All You Need to Know About Electrician Salary in UK for 2024

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Electrician Salary in UK

You might be willing to move to UK for studies or work, it is better to look for jobs that you can easily find in a country. It could be part-time jobs or full-time time depending on your choice but an electrician’s job in UK is something you can also get promoted to. A lot of people who learn mechanical skills at work get promoted to higher positions with relevant experience. You must be well-versed in English though. You might have already figured out a lot on your own, but here we will provide you with a detailed analysis of an Electrician’s salary in UK. 

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Average Salary of an Electrician in UK

If you take in terms of the number of hours, your average base salary as an electrician in UK is £20.27 per hour. Which also corresponds to £2,555 per month or £36,085 per year. As of December 2023, this salary is equivalent to INR 37,83,000 per year. 

The average salary is an aggregate of what various electricians are earning at different scales and experiences. 

The actual number is highly influenced by the company you are employed in, experience in the number of years as well as the skill set and knowledge you have about electronics. 

Another major influencing factor is educational qualifications in the field, the more educated or specialised you are in the field the more specific and progressive your role will be as an electrician. 

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Electrician Salary in UK – Top Companies 

Here is a list of top companies to work as an electrician in UK. The salary provided by each company is also mentioned. 

Company Salary
TICS Global Limited£79,626 per year
DNS Engineering£54,605 per year 
1st Step Solutions Ltd£40,069 per year
UK Electric£10Cr -£11Cr per year
LMOB Electrical Contractors£52,433 per year
CBRE₹29T -₹32T per month
Dydyo Refrigerantes Jack Morton£3L -£3L per year £57 -£62 per hour

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Trajectory of an Electrician’s Salary in UK

Like any other career in the UK, the salary of an electrician also keeps increasing with time and experience. The trajectory of an Electrician’s salary in UK starts at £48,049 per year. Over the years when you become a senior electrician, your salary will increase to around £61,013 per year.

You gain a growth of 5% within 0 to 1 year and then with 2 to 4 years of experience your growth will be around 21%. So, choose your first job wisely as the base pay there will decide the trajectory of your growth. 

Again between 5-7 years, you will get a raise of 5% and with 8+ years of experience, your growth will be 69%. You get promoted further to Electrician IV grade and the salary there is around £50,331 per year. 

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Cities That Pay Highest Electrician Salary in UK

How much you earn is also affected by where you are working. Here are some of the cities in UK that pay the highest salaries for electricians. 

  • London pays the highest salary for electricians in UK, that is, £38,900 per year. 
  • It is followed by Bournemouth with an average salary of £38,079 per year. 
  • Next in the list is Kilmarnock with £37,728 average annual salary. 
  • Chester pays around £36,637 per year to electricians on average. 
  • Orpington has an average of £36,137 per year. 
  • The city of Birmingham pays £36,031 annually on average. 
  • Cardiff has an annual average salary of £34,970.
  • If you work in Livingston then £34,768 per year is going to be your average salary as an electrician.
  • Lastly, we have Doncaster with an average annual salary of £34,635.

Note: These salaries as reported on Indeed and Glassdoor are based on salaries actually reported by employees working in the cities. However, due to irregular participation from various cities, the averages might not be exact. 

Various Types of Electricians in UK and Their Salaries

Here is a list of Electricians’ jobs in the UK and their average salaries. 

Journeyperson Electrician£38,989 per year
Industrial Electrician£20.40 per hour
Commercial Electrician£38,434 per year
Apprentice Electrician£50,331 per year
Maintenance Electrician£35,608 per year
Electrical Technician£34,895 per year


How much is an electrician paid in UK?

The average base salary of an electrician in UK is £20.27 per hour. Which also corresponds to £2,555 per month or £36,085 per year.

Is being an electrician a good job UK?

Yes, being an electrician is a good job to pursue in the UK. The career has growth potential and the industry also growth potential. Every industry, shop, household etc requires an electrician at some point or the other. 

Are electricians in demand in UK?

Yes, electricians are highly in demand in the UK. In fact, as per the UK Trade Skills Index 2023, there is a huge skill gap in the profession and new recruits with relevant qualifications and skills are required. 

We hope that you now understand the demand for an electrician’s salary in the UK. Also, the potential for the industry to grow. If you want to read more about such a good profession that pays you well, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu.

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