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pharmacist jobs in canada

Canada provides a very good growth space for pharmacy aspirants. It is a popular career among people interested in working in the healthcare field. The profession is in high demand and comes with a competitive salary. It is a very stable and growing field. Canada is one of the top countries for the best scope in the pharmacy career. To learn about the pharmacist jobs in Canada, read the blog to the end.  


Read about Pharmacist salaries in Canada

Reason To Choose Career In Pharmacy In Canada

You should choose a career in Pharmacy in Canada for several reasons. The following can be  some of the major attractive reasons: 

  • The country provides a good and competitive salary range for pharmacists. The average pay is around 104,646 CAD per year
  • There are a good number of job openings available in the country. Presently Canada has around 1 million vacancies for pharmacist jobs
  • There are the availability of several pathways to migrate to Canada if the job in pharmacy has been finalized
  • The job is highly stable, and growing and comes with job security
  • Pharmacists are considered drug therapy experts of the healthcare team
  • After the nurses and physicians, pharmacists are the third largest group of healthcare providers in Canada

Job Opportunities In Canada For Pharmacists

In pharmacy, there are several different options and job roles to pursue. Some of them and their salaries are the following:


A pharmacist is a person who has complete knowledge of pharmacy and manages all the medicine-related functions. They can dispense medicines to the patients, and provide them with dosage instructions. 

Average pay92,625 CAD

Pharmacy manager

A person who handles the pharmacy operations is called a pharmacy manager, they are responsible for organizing, arranging, keeping check of the products and stocks, and managing all other functions.

Average pay99,688 CAD

Clinical pharmacist

The pharmacist works directly with the physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients to prescribe them medicine and to make sure the medicine provided contributes to the healing.

Average pay89,700 CAD

Staff pharmacist 

Staff pharmacist’s job role is to supervise pharmacy techs, perform quality control, check on medications, dispense drugs according to the prescription, etc.

Average pay90,821 CAD

Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technicians work closely with the pharmacists and ensure the health and safety of the patients. They pack, label, locate, and dispense medication that is prescribed. 

Average pay48,781 CAD

Apart from the above-mentioned job roles, there are other several positions open in the industry that have job openings available in the country making the market of medicine very wide and aspirants full of opportunities.

Skills Required For Pharmacist Jobs In Canada

Every profession needs you to have a certain type of skill set. The following are the skills required to be a pharmacist in Canada:

pharmacist jobs in canada

Process To Get Pharmacist Jobs In Canada

The licensing and registration of pharmacists in Canada are overlooked by the Pharmacy Examining Board Of Canada (PEBC). The registration can only be done for candidates with B Pharm, M Pharm, and Pharm D certificates

Following are the steps to get your registration done as a pharmacist:

  • Get your credentials verified
  • Clear your English language proficiency exam, IELTS India
  • Clear your evaluation examination for pharmacy
  • After completing the pharmacy evaluation exam, you need to do a 1000 hr internship as a Pharmacy Technician
  • Complete the qualifying examination which is of two parts MCQ and OSBC
  • Completing the province-chosen examination called Jurisprudence Examination
  • In the Pharmacy council, register yourself as a pharmacist 

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Elligibility For Pharmacist Jobs In Canada

The eligibility criteria for the pharmacist job in Canada are as given below:

  • At least 70% in class 12th from the affiliated board along with successful completion
  • A degree of bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in pharmacy science is required
  • Physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology as core subjects in high school
  • Completion of English proficiency test
  • Practical training under pharmacist supervision 
  • A 1000-hour internship as a pharmacist
  • A pharmacy license is required and licensing should also be done by PEBC

Tips To Get Pharmacist Jobs In Canada

The following are some tips for getting a pharmacist job in Canada:

pharmacist jobs in canada


What are the documents required to be a pharmacist in Canada?

The following are the documents required to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada:
Application form completed with correct information
The completion certificates of education along with the result
IELTS/ TOEFL marks sheet
Letter of recommendation from up to three sources
Updated resume
Statement of purpose 
Medical insurance
Visa as per requirements 

What is the average salary of a pharmacist in Canada?

The average salary of a pharmacist in Canada per year is 153,800 CAD. The average highest salary per year is 23,600 CAD and the lowest is 78,500 CAD. 

Is pharmacy a good career option in Canada?

Yes, pharmacy is a very good career option in Canada. The career is highly competitive in matters of pay. It provides the aspirants with numerous job opportunities, job security, job stability, and growth opportunities.

This was all about the Pharmacist jobs in Canada. To read more such salary-related blogs or to gain knowledge on content about jobs, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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