All You Need To Know About Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait

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pharmacist salary kuwait

Kuwait typically welcomes qualified pharmacists from all over the world. Landing a pharmacist job in Kuwait is an excellent opportunity at a personal level. The growth and recognition the position offers are remarkable. When choosing a career, a very important factor to look into is the salary it offers. The average pay offered to the pharmacist in Kuwait is also very reasonable.


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Average Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait  

The average salary of a pharmacist in Kuwait is 19,060 KWD per annum. The averages based on the highest, lowest, and monthly factors are given below:

Average yearly salary19,060 KWD
Highest yearly salary31,960 KWD
Lowest yearly salary12,840 KWD
Average monthly salary1,588 KWD
Highest monthly salary2,663 KWD
Lowest monthly salary1,070 KWD

Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait Based on Experience Level

The amount of the salary is greatly affected by the level of experience. The experience provides you with a good level of knowledge and skills that cost the employer a higher price. Therefore, the more years of experience you gain gets you the higher amount of salary. Talking about a pharmacist’s job in Kuwait, just a mere 2 years of experience in the field can get you around 23% of a higher salary package compared to the salary of a nonexperienced pharmacist and the percentage keeps going higher.

pharmacist salary kuwait

Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait Compared on Sector Basis

The private and public sectors have a considerable amount of difference in the salary in the profession of pharmacist. The public sector is likely to pay a higher salary. The average pay difference comes out to be of 12% approximately.

Sector Pay 
Public sector 16,400 KWD
Private sector 14,660 KWD

Gender Pay Difference in Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait

Pharmacy in Kuwait is one such profession that shows a very major difference when it comes to salary based on gender. Though efforts are been made to remove this gender difference at the workplace completely, however, at present female pharmacists in Kuwait earn 24% less salary compared to male pharmacists.

Gender Pay 
Female average salary18,940 KWD
Male average salary23,520 KWD

Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait Based On Education Level

In the field of pharmacy, the salary difference that is seen in the job based on the education level is exceptional. Education is directly proportional to the salary.  A pharmacist with a Master’s degree earns 93% of a higher amount of salary compared to a pharmacist with a Bachelor’s degree in Kuwait.

pharmacist salary kuwait

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Pharmacist Salary In Kuwait Compared To Other Professions  

To get a clear picture and better comparison of the salary, a table is given below with salary of other similar professions in the same industry as that of the pharmacist:

Profession Salary 
Clinical pharmacy specialist25,940 KWD
Clinical pharmacist 19,360 KWD
Clinical informatics specialist 15,880 KWD
Biotechnologist 20,520 KWD
Biology lead data manager14,140 KWD 
Clinical project manager19,020 KWD
Clinical research associate17,560 KWD
Compliance Specialist19,160 KWD
CGP auditor18,780 KWD
Hospital pharmacy technician14,840 KWD
Manufacturing Engineer17,560 KWD
Medical science liaison23,400 KWD
Pharmaceutical manager 32,420 KWD
Pharmaceutical operations excellence manager 34,480 KWD


What is the average pay raise in the job of a pharmacist?

The job of pharmacist in Kuwati does not offer very high pay raises to the employees. The pay raise reported by the employees in the industry is around 3% on average every 12 months.

Is the job of a pharmacist in Kuwait bonus-based?

The job of a pharmacist in Kuwait is not a high bonus-based job. Only 35% of employees reported receiving the bonus. The amount of the bonus also ranges between 3% to 5%  for 12 months.

What is the average salary of a pharmacist in Kuwait?

The average annual salary of a pharmacist in Kuwait is 19,060 KWD, with the highest annual salary being 31,960 KWD and the lowest annual salary being 12,840 KWD. the amount os the salary is pretty manageable to manage the lifestyle in the country.

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