The 2024 Guide to Data Analyst Salary in Germany: Location, Experience, and More

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Data Analyst Salary in Germany

When you’re searching for a new job, one of your first thoughts might be: What will they pay me? If you’re looking for opportunities as a business analyst, then there is a wealth of available roles to fill with competitive salaries. Data Analysts are already in huge demand, and it seems that demand will only increase with time. This article will study how such criteria influence a data analyst’s salary in 2024. We’ve based our overview on data from several job portals, including Glassdoor and PayScale. For more information about Data Analyst Salary in Germany 2024 read this complete article. 


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What is the Average Salary for a Data Analyst in Germany

A Data Analyst working in Germany will typically earn around 37,800 EUR per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 16,140 EUR to the highest average salary of 60,160 EUR.

Average Annual Salary37,800 EUR
Average Monthly Salary3,150 EUR
Lowest Annual Salary16,140 EUR
Lowest Monthly Salary1,345 EUR
Highest Annual Salary60,160 EUR
Highest Monthly Salary5,013 EUR

Data Analyst Salary in Germany Based on Experience 

Here, you can check how your level of experience helps you increase your salary. Here we have mentioned the updated facts for data analyst salaries in Germany based on experience.

Data Analyst Salary in Germany

Data Analyst Salary in Germany Based on Organisation 

Getting a job at a good company will also help you get a high salary package. Here we have mentioned a top organization that pays you a higher salary for a data analyst: 

Organisation Average Salary 
Zalando55,000 EUR
Delivery Hero60,000 EUR
Rosen41,000 EUR
Accenture50,000 EUR
Wayfair50,299 EUR
Siemens69,600 EUR
Airbus70,000 EUR
Deutsche Bank65,000 EUR
N2654,500 EUR
BMW Group67,000 EUR
Amazon45,000 EUR
Deloitte50,000 EUR
PwC51,517 EUR
idealo internet51,640 EUR
Allianz62,000 EUR
trivago47,000 EUR

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Data Analyst Salary in Germany Based on Education

The level of education also helps you increase your salary. You can also check the given table below, including the level of education and the average salary:

Education Level Average Salary 
Certificate or Diploma21,300 EUR
Bachelor’s Degree34,380 EUR
Master’s Degree58,720 EUR

Data Analyst Salary in Germany Based on Cities 

Look at the picture below; it includes the highest-paying cities in Germany for data analyst jobs:

Data Analyst Salary in Germany

Highest Paying Data Analyst Salary in Germany

The position you can get will also determine your salary range. Here we have listed a few top job positions related to data analysis in Germany with their salaries: 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Analytics70,000 EUR
Data Scientist66,750 EUR
Application Developer42,320 EUR
Artificial Intelligence Developer45,600 EUR
Blockchain Developer39,080 EUR
Business Analyst64,981 EUR
Data Architect45,600 EUR
Data Modeling Analyst43,340 EUR
Database Analyst45,600 EUR
Data Technician23,360 EUR
Data Warehousing Specialist40,420 EUR

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Q1: How much are data analysts paid in Germany?

In Germany, the average pay for data analysts is 55,000 EUR per year, or about 4,580 EUR a month. The salary spectrum is 50,000 EUR at the lowest end to 68,000 EUR at the highest.

Q2: Are data analyst jobs in demand in Germany?

Germany has some of the greatest data analyst salaries in all of Europe. Given the present skills deficit and strong demand for employment, they are considerably higher than in London and are expected to climb much more.

Q3: Is Germany good for data analysts?

Germany’s well-known universities, concentration on research, and thriving tech sector make it a great place for students pursuing a Master’s degree in data science or analytics.

Q4: What is the average salary of a fresher data analyst in Germany?

The average salary for a Junior Data Analyst is 50,000 EUR per year in Germany. The average additional cash compensation for a Junior Data Analyst in Germany is 4,000 EUR, with a range from 2,500 EUR – 4,638 EUR.

This was a detailed blog on all the information on Data Analyst Salaries in Germany. To read about more such salary-related topics and jobs, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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