Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada: Check the Latest Salary Update 2024

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Quantity Surveyor Salary In Canada

Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada: Certain abilities and expertise are necessary to succeed as an estimator or quantity surveyor. If you possess an understanding of building design, building processes, and construction job measurement methodologies, As you do, you’ll gain expertise in the field of building costing throughout all phases and be compensated well in Canada. In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about the field, including the typical compensation of a quantity surveyor depending on a number of factors. If you want to learn more about quantity surveyors salaries in Canada, check out here.


Here you can check the Average Salary in Canada & Top Job Opportunities in 2024

What is the Salary of a Quantity Surveyor in Canada?

The field of quantity surveying offers a range of earning potential in Canada. On average, quantity surveyors earn a yearly salary of 72,700 CAD, translating to a monthly income of 6,058 CAD.  However, experience and other factors can significantly impact your compensation. The lowest reported annual salary is 35,400 CAD (2,950 CAD monthly), while the highest earners can reach 112,700 CAD annually (9,391 CAD monthly). This highlights the potential for significant salary growth within the quantity surveying profession.

Experience Wise Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

Developing your ability and increasing your practice learning by gaining more and more experience in top industries can raise your pay range. Based on experience level, we have included the quantity surveyor in Canada here.

Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

Education Wise Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

Remember that obtaining the necessary education and certification will require a number of years. Selecting the appropriate degree can raise your earning potential if you are employed as a quantity surveyor in Canada.

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
High School50,300 CAD
Certificate or Diploma55,300 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree80,800 CAD
Master’s Degree105,200 CAD

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Organisation Wise Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

The name and title of the organization also determine the salary range in Canada if you are working as a quantity surveyor. Here we have mentioned the salary by different industries in Canada.

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
BTY Group58,000 CAD-88,000 CAD
RBC52,000 CAD-62,000 CAD
City of Toronto46,000 CAD-53,000 CAD
AECOM54,000 CAD-63,000 CAD
City of Vancouver, Canada46,000 CAD-56,000 CAD
Altus Group53,000 CAD-63,000 CAD
Arcadis59,000 CAD-79,000 CAD
Dufferin Construction Company50,000 CAD-60,000 CAD
Hitachi78,000 CAD-91,000 CAD
Hanscomb102,000 CAD-120,000 CAD
Brandt Companies46,000 CAD- 56,000 CAD
Carillion Canada64,000 CAD-76,000 CAD
CB Ross Partners41,000 CAD-48,000 CAD
Systech Solutions86,000 CAD-103,000 CAD
AstraZeneca56,000 CAD-70,500 CAD 
ABC83,000 CAD-98,000 CAD

City Wise Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

Here we have added the top cities in Canada that provide a good salary package to quantity surveyors.

Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

Position Wise Quantity Surveyor Salary in Canada

Here we have added some high-paying quantity surveyor positions that you can explore in Canada.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Surveyor87,500 CAD
Site Engineer82,323  CAD
Cost Engineer97,208  CAD
Commercial Manager75,170 CAD
Estimator68,238 CAD
Cost Manager115,691 CAD
Engineering Manager133,443 CAD
Service Advisor49,977 CAD
Inspector60,383 CAD
Estimator70,000 CAD
Construction Estimator70,000 CAD
Contract Analyst89,535 CAD
Engineer93,634 CAD
Civil Engineer112,122 CAD
Design Engineer122,468 CAD
Project Engineer122,980 CAD

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Are Quantity Surveyors in Demand in Canada?

Cost consulting and quantity surveying are crucial at every stage of the building and construction process, which explains why career opportunities for quantity surveyors in Canada are expected to grow quickly. Furthermore, there is a growing need for chartered quantity surveyors.

What are Quantity Surveyors called in Canada?

Qualified quantity surveyors are legally referred to as Professional Quantity Surveyors in certain nations, including Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius. All facets of the contractual and financial components of construction projects are managed by quantity surveyors.

How much does a survey job pay in Canada?

In Canada, the average surveyor makes 85,354 CAD a year, or 43.77 CAD an hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is 63,713 CAD, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is 95,583 CAD.

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