Comparison of Biomedical Engineer Salary in UK for 2024

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Biomedical Engineer Salary

Biomedical engineers are in high demand in the United Kingdom. According to a survey conducted by EngineeringUK, the nation needs 124,000 engineers and technicians annually in addition to 79,000 positions in mixed application industries that call for a range of engineering expertise. According to the report, biomedical engineering contributes significantly to the UK economy, creating two jobs for every new biomedical engineering employee. To help you we will discuss the variety of biomedical engineer salaries in the UK in this post so that you may understand the Biomedical Engineer Salary in UK in 2024.


Average Salary of a Biomedical Engineer in the UK 

Biomedical engineers can expect to make between £27,055 and £32,934 at entry level (Band 5). After that, you can go on to Band 6, where earnings range from £33,706 to £40,588. Salary ranges for those with substantial experience are £41,659 to £47,672 (Band 7). If one reaches the position of consultant or head of department, salaries may rise above this. Pay for biomedical engineers in the private sector can vary from £21,000 to £45,000 based on their level of responsibility and expertise.

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Biomedical Engineer Salary Range in the UK 

A biomedical engineer typically makes £31,500 gross a year (£2,080 net month), which is £1,900 (+6%) more than the average pay in the UK. The starting salary for a biomedical engineer is about £23,000. The top pay scales are above £80,000.

The typical wage range for biomedical engineers in the United Kingdom may be seen here. 

Biomedical Engineer Salary in UK

Biomedical Engineer Salary in the UK 2024 By Experience Level

The salary of a Biomedical Engineer might be different depending on the level of experience years: 

Highest Paying Cities in the UK for Biomedical Engineers

Here is a list of some of highest highest-paying cities in the United Kingdom for Biomedical Engineers 

Cities Average Salary
Liverpool£34,954 per year 
Birmingham£32,321 per year
Northampton£29,297 per year
Burton-On-Trent£37,508 per year
Cambridge£43,659 per year
Glasgow£45,078 per year
Blackburn£47,612 per year
Orpington£40,643 per year

Highest Paying Companies in the UK for Biomedical Engineers

Here is a list of some top companies that provide a good salary to  Biomedical Engineers in the United KingdomUnited Kingdom: 

Organization Average Salary
Northampton General Hospital£26,000 -£30,000 Per year 
ECM Selection £52,000 -£61,000 Per year 
Interact Contact Centres£28,000 -£32,000 Per year 
Coloplast£28,000 -£32,000 Per year 
FUJIFILM£41,000 -£49,000 Per year 
GAMA Healthcare£35,000 -£41,000 Per year 
Synlab£20,000 -£24,000 Per year 
BCAS Biomedical Services£23,750-£53,500 Per year 
NHS England£24,000 -£41,000 Per year 
Imperial College London£14,000 -£27,000 Per year 

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Similar Job Positions With Salary For Biomedical Engineers

You can explore the various similar jobs to Biomedical engineering that pay you a good salary in the United Kingdom:

Jobs Positions Average Salary
Biomedical Technician£29,690 Per year 
Clinical Engineer£37,724 Per year 
Biomechanical Engineer£33,454 Per year 
Medical Device£37,544 Per year 
Application Engineer£40,000 Per year 
Design Engineer£40,000 Per year 
Principal Engineer£55,913 Per year 


Are Biomedical Engineers in high demand in the UK 

Biomedical engineers are in high demand across industries such as robotics, healthcare pharmaceutical, and diagnostics sectors in the UK

Is biomedical engineering worth it in the UK?

If you qualify in biomedical engineering, also known as BME engineering, and work in the private sector, the average pay is £64,000 per annum. Another reason biomedical engineers give for job satisfaction is that the role gives them a sense of purpose.

Are biomedical engineers paid well in the UK?

Biomedical Engineer professionals in London, UK have a wide total pay range, between £21,118 and £45,152 depending on experience, with an estimated total pay of £30,879 following the average career path of a Biomedical Engineer.

What are the requirements to study biomedical engineering in the UK?

A-level results or a similar credential, like an International Baccalaureate, are required of the students. The precise scores needed can differ based on the university, but generally speaking, students should have received strong grades in related courses including biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
Normal prerequisites for an International Baccalaureate are 34–36 points.
Typical A-level requirements are ABB, which means that math, physics, computer science, biology, chemistry, and/or mathematics are required.
Normal IELTS scores are 6.0 overall, and 5.5 for each component.

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