Software Engineer Salary in the UK: For Freshers, Per Hour Salary, UK vs. USA Salary

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Software Engineering is a branch of computer science. It deals with the process of designing, developing, and testing new computer applications. For this, software engineers utilize their knowledge of programming languages and skills to solve real-world problems. Depending on the level of education and course, the duration of software engineering can be up to 3-4 years. Moreover, it is also a preferred course among students because of the availability of high-paying jobs in this field. So, if you are looking for a comparison between software engineer salary in the UK vs. the USA, make sure to read this article till the end. 

Scope in Software Engineering

The universe has moved from parchments to papers to computers and will finally try to move towards a world that has everything done automatically. This is where a software engineer comes in. Over the years, the scope of software engineering has widened a lot more than anticipated. Considering the developing pace of technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, and blockchain technology, software engineers are now in demand all over the world. Graduates can find different job opportunities in their preferred specialization, which has also been growing with passing time and widening demand. Consequently, software engineering has become a popular course among students who love technology. 

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Career Options and Salary

Software engineering offers a diverse range of career opportunities with competitive salaries. For instance, a software engineer can take up different job profiles like developers, machine learning engineers, cybersecurity experts, software architects, and managers. Moreover, depending on the skills, location, experience, and specialization, both freshers and software engineers can get a decent-paying job. 


Here is an overview of the different job profiles along with their approximate Software Engineer Salary in the UK.

Job Profile Approx Annual Salary in UK Approx Annual Salary in US
Junior Software Engineer £35,703 – £41,941 $88,300 – $92,529
Applications developer £55,900 –  £61,266 $105,907 – $115,097 
Cyber security analyst £45,600 – £50,979 $95,808 –  $99,126
IT consultant £45,120 – £49,900  $54,120 – $59,500
Web designer £30,256 – £35,192 $64,290 – $69,109 
Web developer £40,500 – £45,425 $68,094 – $73,549
Software tester £33,846 – £39,500 $85,182 – $89,530
Forensic computer analyst £30,6900 to £45,200 $65,700 – $70,114

Per Hour 

The per-hour salary of a software engineer in the UK depends on numerous factors. It includes academic qualifications, total experience, skills, and job profile. 

Job Profile Approx Per Hour Salary in UK Approx Per Hour Salary in US
Junior Software Engineer £11.69 – £16.77  $32 – $43
Applications developer £20.75 – £25.52 $49 – $56 
Cyber security analyst £21.80 – £23.68  $38- $46
Web designer £13.80 – £17.38 $25 – $34
Web developer £17.36 – £20.36  $26- $34
Software tester £15.77 – £18.12  $17 – $24
Forensic computer analyst £20.50 – £24.92  $31 – $35

Top 10 Software Engineer Recruiters 

In order to get a high paying as well as a soul-satisfying job you must know the best companies in the game. We have jotted down a few of the companies you can apply for, check them out below!

  • Nexus IT Group
  • 180 Engineering
  • DevTalent
  • RedShift Recruiting
  • Game 7 Staffing
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook 

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Work Permit Visa Details in UK

In order to work in the United Kingdom you must have a work permit given to you by the government of UK. Hence, before moving on, it is important to know the general requirements of work visa. To give you a basic understanding of the same, here is what you need to know about work permit visas in UK 

  1. The applicant must have received a confirmed employment offer from a licensed UK employer.
  2. The applicant must have the Certificate of Sponsorship from their sponsoring employer.


How much a software engineer can earn in UK?

Depending on your individual skills, knowledge, experience, and academic qualifications, a software engineer can earn anywhere around $85991 per year in the UK.

What is the fresher salary in UK for software engineer?

Depending on your academic qualifications, knowledge, and job title, a fresher software engineer in the UK can earn anywhere from $45278 to $114020 per year.

Is it worth becoming a software engineer UK?

As mentioned above, software engineering is among the most popular courses to pursue after high school. Thanks to technological advancements, the demand for qualified and talented engineers is constantly increasing in the market. As a result, even freshers are getting decently paying job opportunities. Nonetheless, the ultimate answer depends on your individual interests and career planning. 

This comprehensive blog covers all the detailed information about Software Engineer Salary in the UK. If you want to make your study-abroad process hassle-free, then reach us at 1800 57 2000 and contact our Leverage Edu experts for end-to-end assistance. 

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