Ready to Teach in the UK? Know About Teacher Salary in United Kingdom 2024

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Teacher Salary in UK

Without a doubt, teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession. It is not a secret any more that educators play a vital role in shaping the careers of a future generation in a better way. But when it comes to the compensation part, it is one of the main and crucial factors in considering a career in teaching and training. Here in this complete guide, we will help you learn about how much a teacher actually earns in the United Kingdom. Let’s explore the earning potential of a teacher based on factors such as experience, education, companies, and many more.

What is the Average Salary of a Teacher In UK 

An average teacher in the United Kingdom makes approximately 26,200 GBP a year, with the lowest average pay being roughly 13,500 GBP and the highest average salary being 43,500 GBP.

We have stated that the average yearly pay of a teacher in the UK is 26,200 GBP, and the average monthly salary is 2,183 GBP, based on the findings of several survey sites such as Glassdoor and However, 13,500 GBP is the lowest yearly wage, while 1,125 GBP is the lowest monthly salary. The greatest wage is 3,625 GBP every month, and the largest yearly compensation is 43,500 GBP.

These are the standard benefits and compensation packages for teachers in the United Kingdom, which also include housing and travel. A nursery teacher’s pay may exceed or fall short of the above-mentioned average.

Teacher Salary in UK Based on Experience Level 

After the particular occupation, the number of years of experience is the most significant element in deciding your compensation. More years of experience should logically translate into a larger salary. Thus, we have now discussed experience-based pay for teachers in the United Kingdom. 

Teacher Salary in UK

Teacher Salary in UK Based on Education Level 

The salary you can earn based on your education is very high. Here we have mentioned the salary range of a teacher, which is based on the level of education: 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma20,900 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree28,800 GBP
Master’s Degree 41,000 GBP

Teacher Salary in UK Based on Companies 

The teacher salary range in the United Kingdom also depends on which institution you are working at. Here we have mentioned the salaries of some of the best companies. 

Companies Average Salary Per Year 
The Department for Education (UK)32,297 GBP
Ealing Council38,553 GBP 
Teach First29,000 GBP 
Reeson Education37,800 GBP 
Harris Federation34,000 GBP 
New York City Department of Education36,000 GBP 
Brampton Manor Academy39,000 GBP 
Harris Academy32,512 GBP 
Holland Park School38,575 GBP 
GDST48,000 GBP 
Teach First Teacher Development24,500 GBP 
Wembley High Technology College28,664 GBP 
Genesis Education Trust40,403 GBP 
Genesis Education Trust32,107 GBP 
Mossbourne Federation36,600 GBP 
Ark Schools39,900 GBP 

Teacher Salary in UK Based On Cities  

You can check out the picture below to learn more about UK city salaries if you want to compare earnings across different cities. 

Teacher Salary in UK

Teacher Salary in UK Based on Position 

We’ve included the most recent pay data for positions comparable to those of teachers in the United Kingdom in the table below.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Education28,448 GBP 
English Teacher33,601 GBP 
Instructor 28,530 GBP 
High School Teacher34,571 GBP 
Lecturer 37,058 GBP 
Principal66,004 GBP 
Director 66,004 GBP 


Q1: How much will teachers get paid in London in 2024?

Beginning in 2024, new teachers in England will need to make at least 30,000 GBP. For educators based in London, this may increase to 36,745 GBP.

Q2: How much do new teachers get paid in the UK?

As a primary or secondary school teacher in England, you will receive a minimum starting salary of 30,000 GBP (or more in London) if you have qualified teacher status (QTS).

Q3: Are teachers highly paid in the UK?

In the UK, teaching personnel typically earn between Trainee/unqualified teachers: 17,208 GBP–27,216 GBP. The pay range for teachers on average: is 23,720–35,008 GBP. The higher wage range for teachers: is 36,646 GBP –39,406 GBP.

Q4: Do UK teachers get a bonus?

Bonuses, for example, might vary from 300 to 10,000 GBP for each teacher (or from 12 to 400 GBP for each student in a class of 25). When schools in England use staff performance to determine teacher progression within pre-existing pay levels, this is known as performance pay.

This was all about teacher salaries in the UK for 2024. If you also want to read more updated salary articles, follow Leverage Edu and check out the updated article on the Jobs Abroad page. 

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