Unlocking Your Earning Potential: Data Analyst Salary in Australia 2024 

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Data Analyst Salary Australia

Data Analyst Salary in Australia 2024: Nowadays, data is present everywhere! In the future, everything will be data! Big Data’s enormity is well known. In the near future, a ton of big data solutions will develop. Now is the ideal moment to begin your journey into big data analytics and change roles as soon as you can to get more domain experience that will pave the way for your future as a data scientist.


Experts in this sector find that a Data Analytics Career in Australia is a desirable option due to its alluring compensation opportunities. Expert data analysts are in great demand, which drives up compensation. Higher income levels than many other countries can be attributed to Australia’s strong economy and competitive work market. Australia pays between AU$ 90,000 and AU$ 110,000 for data analyst salaries annually. Read this complete article to learn about Data Analyst Salary in Australia in detail. 

For more information about data analysts, read the steps that will help you become a data analyst.

Benefits of Data Analyst Jobs In Australia 

One of the advantages of being a data analyst is that they can leverage data analytics to accomplish their goals, remain ahead of the competition, and accelerate growth.

  • Enhancement of Decision-Making: The primary advantage of data analytics is improved decision-making. It provides incisive, data-driven information to help businesses better understand their markets, operations, and clientele. They are able to identify connections, trends, and patterns.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: By automating and optimizing workflows, optimizing the use of available resources, and reducing the amount of human labor required, data analytics helps businesses to enhance productivity and efficiency. 
  • Enhanced Risk Management: Organizations are able to see trends and connections in data from multiple sources that indicate possible hazards. For example, data analytics can help businesses spot possible fraud, internet dangers, or operational hazards.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Data analytics helps businesses find ways to improve their customer experience, like cutting wait times, improving customer service, or simplifying user interfaces. It does this by providing valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs. 
Data Analyst Salary Australia

Experience Wise Data Analyst Salary in Australia

In the below graph, you can check the Data Analyst Salary Australia based on the level of experience.

Level Year of Experience Average Salary
Entry-level Data Analyst SpecialistLess than 1 yearA$68,000 – A$95, 569
Mid-level Data Analyst Specialist1 to 4 yearsA$115,000 – A$149,000
Senior-level Data Analyst Specialist5 to 9 yearsA$154,000 – A$168,000

Data Analyst Salary: Similar Job Position with Salary

Here are some of the similar professions with high salaries in Austria. 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Audit Manager A$130,250
System EngineerA$125,789
Risk AnalystA$115,120
Management AnalystA$113,196
Business AnalystA$112,411
Systems AnalystA$108,685

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Highest Paying Cities in Australia for Data Analysts 

Here is a list of some popular cities in Australia with average salaries for data analysts. 

Cities Average Pay 
Gold CoastA$97,499
Newcastle, Maitland & HunterA$97,500

Industries with the Highest Salaries for Data Analysts

Here is a list of some top Industries with the highest salaries for Data Analysts

Industries Average Pay 
Banking & Financial ServicesA$109,415
Consulting & StrategyA$101,868
Information & Communication TechnologyA$119,644
Government & DefenceA$103,849
Education & TrainingA$99,102
Healthcare & MedicalA$95,795
Healthcare & MedicalA$95,795

Top Companies for Data Analysts in Australia

Here is the list of some Companies for data Analysts in Australia 

Companies Average Pay 
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaA$91,500
Westpac GroupA$1,14,50
University of SydneyA$1,00,000
Woolworths GroupA$1,04,500

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How to Become a Data Analyst in Australia?

Here are a few steps that help you to become a Data Analyst in Australia 
Completed your  education in the relevant field 
Gain Relevant Experience and Experience 
Build Practical Experience 
Networking and Professional Development
Job Search

Is a Data Analyst job in demand in Australia?

The demand for data analysts is robust. There are a limited number of people who can do this job well. As a result, data analysts can earn large salaries, enjoy flexible work, and experience excellent perks.

How much do fresher data analysts make in Australia?

The average annual salary for Data Analyst jobs in Australia ranges from $85,000 to $105,000.

Which city is best for Data Science jobs in Australia?

As is typical in Australia, the majority of work that you’ll find in Data Scientist roles will be based out of either Sydney or Melbourne, however, there are still opportunities to be found in other capitals as well. Each Data Science salary in Australia below is taken from Payscale.

Hopefully, you Unlock Your Earning Potential: The Ultimate Guide to Data Analyst Salary in Australia. If you want to read more articles related to salary, follow Leverage Edu. 

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