Salary of Data Analyst in India 2023: Average Salary

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Salary of a Data Analyst in India

Data Analyst Salary in India: The importance of working professionals who are skilled in cleaning, transforming, and visualizing the data to analyze it effectively which will help the business grow. These working professionals are known as Data Analysts and due to the high demand for them in the job market, they earn a lucrative salary. The salary of a Data Analyst in India is also quite high as the job position of a data analyst is there in many top reputed companies. So, if you are a data analyst or planning to be one. You might want to know the salary of a data analyst in India. If the answer is yes, then this blog will help you greatly! 

Who is a Data Analyst?

Data analysts decide how to use data to deliver answers and information. They study current events in order to find trends and foretell the future. They act as investigators, figuring out how things function and making sense of it. A career as a data analyst can be rewarding, creative, and tough.

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Data Analysts Average Salary in India

The average salary of a candidate is based on the experience of the candidate. However, for your reference, we have mentioned the average salary as per the candidate’s experience below.

ExperienceAverage Salary
Entry Level (0-1 year)INR 3.56 LPA
Associate Level (1-4 years)INR 5.20 LPA
Mid-Senior Level (5-9 years)INR 8.50 LPA
Senior Level (less than 10 years)INR 9.94 to INR 14 LPA

Salary of Data Analysts in India by Top Recruiters 

The salary of a data analyst in India is quite lucrative and it gets better with the increasing experience of a candidate. Following are the top companies that recruit data analysts: 

Company Name Years of Experience Annual Salary 
TCS 1-7 years INR 5.2 Lakh 
Cognizant1-7 years INR 6.3 Lakh 
Accenture 1-7 years INR 6.7 lakh 
Capgemini 0-5 years INR 4.9 Lakh 
S&P Global 0-7 years INR 5.1 Lakh 
Wipro 1-6 years INR 5.1 Lakh 
Amazon 1-6 years INR 8.2 Lakh 
Tech Mahindra 1-6 years INR 5.4 Lakh 
Infosys 1-5 years INR 5.2 Lakh 
Ernst & Young 0-6 years INR 6.3 Lakh 

Data Analyst Roles and Responsibilities 

A data analyst is in charge of compiling information on sales figures, market studies, logistics, languages, and other behaviours. To guarantee reliable and high-quality data, they make use of their technical skills. Then, after data has been analysed, developed, and presented it helps people, companies, and organisations make better choices. The following are the tasks of a data analyst: 

  • A data analyst extracts data from primary and secondary sources with the help of Automated tools. 
  • Cleans the data by removing corrupt and redundant data and fixes coding errors and other problems.
  • Reorganises data in order to improve readability and maintains databases and data systems.
  • Analyses the data to review its quality and accuracy. 
  • In order to identify and rectify code problems, a data analyst filters out data according to reports and performance indicators.
  • To derive meaning out of complicated data sets, a data analyst uses statistical tools to identify and analyse patterns and trends in the data.
  • Business functions are assigned numerical values by the data analyst in order to review the performance of the business over a period of time. 
  • Reviews local, national, and global level trends that are affecting the business and industry. 
  • Formulating comprehensive reports for various stakeholders that entail insights about trends and predictions with the help of data relevant to the business.
  • Collaborate with programmers, engineers, and management heads to formulate strategies to improve processes, modifications of systems, and data management. 
  • Preparing reports for various stakeholders in order to help them understand the steps taken to analyse the data which will help them make decisions on the basis of facts and figures.  

Know How to Make a Career in Data Analytics

Data Analytics Courses and Colleges in India

Due to the increasing demand for data analysis courses, there are many universities and colleges in India that are offering courses in the field of data analysis. The table below represents popular Indian colleges that offer data analysis-related courses:

University / College Name LocationAverage Package 
Christ University Bangalore INR 6.12 LPA 
Presidency College Bangalore INR 3.3 LPA 
Amity University Noida INR 5 LPA 
Jain Deemed – To – Be University Bangalore INR 4.8 LPA 
Women’s Cristian College Chennai INR 2.4 LPA 
Galgotias University Greater Noida INR 1.9 – 3.65 LPA 
Institute of Engineering and Technology, GLA University Mathura INR 5.5 LPA 
Uttranchal Institute of Management, Uttaranchal University Dehradun INR 3 LPA 
Integral University Lucknow INR 3.5 – 5.4 LPA 
VIT Vellore Vellore INR 4.5 LPA 

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Qualifications Influencing Data Analyst Salary

There is a widespread misperception that you need a degree in mathematics or statistics to work as a data analyst. But this isn’t the case at all. While having knowledge of these topics is obviously advantageous, it is not required.

Actually, non-technical backgrounds make up a large portion of data analysts’ backgrounds. They do, however, have a propensity for problem-solving as well as a keen interest in dealing with data. Regardless of your school history, if you possess these skills, a career in data analysis may be a good fit for you.

Of course, having a degree in statistics or mathematics will greatly help you when it comes to comprehending complex data sets. It’s crucial to keep in mind that data analysis involves more than merely crunching numbers. It also involves being able to express your conclusions in an understandable and succinct manner. 

For a position as a data analyst, a degree is not usually necessary, but obtaining the necessary certification from a recognized institution is essential.

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 Top Data Analyst Skills Set

Following is the list of skills that a candidate must possess in order to become a data analyst:

  • Strong mathematical abilities to assist with data collection, measurement, organization, and analysis.
  • knowledge of computer programming languages like Python, SQL, Oracle, R, and MATLAB
  • Technical expertise in database design and development, data models, data mining techniques, and segmentation.
  • Knowledge of databases, programming (Javascript, XML, or ETL frameworks), and reporting packages like Business Objects
  • Ability to analyze data sets using statistical software such as Excel, SPSS, and SAS.
  • Knowledge about using data processing systems like Hadoop and Apache Spark.
  • Having experience with data visualization software like Tableau and Qlik.
  • Understanding of creating and using the most precise algorithms on datasets to find solutions.
  • Prior work experience in analyzing data.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Verbal and Written Communication skills.
  • Problem-Solving skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  •  Expertise in making reports and presentations. 
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1) How much does a Data Analyst earn in India?

Ans- The starting package of a data analyst ranges between INR 4.5 Lakh – INR 6 lakh and it increases with the experience level of the candidate. 

2) Is Data Analyst a high-paying job?

Ans- Due to high demand, data analysts earn quite a lot of money.

3) Is data analyst an IT job?

Ans- Data analysts can come under IT jobs same as software engineering and data science.

This is everything you need to know about the salary of a data analyst in India. Make sure you follow Leverage Edu for more such informative articles.

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