Data Analyst Salary in Canada: Detailed Analysis for 2024

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Data Analyst Salary in Canada

Data Analysts are greatly in demand in countries like Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK. Major industries today are all based on data and the long-term growth of every such country depends on the proper usage of this data. Therefore, all big companies hire data analysts to consolidate and analyze the data and utilize it for the benefit of the company. Since Canada is a wonderful destination for Data Analyst jobs, it is important to know about the Data Analyst salary in Canada. 

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Average Data Analyst Salary in Canada

Data Analysts earn around $33.61 per hour in Canada. This average is highly influenced by your experience, expertise and qualifications in the field. If you are looking for a more permanent position then a monthly salary will be more appropriate to know. 

You will earn around $4,764 per month as a data analyst in Canada on average. Moreover, your yearly pay would be around $67,281. As of December 2023, your monthly salary in Indian currency will be around INR 395611.61 and your yearly salary will be around INR 5587142.07. 

Data Analysts usually get starting salaries of around $65,663 a year and most experienced employees earn around $140,267 per year. The positions and responsibilities also increase with a salary increase. 

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Top Companies for Data Analysts in Canada

Working anywhere in Canada as a Data Scientist is rewarding but it is better to have a set long-term goal and target salaries as well. Therefore, the following table will give you an idea about what the top companies in Canada are paying Data Analysts and where would you like to set your benchmark. 

Company Average Salary 
University of British Columbia$89,681 per year
RBC$62979 per year
Bell$69,701 per year
Intact$79,189 per year
City of Vancouver, BC$78,013 per year
Munich Re$67,351 per year
Government of Canada$67,133 per year
Mind Geek$55,000 per year
CIBC$70,334 per year
Manulife$79,500  per year

Note: The salary sources have been taken from Glassdoor, and indeed.

Cities That Pay Good Data Analyst Salaries in Canada

Some cities in Canada pay better than others. However, it is sometimes difficult to analyze which cities will pay better, therefore, we have curated a list of best-paying cities for Data Analyst jobs in Canada. Refer to the table below for reference. 

City Average Annual Salary 
Edmonton$77,357 per year
Mississauga$75,444 per year
Ottawa$71,924 per year
Vancouver$71,450 per year
Toronto$68,214 per year
Calgary$68,050 per year
Halifax$67,077 per year
Montréal$66,445 per year
Markham$54,826 per year
Quebec$134,845 per year
New Brunswick $122,285 per year
Saskatchewan $83,250 per year

You might also get similar job roles and responsibilities under some other titles as well. Here are some jobs that have the same role as a Data Scientist with their salaries. 

JobsAverage Salaries
Data Manager$136,795  per year
System Engineer$125,622  per year
Scientist$120,000  per year
Management Analyst$110,180  per year
Business Systems Analyst$109,863  per year
Business Analyst$93,734  per year
Systems Analyst$83,042  per year
Investigator$75,649  per year
Data Administrator$64,925  per year

Business Analyst vs Data Analyst. Do you know the differences? 

Data Analyst Salary in Canada – Trajectory 

Mostly you start earning with a particular salary and then progress to get a better income with time. That is the trajectory of salary we are talking about. Read the career path of a data analyst in Canada. 

  • You start working as a Data Analyst in Canada at $67,415 per year. It takes 0 to 4 years to grow from this stage. 
  • Then you become a Senior Data Analyst and your salary at this stage is around $92,201. 
  • After around 8+ years of experience, you become a level IV Data Analyst. Your salary at this stage will be around $71,726  per year.


How much is a data analyst paid in Canada?

You will earn around $4,764 per month as a data analyst in Canada on average. Moreover, your yearly pay would be around $67,281. 

Are data analysts in demand in Canada?

One reason for the high data analysts’ salary in Canada is the high demand for data analysts in the country. 

Is data analysis a high-paying job?

Yes, Data Analysts usually get starting salaries of around $65,663 a year and most experienced employees earn around $140,267 per year.

This was all about Data Analysts’ salaries in Canada. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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