Top 6 Forensic Science Degree Jobs Abroad: See Latest Salary 2024

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Forensic Science Degree Jobs Abroad

Criminal investigations depend heavily on the intriguing field of forensic science. It entails utilizing scientific methods and knowledge to collect and evaluate evidence in order to assist in the investigation of crimes and the administration of justice. As a forensic scientist, you will use your knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics, among other scientific domains, to solve crimes. This blog is your one-stop shop for embarking on this thrilling journey. We will help you know about a diverse range of forensic science opportunities available across the globe. We’ll explore the specific skills and qualifications sought after by employers in different countries, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the international job market.

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Reasons to Choose Forensic Science Career Abroad 

There are several reasons to choose a career in forensic science. Let’s explore some of the top benefits of pursuing a forensic science career abroad: 

  • Provide Human Safety: An essential component of public safety is forensic science. They aid in the assessment of a crime scene, the gathering of evidence, and the identification of potential investigative results. 
  • Jobs Stability: The employment security that comes with being a forensic scientist is another advantage. Given how specialised forensic science is, there is a certain level of job stability for those in the area.
  • Ample job opportunities: There are numerous options for forensic scientists to pursue careers in their field. They can work in a variety of science and criminal investigation professions, including biology, DNA testing, private investigation, crime scene investigation, and laboratory administration because they use a variety of scientific disciplines.
  • Build-Up Skills Set: Working in a demanding workplace can be a requirement for becoming a forensic scientist. Every situation is different and can call for a different set of abilities.

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Employment Areas for Forensic Science Jobs

Professionals in the field of forensics have job prospects in both public and private institutions, including

Forensic Science

List of Forensic Science Jobs Abroad

After obtaining a degree in forensic science, you can find job opportunities with numerous companies in the public and private sectors. To become a forensic specialist, you might pursue a variety of professional opportunities in forensic science.

Forensic Scientists 

Finding, examining, and testing evidence connected to criminal cases and civil litigation is the responsibility of forensic scientists. They could be employed directly by the government or under contract. 

Country Average Salary Per Year 
USA60,000 USD –100,000 USD
United Kingdom45,000 GBP – 60,000 GBP
Australia  90,000 AUD – 140,000 AUD
Singapore 80,000 SGD – 100,000 SGD
Europe 55,000 EUR — €80,000 EUR
Canada 80,000 CAD – 120,000 CAD

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Private Investigator

On behalf of their customers, private investigators look into both civil and criminal matters. On rare occasions, they might need forensic experts and local law enforcement assistance with their cases.

Country Average Salary Per Year 
USA120,000 USD – 250,000 USD 
United Kingdom70,000 GBP – 100,000 GBP 
Australia 90,000 AUD – 150,000 AUD 
Singapore 80,000 SGD– 150,000 SGD
Europe 65,000 EUR – 100,000 EUR
Canada 150,000 CAD  – 300,000 CAD 

Forensic Pathologists 

Medical forensics is a field in which pathologists can choose to specialize. It is the responsibility of these experts to perform an autopsy on deceased individuals in order to ascertain the cause of death. They might assess the results of autopsies and help in the investigation of crimes like murders. 

Country Average Salary Per Year 
USA120,000 USD – 250,000 USD
United Kingdom70,000 GBP– 100,000 GBP
Australia 90,000 AUD – 150,000 AUD
Singapore 80,000 SGD  – 150,000 SGD 
Europe 65,000 EUR – 100,000 EUR
Canada 150,000 CAD – 300,000 CAD

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Crime Investigator 

Investigating evidence discovered at a crime scene is the responsibility of crime investigators. They might gather samples, take pictures of the crime scene, and analyze the evidence in a lab. After that, they extrapolate details of the crime from the evidence. 

Country Average Salary Per Year 
USA60,000 USD – 100,000 USD
United Kingdom45,000 GBP– 60,000 GBP
Australia 90,000 AUD  – 140,000 AUD 
Singapore 80,000 SGD  –  100,000 SGD 
Europe 55,000 EUR – 80,000 EUR
Canada 80,000 – 120,000 CAD

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Criminal Lawyers 

Criminal defence attorneys assist their clients in obtaining the best results possible from ongoing criminal prosecutions. Given the importance of forensic science to criminal justice, having a thorough understanding of the field is particularly advantageous. 

Country Average Salary Per Year 
USA125,115 USD 
United Kingdom74,876 GBP
Australia 96,500 AUD 
Singapore 133,250 SGD
Europe 74,876 EUR
Canada 80,671 CAD

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Police Officer 

Officers in the police department receive forensics training in addition to working with certified forensic technicians, particularly as they advance through the ranks. Even while forensic work is not a mandatory component of police work, becoming a police officer may not require formal academic qualifications in the field.

Country Average Salary Per Year 
USA87,104 USD
United Kingdom33,012 GBP
Australia 73,009 AUD 
Singapore 59,000 SGD
Europe 69,000 EUR
Canada 72,111 CAD

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Top Countries for Forensic Science Jobs 

Here is a list of a few best countries that you can choose to kick start your career as a Forensic Science Jobs: 

Forensic Science

Skills Required in Forensic Science Jobs

A degree in forensic science gives you access to a variety of highly sought-after abilities in the modern workforce. Among these abilities are:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Abilities
  • Teamwork
  • Effective Communication
  • Analytical and interpretative skills
  • Methodical approach

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Q1: Is forensic science a good career abroad?

You can work internationally in a variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, law enforcement, and computers, thanks to this education. Studying abroad at one of the many forensic science universities available offers advanced academic and practical instruction in addition to a range of career and scholarship choices.

Q2: Which country is best for forensic science?

Numerous prestigious colleges recognized for their cutting-edge forensic science studies are affiliated with the United States. The comprehensive forensics degrees offered by the University of Florida and the University of California, Davis cover everything from crime scene investigation to DNA analysis.

Q3: What is the salary for forensic science abroad After the Master’s Program?

Jobs option after Masters in Forensic Science Jobs and Salaries
Forensic Scientist $53,657
Laboratory Manager $66,221
Forensic Toxicologist $55,343
Validation Engineer $77,190

Q4: Which country has a high scope for forensic science?

The USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK are a few nations renowned for their forensic science education.

This was all about Top 6 Forensic Science Degree Jobs Abroad: See Latest Salary 2024. For more such informative articles follow the Jobs Abroad page on the Leverage Edu website. 

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