Compensation Guide: Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

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mechanical engineering salary in australia

Mechanical engineering enjoys significant popularity in Australia, offering outstanding career prospects for individuals equipped with the requisite skills and qualifications. Australia presents numerous opportunities for mechanical engineers, hosting some of the world’s top companies in the field. If you’re thinking about a job in this technical field or a career in mechanical engineering, you probably want to know how much money you can earn working as a Mechanical engineer in Australia. We’ll address your urgent query and provide you a thorough rundown of mechanical engineer pay in Australia in this complete blog post.

What is the Average Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

Based on the reports of some sources, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, if you are working as a mechanical engineer in Australia, your average yearly salary is around 92,900 AUD and your average monthly salary is around 7,741 AUD, and you can earn the lowest yearly salary of around 46,400 AUD. and the lowest monthly salary of around 3,866 AUD. On the other hand, the highest yearly salary you can make in Australia is around 142,300 AUD, and the highest monthly salary is around 11,858 AUD. 

These are the typical pay and perks for an Australian mechanical engineer, including housing and transportation. A mechanical engineer may also make more or less money than the average pay indicated above.

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Experience Wise Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

Find Out How Much Experienced Professionals and Freshmen Mechanical Engineers in Australia Make. The average earnings according to experience levels are shown in this table.

mechanical engineering salary in australia

Education Wise Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

The average wage difference between professionals with various degrees of education who work as mechanical engineers is shown below.

Education Average Salary Per Year  
Diploma 45,000 AUD 
Bachelor’s Degree.66,100 AUD.
Master’s Degree 107,700 AUD 

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Organisation Wise Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

In Australia, there are numerous large and small companies that pay mechanical engineers well. We have added a few company lists with their salary range. 

OrganisationAverage Salary Per Year  
AECOM80,000 AUD 
Thales85,000 AUD 
ResMed86,500 AUD 
Downer95,000 AUD 
GHD77,500 AUD 
Aurecon71,500 AUD 
WSP77,500 AUD 
University of New South Wales89,923 AUD 
Arup82,000 AUD 
Beca65,000 AUD 
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation100,000 AUD 
Baraja100,000 AUD
Cundall75,000 AUD 
Cochlear75,000 AUD 
Reach Robotics80,000 AUD 
Glencore90,000 AUD 
BAE Systems100,000 AUD 
Boral90,000 AUD 

City Wise Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

In Australia, mechanical engineers are employed everywhere. Australia’s top cities for mechanical engineers to work include Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, and Perth.

mechanical engineering salary in australia

Job Role Wise Mechanical Engineering Salary in Australia

One of the most flexible engineering specialties is mechanical engineering, which offers a wide range of employment options in numerous industries. The following table offers information on different career paths along with typical Australian earnings.

Job Role Average Salary Per Year  
Mechanical Engineer115,000 AUD 
Engineer112,358 AUD 
Designer99,515 AUD 
Drafter95,000 AUD 
Graphic Designer85,744 AUD 
Machinist78,000 AUD 
Detailer54,512 AUD 
Project Engineer127,058 AUD
Engineering Manager150,000 AUD 
Design Engineer115,000 AUD 
Manufacturing Engineer 102,289 AUD 
Process Engineer109,342 AUD 

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Q1:How much do mechanical engineers get paid in Australia?

In Australia, $93,500 is the average yearly income for a mechanical engineer. To view mechanical engineer salaries in your area, filter by location. The 1,283 salaries that mechanical engineer employees anonymously provided to Glassdoor are the basis for the salary estimations.

Q2: What is the scope of Mechanical Engineering in 2026?

The employment of mechanical engineers is expected to grow by 9% between 2016 and 2026. Since they work in multiple industries, the expansion of each will have an impact on the growth of employment as a whole. The growth of engineering services will also be aided by firms hiring contractors.

Q3: Are mechanical engineers in demand in Australia?

Mechanical engineers are in high demand in industries including manufacturing, automotive, and renewable energy due to Australia’s booming engineering sector. The nation’s emphasis on technological innovation and infrastructure development makes it a desirable place to work for mechanical engineers.

This was all the information about the mechanical engineering salary in Australia. For more such updated articles for different job roles, follow Leverage Edu and our official page on Jobs Abroad.

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