Intricate Guide For Uber Driver UK Salary In 2024

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uber driver uk salary

If you are looking for a flexible work system and a very comfortable and self-determined working arrangement, being an Uber Driver in the UK is the right choice for you. The job gives you the authority to determine your working hours and requirements. Not just a worthy full-time job, but the job of an Uber driver is one of the top sight hustles too if you want to limit your work hours. To find out if the job is as promising and viable for you it is important to see the aspect of the salary it can pay you. Through this blog, let’s read about the Uber driver UK salary.


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What Is The Job Of An Uber Driver

Uber is a driver app that connects passengers and drivers to take pre-booked rides at pre-determined fixed fares, unlike the old taxi system where the driver and the passenger had to negotiate the riding factors like location and the pay. The driver that connects to the passenger through this driving app is an Uber driver. 

Through the app, the driver can get ride requests from the passengers around along with details of their destination and fare. The driver has all the authority to decide whether to take the ride or not. Once this is confirmed by the driver, it is the driver’s responsibility to provide the passengers with a safe, comfortable, and easy journey.

Average Uber Driver UK Salary 

  • In the UK an Uber driver approximately on average makes around 7.88 GBP per ride.

Generally uber pay 9 GBP to 12 GBP per ride to the driver after the Uber’s cut. 

  • If a driver takes two rides for say an hour the hourly wage comes out to be 15.76 GBP to 24 GBP per hour.
  • If you are planning to take the job full-time and work for approximately 45 hours a week, you can make an average of 708.60 GBP a week and your monthly salary would be between 1,260 GBP to 2,840 GBP depending on several factors.

The following table shows the average Uber driver UK salary more clearly:

Driving hours Weekly payMonthly payYearly pay
20 hours a week (part-time)315 GBP1,260 GBP15,130 GBP
45 hours a week (full-time)710 GBP2,840 GBP34,080 GBP
Source: utility saving expert

Highest Paying Cities In UK for Uber Drivers 

The average pay in all the cities fluctuates on several factors like the hours of work, fuel price, etc. However, London remains the top city to be paying the highest average pay to the Uber driver. The average salary of an Uber driver in London is 30 GBP per hour which is almost double that of almost all the other cities.

uber driver uk salary
 Average Salary Of An Uber Eat Driver In UK

Uber Eat drivers are paid considering several factors like Per-mile rate, pick-up fee, DRop-off fee, etc. On average a Uber Eats driver makes around 7 GBP to 14 GBP per hour.

Components Average pay 
Hourly pay7 GBP to 14 GBP
Daily pay for full-time workersUpto 120 GBP 
Yearly pay for full-time workers13,000 GBP to 32,000 GBP 

The Uber’s Pay Cut Ratio

When calculating the salary for an Uber driver it is important to consider Uber’s cut, because the drivers are only paid the amount after an ignition commission is charged by the application.

  • Uber typically charges a commission of 25% on every ride i.e. if the fare of the ride is 10 GBP, the driver will receive 7.5 GBP and the rest 2.5 GBP will be charged as commission of the application as the platform service charge.

The commission can vary at times when factors like promotion pay, incentives, and other specific arrangements come into consideration.

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Ways To Increase Earnings As An Uber Driver 

You can use the following ways to increase your average earnings on a daily basis as an Uber driver:

uber driver uk salary

There are other benefits that an Uber driver receives apart from the fixed pay like:

  • Paid Tips

The Uber drivers receive tips in the form of cash from the passengers in several rides. On average, the passenger tends to pay a 10-20 % tip on the total fare. The drivers are free to keep the full amount of the tip and no commission is charged on the tip amount.

  • Paid holidays

The Uber drivers are considered workers rather than self-employed and are entitled to benefits like guaranteed minimum wage, pension, and paid holidays. The drivers get paid holidays based on 12.07% of their total earnings which is calculated on a fortnightly basis.


What are the factors that influence Uber driver’s pay?

The factors that influence the Uber driver’s pay are distance of the ride, time of the ride, surge price, service and booking fee, cancellation fee, vehicle maintenance cost, fuel cost, etc.

Is the cost of fuel paid by Uber?

The amount of the fuel is not paid separately by the Uber. the average pay for say 7.88 GBP per ride is the overall pay for one ride, there is no amount paid extra over it for fuel or maintenance. The driver has to use this amount only for fueling and maintenance purposes. 

What are the benefits of working as an Uber driver in the UK?

The benefits of working as an Uber Driver in the UK are the right to a pension, minimum wage, paid holidays, flexible working hours, comfortable self-driven work arrangements, self-determined hours of work, etc.

Hope this blog helps you get a clear understanding of the average Uber driver UK salary. To read more such blogs on jobs and salaries-related content, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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