A Guide: Data Analyst Salary in Ireland 2024                     

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Data Analyst Salary in Ireland

Data Analyst Salary in Ireland: Data analysts are predicted by the World Economic Forum to rank among the “Top Ten Jobs in Demand” by 2024. In Ireland, there is a severe lack of qualified candidates in this field, despite an increase in demand for data analysts of over 8%. Thus, by 2024, Ireland will need to generate 21,000 new jobs. 


The first step for fresh graduates who wish to work as data analysts in Ireland is to start working on their CVs/resume. Before beginning your job hunt these days, it’s also beneficial to have some knowledge of cloud data pipelines and processing, as well as ideally some internship experience. All these skills help you to get a job with your desirable pay scale. In this complete guide, we will introduce you to Data Analyst Salary in Ireland

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Scope for Data Analyst in Ireland   

In Ireland, data science is the key to getting into any company that handles a lot of data. It is a blend of information science and computer science that can help you get ready to work as a data scientist or software engineer. According to research from Burtch-Works, 49% of persons in Ireland have a master’s degree in data science, and 41% have a doctorate in the subject. Students who study it often find rewarding careers in the sector.

To become a Data Analyst, you must have a degree and certification in crucial technologies. In Ireland, data science programs can assist you with gaining the analytical and computational abilities that many immigrants need to launch their professions. Students and graduates who have a strong background in math and computer science may want to think about enrolling in a data science course.

Prospects and Salary for a Data Analyst

Entry-level salaries may vary. Graduate schemes tend to secure their candidate’s positions in larger companies, meaning higher starting salaries. On average, a data analyst can expect to earn:

Level Salary 
Entry Level Data Analyst €33,200
Mid Level Data Analyst €45,000
Senior/consulting Data Analyst€68,500 or more

Data Analyst Salary in Ireland Based on Experience

Here is a table for data analyst salaries in Ireland based on experience in Ireland:

Experience Level Average Pay 
0-3 Year €25,200  per year 
4-9 year €40,200  per year 
10-20 year €55,200  per year 
More than 20 year €75,200  per year 

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Highest paying Data Analyst Jobs in Ireland 

Here is a list of the highest paying data analyst jobs in Ireland:

Jobs Positions Average Salary 
Audit Manager€ 5 833 per month 
System Engineer€ 5 000 per month 
Business Analyst€ 5 000 per month 
Scientist€ 4 833 per month 
Risk Analyst€ 4 792 per month 
Systems Analyst€ 4 583 per month 
Analytics Manager€ 6,166 per month 

Highest Paying Cities for Data Analysts in Ireland

Here is a list of some of highest paying cities for Data Analysts near Ireland:

Cities Average Pay 
Naas €42,180 per year 
Dublin€41,925 per year
Galway€39,301 per year
Cork€35,484 per year
Limerick€34,987 per year
Dublin West€34,285 per year
Monaghan €30,611 per year

Top Companies for Data Analysts in Ireland 

Here is a list of some top companies for Data Analysts in Ireland 

Company Name Average Salary 
KPMG€27,000  per year 
Accenture€30,000  per year 
Allied Irish Banks€35,750  per year 
EY€34,000  per year 
Bank of Ireland€37,500  per year 
Google€60,849  per year 
Meta€80,750  per year 
Intercontinental Exchange€32,000  per year 
Edge by Ascential€33,000  per year 
Paddy Power Betfair€38,000  per year 
PwC€41,556  per year 
Flutter Entertainment€47,000  per year 

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How much is a data analyst paid in Ireland?

The average salary for a Data Analyst is €48,500 per year in Dublin. The average additional cash compensation for a Data Analyst in Dublin is €5,000, with a range from €2,014 – €6,573.

Are data analysts in demand in Ireland?

With Ireland’s digital solid sector and technology-driven economy, there is a high demand for data analytics professionals in various industries.

How do I become a data analyst in Ireland?

Typically Data Analysts should have a Level 8 Honors degree in a related area. Degrees suited to the job can be in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, Mathematics, Economics or Business Administration.

How much do fresher data scientists make in Ireland?

The average salary for a Data Scientist is €58,439 per year in Dublin, Ireland. The average additional cash compensation for a Data Scientist in Dublin, Ireland is €5,071, with a range from €3,667 – €9,382.

This was all about A Guide: Data Analyst Salary in Ireland 2024. If you want to read more such blogs on salary updates follow Leverage Edu. 

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