Factors to Consider for Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK: 2024

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Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

Aeronautical engineers now have more career options thanks to global technological advancements. Young and aspiring engineers are fascinated by the design, development, and testing of airplanes, which is the focus of the field of aeronautical engineering. Students throughout the world are becoming more interested in this developing industry, which encourages them to pursue careers in aerospace for a variety of professional opportunities.


International students searching for the top institutions offering this degree are becoming more interested in studying aeronautical engineering in UK.

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What is the Average Income of Aeronautical Engineers in United Kingdom?

According to studies conducted by a few sources, including Linkedin and Glassdoor, The average yearly pay for an aeronautical engineer working in London is approximately 88,300 GBP, with the lowest average salary being approximately 41,700 GBP and the highest average salary being 140,700 GBP.

The average annual salary of an aeronautical engineer is around 88,300 GBP, and the average monthly salary is 7,358 GBP; on the other hand, the lowest annual salary is 41,700 GBP; the lowest monthly salary is 3,475 GBP; the highest annual salary is 140,700 GBP; and the highest monthly salary is 11,725 GBP. 

Note: Salary Sources are from LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed 

Experience Level Wise Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK 

To help you understand how the average varies after a given period on the job, we have looked into the average salary for aeronautical engineers based on years of experience.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

Organization Wise Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

Here we have mentioned the organization-wise aeronautical engineering salary in the United Kingdom: 

Company Average Salary ( Per Year )
Airbus 45,000  GBP
Boeing51,346  GBP
NASA67,500  GBP
British Airways49,600  GBP
Rolls-Royce29,000 -52,000 GBP
BAE Systems39,000 -88,000 GBP
Royal Air Force30,000 -100,000 GBP
ASDA23,000 -27,000 GBP
University College London74,000 -88,000  GBP
Harrods27,000 -32,000  GBP
QinetiQ Group21,000 -32,000  GBP
ALTEN30,000 -33,000  GBP
Sting Industries35,000 -50,000  GBP
Goldman Sachs53,000 -62,000  GBP
University of Cambridge50,000 -59,000  GBP

Education Level Wise Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

To determine how much more you can make at each education level, we analyzed the earnings of workers in the same job and career level but with varying degrees of education in our research.

Education Type Average Salary ( Per Year )
Bachelor’s Degree54,300 GBP
Master’s Degree103,600 GBP

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Cities Wise Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

 Below is a picture to study the statistics for each individual city we have researched if you want to compare salaries with other places in the United Kingdom.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

Position Wise Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UK

Here is a list of some top-paying positions that are similar to Aeronautical Engineering. Check the salary range for different professions in the United Kingdom.

Jobs Positions Average Salary ( Per Year )
Aerospace Design Engineer36,349  GBP
Entry Level Engineer49,567  GBP
Aerodynamics Technician 37,643  GBP
Aerodynamics Engineer36,795  GBP
Design Engineer40,000  GBP
Avionics Engineer53,769  GBP
Stress Engineer45,431  GBP
Aircraft Mechanic37,040 GBP
Aircraft Maintenance Technician34,116  GBP
Propulsion Engineer42,714  GBP

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How much is an aeronautical engineer paid in UK?

In the UK, the average annual compensation for an aeronautical engineer is 39,021 GBP. In the United Kingdom, the average additional financial compensation for an aeronautical engineer is 3,355 GBP, with a range of 1,872 GBP to 6,010 GBP.

Which engineering has the highest salary?

An expert who uses engineering concepts in the design, development, testing, and assessment of computer software is known as a senior software engineer. Software engineering is thought to be the most lucrative technical specialization.

How much is an aerospace engineer paid in the UK?

In the UK, the average salary for an aircraft engineer is 21.71 GBP per hour or 42,337 GBP per year. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is 35,000 GBP annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is 63,375 GBP.

This was all about the main factors to consider for an aeronautical engineering salary in the UK in 2024. For more such blogs on salary, follow the Jobs Abroad page on Leverage Edu.

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