of earning potential for technicians in the UK.  On average, IT technicians earn a yearly salary of 79,800 GBP, which translates to a monthly income of 6,650 GBP.  However, this can vary depending on experience and other factors.  The lowest reported annual salary is 41,900 GBP (3,491 GBP monthly), while the highest earners can reach 119,700 GBP annually (9,975 GBP monthly). This highlights the potential for significant salary growth within the IT technician profession.

IT Technician Salary in UK Based on Experience Level

When calculating pay, experience level is the most crucial component. Expense increases naturally with years of experience. After analyzing the pay for IT technicians based on experience level, we discovered the following.

it technician salary in UK

IT Technician Salary in UK Based on Education Level 

Although it’s common knowledge that a college degree increases income, to what extent may a degree increase one’s income? To provide a comparison, we disaggregated pay for IT technicians based on educational attainment.

Education LevelAverage Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma59,000 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree105,800 GBP
Master’s Degree 150,500 GBP

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IT Technician Salary in UK Based on Organisation 

It’s common knowledge that the kind of company you work for can also influence the compensation range for an IT technician in the United Kingdom. We disaggregated salaries according to different groups. 

Organization Average Salary Per Year 
Harris Federation27,317 GBP
NHS29,750 GBP
IBM26,000 GBP
Microsoft37,361 GBP
Marsworth Computing27,000 GBP
Apple32,268 GBP
Global Banking School27,256 GBP
Benoy30,667 GBP 
Barnet and Southgate College22,667 GBP 
One world rental26,022 GBP 
Tesco19,000 GBP – 31,000 GBP
Amazon24,000 GBP- 53,000 GBP 
NatWest Group24,000 GBP – 52,000 GBP
NHS England23,000 GBP – 31,000 GBP
Google20,000 GBP -31,000 GBP 
Metro Bank PLC22,000 GBP -57,000 GBP 
LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)54,000 GBP -74,000 GBP 
Surrey County Council19,000 GBP -31,000 GBP

IT Technician Salary in UK Based on  Different Cities

Here, we’ve broken down the range of salaries for IT technicians in several UK cities.

it technician salary in UK

IT Technician Salary in UK Based on Different Positions 

We have listed below the compensation ranges for a number of the top IT positions in the United Kingdom.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Network Engineer45,000 GBP
Service Technician27,000 GBP
IT Analyst30,000 GBP
Field Service Engineer30,496 GBP
Field Engineer32,000 GBP
Security Engineer37,488 GBP
Engineer40,000 GBP
Project Engineer40,973 GBP
Design Engineer42,085 GBP
Systems Engineer43,880 GBP
IT Field Technician35,376 GBP
IT Support31,651 GBP 
IT Specialist43,281 GBP
IT Help Desk Technician26,339 GBP

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What is the salary for an IT job in the UK?

In London, the average annual income for IT jobs is 46,926 GBP. In London, additional financial compensation for IT workers ranges from 1,644 GBP to 10,89 BP, with an average of 4,232 GBP. The 1036 salaries that anonymous IT IT employees in London submitted to Glassdoor are the basis for the salary estimations.

What is a technician’s salary in the UK?

In London, the average annual income for a technician is £31,397. In London, a technician’s supplementary financial compensation ranges from 805 GBP to 4,980 GBP, with an average of 2,002 GBP. The 1140 salaries that London-based Technician employees anonymously provided to Glassdoor are the basis for the salary estimations.

What is the minimum salary for IT professionals in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the greatest annual compensation for an IT specialist is 62,805 GBP. What is the lowest pay rate in London, United Kingdom, for an IT specialist? In London, United Kingdom, the lowest annual compensation for an IT specialist is 34,417 GBP.

This is all the information about the average IT Technician Salary in UK. If you want to read more blogs on salaries with different professions, follow Leverage Edu and our official page Jobs Abroad

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