MS in Data Analytics in Germany: Public Universities, Fees, Scholarships, Scope

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ms in data analytics in germany

MS in Data Analytics in Germany is perfect for students aiming to grasp data analytics principles for careers in computer science or data analytics. Employing interactive and collaborative learning methods will aid students in workforce readiness. For international students holding a relevant bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics, selecting Germany for their master’s studies is recommended. Dedication and a strong commitment to learning are essential for excelling in this course. Furthermore, the best option for a master’s in Germany is a public university, as public universities have no or minimal tuition fees. In addition, the lower cost of living in Germany, in comparison to other European countries makes it an attractive study destination. 

Why Study MS in Data Analytics in Germany?

  • Pursuing a Master of Science in Data Analytics from a public university in Germany provides academic excellence and excellent research opportunities to overseas students.
  • In addition, this course also empowers international students to chase lucrative career opportunities.
  • Moreover, the affordable and superior quality education makes Germany an ideal choice for students from developing countries. 

Strong Academic Reputation

German universities are renowned for their high-quality education. Institutions like TU Munich and the University of Mannheim offer specialized Data Analytics programs that provide a solid academic foundation.

State-Of-The-Art Technology-based Curriculum

German universities often update their curriculum to align with industry trends. This ensures students learn the latest tools, techniques, and technologies in the field of Data Analytics.

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Research Prospects

The emphasis of public universities on research provides students of MS in Data Analytics in Germany with opportunities to collaborate on cutting-edge projects. Additionally, universities maintain close ties with industries, offering chances for practical experience and networking.

Affordable Education

Unlike other countries, Germany offers affordable or even free education to international students. This significantly reduces the financial burden of pursuing a Master’s degree.

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Job Opportunities

Germany is a hub for technology and industry, including data-driven sectors. In addition, graduates have access to a thriving job market with opportunities in various sectors, making it easier to transition into a fulfilling career.

Top Public Universities for MS in Data Analytics in Germany

Thus, to opt for a fulfilling career, international students can enrol in public universities in Germany to pursue MSc in Data Analytics. Therefore, for study in Germany aspirants, we have compiled a list of top universities for this course in the table mentioned below. Besides, students can also compare the rankings of universities and course duration from the information tabulated below:

Public Universities Course Duration QS World University Rankings 2024
Technical University of Munich 24 months 37
Ludwig Maximilians University 24 months 54
RWTH Aachen University 24 months 106
University of Gottingen 24 months 232
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 24 months 119
Humboldt University of Berlin 24 months 120
Free University of Berlin 24 months 98
Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg 24 months 229
Technische Universität Berlin 24 months 154
Universität Konstanz 24 months 478
Technical University Dortmund 24 months 851-900
Braunschweig University of Technology 24 months 751-760
Leipzig University 24 months 479
Saarland University 24 months 600
Chemnitz University of Technology 24 months
University of Rostock 18 months 761-770
University of Trier 18 months
University of Hildesheim 24 months
Kiel University of Applied Sciences 18 months 530
Otto Von Guericke University 18 months

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Cost of Studying MS in Data Analytics in Germany

Pursuing a master’s degree in data analytics at German universities is generally low-cost or free. International students are required to pay approximately EUR 1500 in annual student fees per semester at public universities that do not provide free tuition. However, given the opportunity to work alongside studies, the total expenses for an MS in Data Analytics in Germany are quite manageable for Indian students.

Tuition Fees

The table below includes tuition fees of some of the top public universities in Germany offering Masters in Data Analytics.

Universities Tuition Fees
RWTH Aachen University Nil
Otto Von Guericke University INR 20.4 lakh
Braunschweig University of Technology Nil
Technical University Munich Nil
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich Nil
Humboldt University of Berlin Nil
Free University of Berlin Nil
Technische Universität Berlin INR 12.6 lakh

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Cost of Living in Germany

Compared to most European nations, Germany boasts lower living expenses. However, the cost of living varies across states and regions within the country. International students intending to study in Germany should be well-informed about the living costs and adequately prepared.

Types of Expenses Monthly Estimated Cost
Student Accommodation in Germany EUR 350 to EUR 500
Food (Groceries + Eating Out) EUR 150
Transportation EUR 70
Entertainment EUR 50
Health Insurance EUR !#)
Books and Stationery EUR 50

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Admission Process

To opt for a Master of Science in Data Analytics from a public university in Germany, an international student must meet the admission requirements and complete the application process to start her/their/his academic studies. Furthermore, she/they/he must produce the requisite documents to start higher education in Germany.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for MS in Data Analytics in Germany, overseas students must adhere to the following eligibility requirements:

  • The university application form needs to be accurately filled out with correct details about your personal information, work experience, and educational history.
  • Necessary academic qualifications include a diploma, undergraduate degree, and relevant certificates in similar fields. Some preferred academic fields include Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, and Statistics.
  • For English-taught programs, language proficiency exams like IELTS and TOEFL are mandatory. Whereas, to enrol in a German-speaking university for a data analytics master’s program, passing TestDaF and DSH is required.

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Application Process

Overseas students can apply for a Master’s in Data Analytics in Germany on the official website of public universities. Or, they can avoid the cumbersome process and connect with Leverage Edu study abroad experts, who will help you in the following steps:

Documents Required

To pursue MS in Data Analytics in Germany, overseas students must furnish proof of identity, proof of language proficiency tests, and proof of financial status to complete the application process. Here are the key documents required to pursue this course:

Scholarships to Study Master in Data Analytics in Germany

To complete their Master of Science in Data Analytics from German public universities overseas students can apply for the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V., Kennedyallee, 53175 Bonn) or German Academic Exchange Service scholarship. 

The table below contains key details about the DAAD scholarship for Master’s in Germany

Eligibility Criteria Beneficiaries Award
She/they/he must be an Overseas Student Those with a bachelor’s degree + a minimum of 2 years of work experience EUR 4000

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Career Scope

Germany presents appealing job opportunities for individuals holding master’s degrees in data analytics. Graduates with an MS in Data Analytics in Germany usually begin their careers with annual salaries ranging from EUR 80,000 to EUR 100,000.

Let us now navigate the most popular jobs for data analytics graduates in Germany. The table below displays the average annual salary of each professional.

Job Titles Average Annual Salary in Germany
Information Security Manager EUR 88,000
Data Scientist EUR 110, 000
Business Intelligence Manager EUR 85,000
Senior Database Administrator EUR 124,000
Director of Analytics EUR 86,000


Q1. Which are the top public universities for MS in Data Analytics in Germany?

Ans. Here are the top universities for MSc in Data Analytics in this European nation:
Technical University Munich
Ludwig Maximilians University
RWTH Aachen University
University of Gottingen
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Q2. Which scholarship is available to international students for a Master’s in Germany?

Ans. An Overseas student in Germany can apply for a DAAD scholarship to seek financial support to complete her/their/his MSc or any other Master’s programme at an eligible German university.

Q3. What salary can I get after completing my MSc in Data Analytics from a public university in Germany?

Ans. Graduates with an MS in Data Analytics in Germany usually begin their careers with annual salaries ranging from EUR 80,000 to EUR 100,000.

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