City & Salary Showdown: Comparing Data Scientist Salary in Canada for 2024

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Data scientists are one of the most demanding jobs in Canada. Top companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Intel pay a good salary for data scientists. Big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Oakville provide various job opportunities for data scientists. It is one of the growing fields that help you improve your learning experience and earn a quick salary increment. For more information about the data scientist salary in Canada, you can also refer to this blog and know which cities pay you a high salary as a data scientist.

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Scope of Data Scientist in Canada

In Canada, the average salary for a data scientist is higher than in the majority of other nations. Students can choose from a variety of career options due to the demand and adaptability of a data science degree. In Canada, the average pay for a data scientist is 49.08 CAD (Rs 2,858) per hour, or 95,700 CAD (Rs 55 lakh) a year. In Canada, the minimum compensation for a data scientist is 77,000 CAD (about Rs 45 lakh), but the most seasoned professionals can make up to 137,000 CAD (around Rs 80 lakh) annually. Pupils need to acquire these abilities given the scope of data science in Canada.

Top Data Science Jobs Opportunities in Canada

Here is a list of some of the top science job options in Canada that pay you a high salary. 

Jobs Title Average Pay Scale Per Year 
Big Data95,055 CAD
Data Analyst68,746 CAD
Data Scientist 71,224 CAD
Quantitative Analyst95,456 CAD
Software Engineer150,300 CAD
Software Development Engineer126,429 CAD
System Engineer125,622 CAD
Data Architect 81,000 CAD
Process Engineer120,331 CAD
Scientist116,954 CAD
Machine Learning Engineer  140,000 CAD

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Location-wise Data Scientist Salary in Canada

Salary may differ depending on the location; you can refer to the below table to see which region pays you well. 

Region Average Payscale 
Nova Scotia137,710 CAD
Quebec136,351 CAD
Ontario136,134 CAD
New Brunswick135,692 CAD
British Columbia122,100 CAD
Alberta110,000 CAD
Saskatchewan105,140 CAD

Top Companies For Data Scientist Jobs

Here are the top companies that you can apply to for data scientist positions in Canada.

Companies Average Salary 
RBC95,000 CAD
Shopify1,24,077 CAD
Scotiabank1,01,500 CAD
Bell89,015 CAD
TD95,000 CAD
Loblaw Companies98,125 CAD
National Bank of Canada86,000 CAD
Capital One85,000 CAD
Geotab95,000 CAD
IBM98,000 CAD
Deloitte84,000 CAD

Data Scientist Salary in Canada Based on Experience 

The salary range be changed as per the level of experience. Here is a table mentioned about the salary based on experience level.

Experience Level Average Salary 
0-2 years124,000 CAD
2-5 years157,000 CAD
5-10 years206,000 CAD
10-15 years243,000 CAD
15-20 years269,000 CAD
20+ years286,000 CAD

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How much does a Data Scientist in Canada make?

The average salary for a Data Scientist is 1,07,134 CAD per year in Canada. Salaries estimates are based on 2663 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Data Scientist employee in Canada.

What is the lowest salary for a Data Scientist in Canada?

The lowest salary for a Data Scientist in Canada is 86,796 CAD per year.

Is a Data Scientist in demand in Canada?

Canada is one of the countries where data scientist jobs are high in demand. Also, this is one of the highest in-demand professions in Canada.

What are the Highest-paying jobs in Canada?

Here is a list of highest paying jobs in Canada
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager

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