Engineer Salary in Germany 2024: What You Need to Know

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Engineer Salary in Germany

Germany is a powerhouse of engineering, with a booming tech sector and strong manufacturing industry. This means that there’s a high demand for skilled engineers, and that translates to good and high salaries. But with so many factors at play, it can be a little tough to figure out what you exactly might earn. That’s where this blog comes in. We will be your complete guide and help you to understand engineers’ salaries in Germany. In this article, we will cover the salary based on what engineers typically earn in Germany, across disciplines and experience levels, we will explore the impact of experience on your earning potential. Refer to this blog to learn more about Engineer Salary in Germany 2024. 


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Average Engineer Salary in Germany for 2024

In Germany, the starting compensation for an engineering post is 1,570 EUR per month, while the highest income is 5,420 EUR per month. Note that the given amount is the lowest reported income in a nationwide salary survey with thousands of participants and professionals from various regions; it is not the legally required minimum wage.

Half of the professionals employed as engineers in Germany make less than the median wage of 3,260 EUR, while the other half make more. The middle range of salaries is indicated by the median salary.

Average Annual Salary40,040 EUR
Lowest Annual Salary17,740 EUR
Highest Annual Salary66,580 EUR

Highest Paying Engineers in Germany in 2024 

Salary data for jobs comparable to engineers in Germany is displayed in the table below.

Positions Average Salary Per Year
Electrical Engineer55,000 EUR
Industrial Engineer40,700 EUR
Civil Engineer39,800 EUR
Software Engineer45,500 EUR  
Construction Field Engineer34,360 EUR  
Chemical Engineer 40,500 EUR  
Mechanical Engineer41,880 EUR  
Industrial Engineer38,400 EUR  
Maintenance Engineer33,000 EUR  
Marine Engineer53,420 EUR 
Process Engineer43,310 EUR  
Robotics Engineer42,700 EUR  

Engineer Salary in Germany Comparison By Experience 

To give you an idea of how the average changes when you work for a specific amount of time, we have examined the average engineer’s income based on years of experience.

Engineer Salary in Germany

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Engineer Salary in Germany Comparison By Education Level

In order to compare, we broke down the salary for the position of Engineer by educational attainment. 

Engineer Salary in Germany

Engineer Salary in Germany Comparison By Companies 

Here is a Comparison of the Average Salary of Engineer Salary in Germany 

Companies Average Salary Per Year
Airbus80,000 EUR
Siemens70,000 EUR
BMW Group70,599 EUR
Mercedes-Benz Group75,500 EUR
Robert Bosch70,179 EUR
Klarna61,000 EUR
Audi76,350 EUR
Infineon Technologies63,000 EUR
EDAG Group54,500 EUR
Sono Motors64,714 EUR
Huawei Technologies56,333 EUR
OHB System60,153 EUR
Isar Aerospace65,278 EUR

Engineer Salary in Germany Comparison By Different Cities 

Look at the table below to examine the data for each German city we looked into if you want to compare earnings in different areas.

Engineer Salary in Germany

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How much is an engineer paid in Germany?

In all industries, engineers with three to five years of professional experience make a median annual pay of 60,000 EUR, according to the VDI compensation research. Engineers can expect to make 85,000 EUR a year (also a median amount) after 15 to 20 years on the job.

How much are software engineers paid in Germany?

In Germany, the average yearly compensation for a software engineer is 68,250 EUR. In Germany, an additional cash salary for a software engineer ranges from 2,375 EUR to 8,125 EUR, with an average of 4,250 EUR.

Which engineering is highly paid in Germany?

The strong demand for competent labour in Germany means that engineering experts may anticipate high compensation. Mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering are among Germany’s top engineering specializations.

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