These are the Highest Paying Jobs in Latvia in the Year 2024

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highest paying jobs in latvia

To access a fast-growing economy people go to Latvia. Latvia’s economy is growing because of the production and export of goods. Latvia has a rich quality of life and free education for children up to the age of 15 and this early free education is also free in Latvia for the expats living there. and all these facilities including good pay in Latvia attract people who want to work in Latvia. In this article, we will learn about the highest paying jobs in Latvia, working benefits in Latvia and the best sites to search for jobs in Latvia.


Benefits Of Working In Latvia

Paid Annual Leave- Without including public holidays every employee gets paid annual leave of four weeks and cash compensation for annual leave is prohibited in Latevia except in cases where an employment relationship is terminated and an employee has not used up their paid annual leave.

Maternity and Child Birth Leave- Maternity leave of 112 days is granted to a new mother without including the leave a pregnant woman has taken before the birth. There is one more advantage which is that if the woman can join the office after the delivery then the employer will provide an equivalent job for the woman with equivalent working conditions and terms of employment.

highest paying jobs in latvia

Paternity Leave- Paternal leave of 10 days provided to the father of a newborn. Paternal Leaves are provided to the father of a newborn just after the birth of the child or after two months.

Child Care Leave- Until the child reaches the age of 8 parents can take leave of 18 months anytime.

Unemployment Insurance- An employee gets unemployment Insurance benefits only when the employee has worked for at least one year and has paid social insurance contributions for at least 12 months during the last 16 months.

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What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Latvia?

For those who want to work in Latvia and need some idea about the highest paying jobs and salaries below are some points with information about the highest paying jobs in Latvia with Salaries-

  • pilot-In Latvia pilots have lots of things to do one of the responsibilities is piloting airlines and cargo aircraft and many other responsibilities are also included like preparing flight plans based on the weather forecasts and operational information, performing a routine inspection of instruments, controlling towers along with it asking for permission to take off and informing passengers.
Positions     Average Income Per Month 
Pilot              4,597 EUR0
  • Chief Executive Officer- The Chief executive directs, manages and acts on behalf of the company with this they also implement and achieve the defined financial plan. They design short-term long-term strategies for the company and communicate with senior management for a good flow of information.

Average Net Salary-4,541 EUR

Positions   Average Income Per Month 
Chief Executive Officer4,541 EUR0
  • Sailor- In general the primary duty of a sailor is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of a ship. This includes a wide range of responsibilities from navigation, maintenance and cargo handling to safety procedures and emergency response.

Average Net Salary-4,014 EUR

Positions     Average Income Per Month 
Sailor  4,014 EUR0
  • Lead Developer- The Lead Developer guides projects and manages development teams. Generally, lead developers are generally mid-level managers.

Average Net Salary-3,785 EURO

Positions     Average Income Per Month 
Lead Developer3,785 EURO
  • IT Manager- The IT manager’s role is to make sure that the business’s hardware and software are properly functioning by properly installing and maintaining the system. The IT team focuses on how to make the information system operate smoothly.

Average Net Salary-3,692 EURO

Positions Average Income Per Month 
IT Manager        3,692 EURO
  • IT Director- An IT Director is one who oversees the computer and information technology system of an organization to ensure that IT operations work well.
Positions Average Income Per Month 
IT Director          3,479 EURO
  • Finance Manager- The duty of the Financial Manager is to guide businesses or individuals on financial decisions that affect financial stability both now and in the future. They plan, manage, and monitor cash flow.
Positions Average Income Per Month 
        Finance Manager                      3,460 EURO
  • IT Architect-IT Architect manages various points in the project and solution life cycle. They read the demands of consumers and design the technical architecture of information systems according to the created specifications.
Positions Average Income Per Month 
            IT Architect          3,437 EURO
  • Dentist-Along with good pay Dentists in Latvia get other benefits too like housing and apartment, transport etc.
Positions Average Income Per Month 
              Dentist                    3,389 EURO
  • Solicitor/Barrister- Solicitors represent and defend clients’ legal interests, and provide advice in any situation.For their service of legal consultancy Solicitors and barristers get paid well in Latvia.
Positions Average Income Per Month 
      Solicitor/Barrister        3,209 EURO

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Best Sites To Find Jobs In Latvia

Here is the list of the top job-searching sites in Latvia given below-

Website Name Website Link 
CV Markethttps://www.cvmarket.lv/

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Which job is in demand in Latvia?

Latvia presents a unique chance to advance your career in an environment that is actively seeking and appreciating global talent and with higher salaries and growing demand in sectors like IT, Engineering and Healthcare.

Is it expensive to live in Latvia?

The living costs in Latvia are around 620-700 EUR per month, which includes utilities, housing and other expenses. As per the recent cities, Latvia ranks among the most affordable countries in Europe for students.

Do they speak English in Latvia?

While Latvian is the only official language and the only one you will notice on most signs, Latvia is effectively a bilingual country, with a third of its population speaking Russian and three languages that may be useful in Latvia are Latvian, Russian and English.

How can I get PR in Latvia?

After five straight years of living in Latvia, you can apply for the PR. Citizens of the EU can live in Latvia for three months based on their valid documents alone. If they want to move to Latvia after these three months it is required to apply for a temporary residence permit.

Here we end our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Latvia. To get more information about jobs abroad, study, universities and visas abroad follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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