Build Up Your Career as a Psychologist with Highest Paying Psychology Jobs in 2024

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highest paying psychology jobs

Psychology is one of the most enthusiastic professions. This Profession provides you with the opportunity to embark on a global exploration of the most lucrative career paths with various government and non-government organizations in the world. Working abroad can be enriching for psychology experts, both personal and professional. It helps you to explore different cultural experiences and adventures. If you are planning to take advantage of this exciting and challenging opportunity and want to know more about earning psychology jobs, In this entire article, we will discuss the highest-paying psychology jobs that you can consider in 2024 to gain relevant experience. 

Ideas of Sending Wishes for Someone Going Abroad to Work

Benefits of Doing Psychology Jobs 

The career of a psychologist has many benefits. Psychology may or may not be the best career for you, depending on your goals in life and your ideal job. 

  • Helping Others:  The chance to assist others is a primary draw for those pursuing a career in psychology. A job in psychology is a fantastic option if you enjoy interacting with people
  • Earn a High Salary: Psychologists are typically well compensated for their time and effort, but money isn’t the main factor in job choice. Psychologists typically make between $43,800 and $129,250 per year. 
  • Opportunity to work with New People: You will work with clients from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life as a psychologist. You’ll assist a wide range of individuals in overcoming emotional and mental challenges. Even though there will be obstacles along the way, the satisfaction of seeing kids, adults, and couples realize their full potential will surpass all of those difficulties.
  • Start-Up Own Business: For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a psychologist is a fantastic career choice. Once they gain some experience and establish themselves as qualified experts, many psychologists go on to open their own private therapy practices. 

Factors Influencing Psychology Jobs Salary

It’s important to remember that a number of important aspects contribute significantly to your pay.

highest paying psychology jobs

9 Highest Paying Jobs With a Psychology Degree

You can advance your career by pursuing any one of the Highest Paying Psychology Jobs listed below with a psychology degree. Let’s examine a few positions that pay more than others in the same field.


A psychiatrist uses a combination of medical and psychological techniques to diagnose, treat, and prevent mental health diseases. To guarantee complete patient care, they work with other medical specialists and offer counseling assessments.

Average Salary Per Year $165,865

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Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologists are essential in helping athletes overcome the psychological difficulties of competitive sports and enhance their performance. They give athletes the assistance and direction they need to set goals, control their anxieties, sharpen their focus, and stay motivated. An advanced degree in general psychology with a focus on sports psychology, such as a master’s or doctorate, is required to work as a sports psychologist.

Average Salary Per Year $99,637.

Child Psychologist

Child psychologists focus on helping kids who have developmental delays and managing challenging circumstances. In order to encourage proper growth and mental stability, they offer evaluation, counseling, and support to kids and their families. A master’s or doctorate degree is necessary to specialize in child psychology in India. 

Average Salary Per Year $120,000


The complex relationship between the brain and behavior is studied by neuropsychologists, who are psychologists. Through evaluations and the creation of specialized treatment programs, they identify, diagnose, and treat neurological and psychiatric issues.

Average Salary Per Year $153,916 

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Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

The goal of industrial-organizational psychology is to improve worker well-being and productivity in the workplace by implementing psychological concepts. They create training courses, carry out assessments, and enhance workflows.

Average Salary Per Year $107,361

School Counsellor/Psychologist

Psychologists and school counselors assist students in resolving mental, emotional, and social challenges associated with their studies. They support them in addressing their feelings and worries. School counselors help students with scholarship applications and college applications as well. It is impossible to overstate the value of a school psychologist or counselor. The relevance of school psychologists is overstated.  They diagnose and treat emotional, behavioral, and learning issues in students, teachers, or administration within the framework of the educational ecosystem.

Average Salary Per Year $150,000

Forensic Psychologist

Specialists in psychology who work in the realm of criminality and its related fields are known as forensic psychologists. They try to psychologically rehabilitate criminals before allowing them to reintegrate into society by working with them frequently. They are an essential part of the rehabilitation process for any criminal; it is ineffective to just give them time to consider their transgressions unless there is substantial support from a facilitator.

Average Salary Per Year $134,258

Counselling Psychologist

Counselors psychologists employ a range of techniques to assist individuals in resolving and managing mental and emotional health concerns. They construct a treatment plan after listening to their patient’s concerns and assisting them in becoming healthier. Psychologists and counselors work in hospitals and educational institutions, among other places.

Average Salary Per Year $83,565

Engineering Psychologist

A specialist in using psychological concepts to improve usability, safety, and human-machine interaction in a range of technological and engineering applications is known as an engineering psychologist. In order to satisfy ergonomic and human performance requirements, they assess and enhance systems, goods, and user interfaces.

Average Salary Per Year $138,990

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Skills Required For Psychology Jobs 

In order to flourish and enhance client outcomes, psychologists need a variety of abilities and qualities. Here we have mentioned a few key skills required to become a psychologist

highest paying psychology jobs

Here are the Top 5 High Paying Jobs Abroad for Women in 2024


Q1: What fields of psychology make the most money?

Psychiatrist professions are by far the highest paying occupations for psychology majors, and they are also highly sought after. The BLS projects the salary for psychiatrists in 2022 to be $299,470 or $280,600, respectively, depending on whether they work in an outpatient care facility or a doctor’s office, where the majority of psychiatrists are employed.

Q2: Which psychologist is highly paid?

Here are some of the highest paying psychology jobs in India
A psychiatrist’s average salary is INR 9.67 LPA
Military/Defence Psychologist Average salary is  INR 6.8 LPA
Forensic Psychologists Average salary is INR 5.93 LPA
Neuropsychologist Average salary is INR 4.86 LPA

Q3: Which field of psychology is most in demand?

Here is the list of some most in-demand and highest-paying Psychology Jobs 
Vocational/Career Counselor
School Psychologist
Family Marriage Counselor
Engineering Psychologist.
Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist

Hope you will get to know in detail how you can build up your career as a psychologist with the highest paying psychology jobs. For more such highest-paying jobs, follow and our official page, Jobs Abroad.

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