An Overview of Jobs at NASA: Types of NASA Jobs & Requirements 

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Are you looking for jobs at NASA? Then you must be willing to know what are the job opportunities offered by NASA. There are employment opportunities at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for a wide range of individuals. Although engineers and scientists make up the majority of the workforce, administrative support roles like those in public relations or human resources are also available at NASA. 


Seeking employment at NASA may seem as challenging as traveling to a far-off star. a protracted, challenging, and taxing endeavor. Here we have shared some tips that help you to get jobs at NASA. 

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Benefits of Doing Jobs at NASA  

There are several benefits to doing jobs at NASA. Here we have mentioned a few reasons below:

  • A variety of demanding initiatives that will impact society are available at NASA. Working with NASA helps you find the point when ability, passion, and opportunity converge—all that is required.
  • Through leadership development, professional growth, ongoing learning opportunities, and a distinctive mentoring culture, NASA offers you the chance to broaden your area of expertise.
  • NASA’s diverse workforce organically creates new opportunities, and our flexible work schedules let you schedule your time to match your schedule. We want you to take risks, pursue your interests, and develop your career to fit your aspirations, both personally and professionally.

Tips for Job Interview at NASA 

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your interview to get a job at NASA.

  • Examine the position description. When applying for a job with a corporation like NASA that has a rigorous hiring procedure, you should take this basic advice to a whole new level.
  • Bring your résumé in copy form. It’s effortless to digress when a hiring manager inquires about your qualifications. It’s advisable to keep a duplicate of your resume close to hand as a result. 
  • Dress appropriately (formal suit or business casual). A business casual suit is the bare minimum to wear to a job interview. However, one may also need to wear a formal suit, depending on the post for which you are seeking. 
  • Examine typical interview questions. As previously said, there is a wide range of occupations at NASA, and as a result, job interview questions also vary widely. However, all job roles at this space behemoth share a few characteristics, such as initiative, responsibility, and teamwork.

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List of Highest Paying Jobs at NASA

Here is a list of some of the most demanding jobs at NASA that students can explore based on their experience and type of education:

Jobs Positions Average Salary
Avionic Technician $40,018 per year
Aerospace Engineer$103,655 per year
Computer Engineer$52,121 per year
Mechanical Engineer$81,178 per year
Astronomer$128,950 per year
Technical writer$59,097 per year
Electronics Technician$62,718 per year
Meteorologist$66,182 per year
Aerospace technician$71,049 per year
Propulsion engineer$106,298 per year
Medical assistant$47,276 per year
Data scientist$103,226 per year
Software engineer$96,573 per year
Program analyst$83,8978 per year
Project manager$77,063 per year
Program analyst$83,8978 per year

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Who Qualifies as a NASA Employee?

The prerequisites for employment at NASA differ based on the role you are applying for. NASA requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in the field for which they are applying, at the very least. 

Utilize USA Jobs, the US Federal Government’s employment website, to apply for any available vacancies. At NASA, there are several full-time, temporary, and seasonal job opportunities. Additionally, you can apply for a fellowship or an internship.

Get your CV and cover letter ready for the interview before you begin the application process. Make sure you have any other pertinent paperwork, as well. The organization gives preference to candidates with degrees from recognized universities and relevant work experience. Although the criteria to work for NASA are usually non-negotiable, for some professions, NASA will consider prior experience.

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How to Apply for Jobs at NASA?

The steps listed below will guide you through the procedure: 

  • Make a USAJOBS Account: You must first register for a USAJOBS profile in order to apply for a job at NASA.
  • Create your Resume: You must create or upload your resume after finishing your profile. You can apply for employment at numerous different government agencies using the resumes you create.
  • Look for Jobs: You’ll be prepared to apply for NASA jobs once you’ve finished creating your resume and finished your USAJOBS profile.

(Tip: Use USAJOBS’s “Saved search” feature to look for jobs even while you’re not online. Saved searches will look for jobs on your behalf automatically and notify you by email when any new positions become available. Up to ten searches can be maintained at once, and you can manage your saved searches from within your account.)

  • Apply: After you’ve identified a position that interests you, make sure you’ve read the job announcement thoroughly to ensure you satisfy the requirements for eligibility and credentials. After that, select “Apply” and attach your CV to USAJOBS. After that, you’ll be redirected to NASA’s application portal to finish the process.
  • Give further details as needed: After you’ve been moved to the application systems, kindly read the instructions attentively and adhere to them. After successfully completing the application procedure, the system will take you back to USAJOBS.

(Note: The eligibility questions differ depending on the type of announcement due to the variety of vacancy announcements. Applicants for General Schedule (GS) positions will find the NASA Applicant Eligibility Questions Resource Guide and one-pager helpful in understanding the kinds of questions that are asked during the application process. (Note: This guide does not include the eligibility questions used in Executive Services and Pathways announcements.)

  • Submit your application: Once done with all research and documentation finally you can submit your application to NASA.  


How can you become a scientist in space?

To become a space scientist, one can pursue a Btech degree in astronomy, aeronautics, or aerospace engineering after completing their 12th-grade education. You must afterwards work toward a master’s degree in the same field if not a postdoctoral program.

What are the top jobs in NASA?

Here is a list of some top Jobs at NASA; 
Computer Engineering.
Administrative Support. 
Engineering Technician.

Are engineers hired by NASA?

Engineering Careers at NASA is the most demanding career. NASA employs 20 various kinds of engineers to work on our many missions; the most prevalent engineering specialities are computer, general, and aerospace.

What are the eligibility criteria to work in NASA?

You must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, biology, computer science, and physical science. You must have 3 years of work experience and at least 1000 hours of piloting. Your minimum score should not be less than 65% in your bachelor’s or master’s.

This is all the information about how to get jobs at NASA. If you want to know more about full-time and part-time jobs in China, follow Leverage Edu.

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