Everything To Know About Nutritionist Salary In US For Year 2024

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nutritionist salary in us

The profession of Nutritionist is going to see an increase in the coming few years and still, there are plenty of jobs available in the US. this occupation is gaining pace and flourishing faster than any other profession as the country is getting higher awareness about the importance of nourishment. The career not only provides growth but also career stability. Apart from everything, the salary has to be a very important factor when deciding if the career is rewarding. Let’s look into the Nutritionist salary in US to see if the career is worth the effort.


Average Nutritionist Salary In US

Nutritionists earn a very sufficient and good range of income in the country. The average income that you can expect as a nutritionist annually is 172,100 USD and a monthly is 14,341 USD. Your income can vary from the averages as the salary determination may consider many other factors such as education, experience, etc.

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Apart from the average monthly and yearly income we can analyse the salary from the high and low factors.

Average lowest salary per year78,500 USD
Average highest salary per year272,900 USD
Average lowest salary per month6,541 USD
Average highest salary per month22,741 USD

Nutritionist Salary In US Based On Experience

Any ob type can not give an average salary range without considering the experience of an employee into the consideration. It is considered necessary to be experienced in the industry to earn a very good package. The higher the level of experience and expertise you exhibit, the more the pay. You can earn an average salary higher by 34% if you have 2 to 5 years of experience in the field. The image below will give more clarity on the experience and salary relation.

nutritionist salary in us

Nutritionist Salary In US Based On Education

Similar to the experience level is the level of education. Highly educated nutritionists have a opportunity to earn higher income as they exhibit more knowledge of the practical and theoretical concepts of the industry and have a right to earn a better amount of salary. With a master’s degree in the profession of a nutritionist, you can expect a package that is 57% higher.

Education Average Pay
Bachelor’s degree102,700 USD
Master’s degree160,600 USD
PhD271,300 USD

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Nutritionist Salary In US In Different Sectors

Hardly any country has the same salaries in government and private sectors, all the countries have a slight difference in the average pay in both sectors of the country and the government sector is the one that is seen mostly paying a better salary. In US the private sector pays 6% lower salaries to employees compared to the public sector.

Sector Average Pay
Private sector 93,100 USD
Public sector 98,800 USD

Nutritionist Salary In US In Different Cities

All the cities in the US show salary differences and pay slightly different salaries. To know which city pays better for you and can select the best one for you, we will have to do a thorough comparison. The image below contains the list of the highest and lowest-paying countries for comparison.

nutritionist salary in us

Nutritionist Salary In US Compared To Similar Professions

All the professions in the same industry and same level moreover have an equivalent salary range. To know if the job of a nutritionist lies on the good side based on the average pay, we will compare the average pay of a nutritionist to other similar professions in the industry. The following table has the list of many professions in the same industry along with the average pay in them.

Profession Average Pay
Wellness Coordinator 95,500 USD
Urologist 341,400 USD
Surgical Assistant 105,200 USD
Surgeon 309,800 USD
Sonographer 111,700 USD
Radiologist 272,900 USD
Public health specialist 165,900 USD
Psychometrician 210,400 USD 
Prosthetist 180,500 USD
Physician 349,200 USD
Nutrition Assistant 75,800 USD 

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Is it worth being a nutritionist in the US?

Yes, being a nutritionist in the US is a good opportunity for your career as the jobs provide numerous opportunities, growth, stability and a good salary at the same time. The industry is also flourishing and growing better than any other industry, therefore there are several new options in the field.

Can I expect a good increment being a nutritionist in the US?

You can not expect a very good increment but a moderate rate of increment every year. Though your raise completely depends on your performance, however, the average pay raise is 10% every year.

Do men and women earn differently in this industry?

Yes, there is some difference in the pay of male and female nutritionists. The women in the industry are seen earning 6% higher income compared to men for the same job role and working hours.

These were all the details that are important about the Nutritionist Salary In US. For any doubts or suggestions comment below. To learn about other jobs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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