Essentials of a Network Engineer Resume

Network Engineer Resume

A well-built and attractive resume can let you go the extra mile in successfully landing a job. Especially in the Engineering field, a resume must feature the highlights of an individual’s career, clearly mentioning their skills and attributes with the level of proficiency and relevant certifications and awards. Further, skills of interdisciplinary nature, time management, deadline-management and teamwork are also highly-valued and must be mentioned if it can be supported through evidence. A Network Engineer plays a core part in an organisation as his role is to ensure a smooth functioning of computer and internet networks. If you are planning to apply for this job profile, this blog details the essential elements that should be a part of a Network Engineering Resume.

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Individual/Personal Details

The first and foremost element of a resume is the personal details section which comprises of the name of the candidate, age, current address and relevant contact details such as email-id and contact number. This section must not over-elaborated and clumsy so as to avoid confusion in the mind of the employer. Further, wherever applicable, it may also mention the social media links (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) of the candidate.

Career Summary/Objective

An important but often overlooked section of a Network Engineer resume is the career objective/summary which serves to provide an overview of your accomplishments to the employer. It explains why an individual has done what he has done and what he aims to achieve by it. His motivation behind the listed experiences and education must be appropriately highlighted in this section. A high majority of job-seekers make the mistake of omitting the career summary/objective section. However, individuals must ensure that the word limit must be around 25-40 words and anything beyond this will make it look heavy-handed.

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Educational Background

A vital element of a Network Engineer resume is the educational background from which the candidate belongs and hails from. Under this section, you must mention the course(s) you have pursued (with year of graduation clearly mentioned), grades achieved, institute of education as well as highlights of the education period, for instance, awards won and other relevant information. The rationale behind objectively stating one’s performance is that it gives the employer a standpoint to evaluate the individual. Moreover, if you have scored par in your college education, it is better to mention extra-curricular activities and awards won which will show your interests in other fields and hobbies.

Project and Internship Details

In this section of the resume, you can effectively connect your pursued education with practical experience. With respect to a Network Engineer resume, projects conducted under any professor, summer/winter internships undertaken, research work conducted, papers published etc are only a few of the details which must be clearly stated along with period and the reporting supervisor’s name. Furthermore, the specific area worked upon, skills developed and polished as well as any other significant details should also be mentioned. Avoid using cliche words, vagueness and ambiguity while writing. Employers value honesty and objectivity and you should add precise details without unnecessary elaboration.

Certification and Awards in Network Engineering

The awards and certifications you were bestowed with during your college education as well as while working during internships are put under this section. Mention the most recent award first going back towards the oldest one. Concerning a Network Engineer resume, popular mentions include certifications like Cisco Certified Network Professional, CompTIA Network+, Red Hat Certified Network Engineer, MCSE: Server Infrastructure etc. Further, you should elaborate your proficiency in the certifications you have added.

Coding Languages Proficiency

Proficiency in coding languages is highly crucial in the field of Network Engineering and you must mention the array of coding skills you have acquired. Popular mentions in any Network Engineer resume include C++, HTML, Java, Python, PHP, Swift etc.

Note: This section can be merged with the above one in cases of overlapping and formed one single head of ‘Networking Skills and Certifications’ and awards can be mentioned separately depending on the preferences of the individual.

Personal Skills and Attributes

For this part of the resume, you can mention your personal skills which you have developed through practical experience during internships or while working under professors or through personal endeavours such as startups etc. Skills generally added to this section include communication, teamwork, computer skills, time-management etc.

Volunteering Experiences/Positions of Responsibility

In this section, you can list down your volunteering experiences or positions of responsibility held during college or organisational experiences. Adding these volunteering projects can help you complement your resume and will show your interests in working in cultural and social activities.

A resume is one of the core essentials of the job procurement process for freshers as well as experienced professionals. The rich repository of value-added services provided by Leverage Edu also comprises assistance for resume conditioning, so that you can progress in your career graph to the highest level you aspire for.

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