Explore the Average Salary in Singapore with Top Professionals and Industries in 2024

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average salary in singapore

Singapore is a good place to work. It is one of the good places, with a vibrant economy and diverse culture. Working with Singapore’s top organization, you will get a good exposure. If you are considering moving to this dynamic country, understanding the average salary in Singapore will become the main point that will help you have a bright future with good financial planning. If you really want to know how much you can earn in Singapore, You are on the right page here. We will give you a brief idea of the average salary in Singapore based on various parameters. This blog aims to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the Singaporean job market. 

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What is the Average Salary in Singapore

The average annual wage for a worker in Singapore is approximately 103,200 SGD, with the lowest average salary being roughly 27,380 SGD and the highest average salary being 453,200 SGD. 

As per the research, if you are working in Singapore, you can earn an average annual salary of around 103,200 SGD and an average monthly salary of 8,600 SGD. The lowest annual salary is 27,380 SGD, and the lowest monthly salary is 2,281 SGD. On the other hand, for the highest annual salary, you can easily earn around 453,200 SGD, and the highest monthly salary is 37,766 SGD. The salary in Singapore can vary depending on different factors, such as education, experience type, organization, and many more. 

average salary in singapore

Region Wise Average Salary in Singapore

Here we have given you a brief overview of the average salary in Singapore based on the top region of Singapore and their salary range: 

Region Name Average Salary 
Jurong West1,674 SGD per month
Woodlands1,871 SGD per month
Yishun1,714 SGD per month 
Jurong Island2,457 SGD  per month
Bedok2,159 SGD per month
Ang Mo Kio2,041 SGD per month
Outram2,839 SGD  per month
Marina Bay4,175  SGD per month

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Industries Wise  Average Salary in Singapore

There are various industries that provide good compensation to workers in Singapore. We have also mentioned a few of the best industries with an average salary offer.: 

Industry Name Average Salary 
Banking, Finance & Insurance4,790 SGD
Construction & Maintenance4,864 SGD
Engineering4,600 SGD
Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Social Services4,079 SGD
Information Technology5,154 SGD
Journalism & Translation3,681 SGD
Marketing & Sales4,223 SGD
Retail, Cosmetics & Customer Service2,745 SGD
Aerospace and Defense6,000 SGD
Plant & Machine Operators & Assemblers2,481 SGD 
Cleaners, Laborers, & Related Workers1,866 SGD 
Service & Sales Workers2,800 SGD 

List of Most Growing Industries in Singapore 

Here we listed a few of the best and most growing industries that are booming in Singapore: 

average salary in singapore

Gender-Wise Average Salary in Singapore

As per the research from various sources such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Talent.com, men generally earn 5% more than women on average across all professions for performing the same job. 

Gender Average Salary 
Male103,260 SGD
Female 98,540 SGD

Position Wise  Average Salary in Singapore

The types of professions also determine your pay scale if you work in Singapore. Given below is the list of Singapore’s average salary broken down by profession:

Positions Average Salary
Accountant64,300 SGD
Accounts Payable Assistant55,140 SGD 
Chartered Accountant81,960 SGD     
Digital Marketer Digital Marketer126,000 SGD
Human Resource 82,234 SGD
Civil Engineer54,329 SGD
Business Development Manager111,953 SGD
Finance Analyst86,891 SGD
Graphic Designer62,640 SGD
Software Engineer 81,493 SGD
Mechanical  Engineer44,329 SGD
Data Scientist100,000 SGD 
Recruiting Coordinator55,000 SGD 

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Q1: What is a good salary in Singapore?

Ans: In Singapore, the average pay is 70,000 SGD. The majority of the nation’s full-time workers earn more than 5,700 SGD every month. In Singapore, the average wage has gone up 8% from the previous year. The country’s median salary has increased by 46% in the last ten years.

Q2: Which job has the highest salary in Singapore?

Ans: List of some Top Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore
IT Cyber Security Manager/Specialist 
Head of Global Sourcing 
Project Manager
Head of Marketing
Data Engineer/Network Engineer.
Quality Manager/Lean Six Sigma Specialist
Regional Marketing Manager (Consumer Goods, e-commerce)

Q3: Who is eligible for a work visa in Singapore?

Ans: The candidate’s passport needs to be current. The candidate needs to be at least eighteen years old. The applicant is limited to working within the parameters specified in the work permits that the authorities have issued.

This was all the information about the average salary in Singapore. If you want to know more about salary updates for different countries, follow the Jobs Abroad page on the Leverage Edu site. 

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