A Complete Overview of Accountant Salary in Dubai 2024

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Accountant Salary in Dubai

Dubai pays very well for accountants, but getting there requires hard work, and one such course is the CPA course. However, to pursue a profession as an accountant, a person needs to fulfil some educational prerequisites. In the business sector, accounting plays a crucial role. Also, an assistant accountant, you will be in charge of several duties that are essential to a company’s bottom line. We will give you all the information you require on the structure of accountant salaries in Dubai in 2024 in this article.

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How Much an Account Makes in Dubai?

The Average range of salary of an Accountant in Dubai is from 6,440 to 21,100 AED with the median salary being 14,000 and percentiles at 9,180 and 18,200 respectively. 

The pay range for an accountant in Dubai is wide, ranging from 6,440 AED to 21,100 AED per month at the minimum. In Dubai, the midpoint of salaries for accountants is 14,000 AED per month; half of the workers earn more than that amount, and the other half earn less. 

Low-level accounts assistant AED 2,000 per month
Mid-level accounts assistant AED 4,000 per month
High-level accounts assistant AED 8,000 per month

Please take note that the pay ranges discussed in this article are merely suggestions. Based on factors including geography, work title, education, and experience, an individual’s pay may differ.

Comparison of Accountant Salary in Dubai By Experience

Following is a comparison of accountant salaries in Dubai, which is based on the level of experience. 

Experience-wise Accountant Salary in Dubai in 2024

Highest Paying Accountant Jobs in Dubai 2024 

Here is a list of some of the highest-paying professions that you can explore in Dubai. 

Jobs Opportunity  Average Salary 
Accounting Assistant AED 4,000 per month
Cost Accountant AED 6,000 per month
Junior Financial Analyst AED 70,000 per year 
Accounting Clerk AED 4,485 per month
Staff Accountant AED 4,125 per month
Junior Accountant AED 3,800 per month
Accounting Manager AED 9,300 per month
Financial Controller AED40,000.00 – AED 55,000 per year

Accountant Salary in Dubai By Companies 

Following is a list of the top companies that offer the highest salary for accountants in Dubai. Therefore, this table will help you find the best jobs. 

Company Name  Average Salary 
Damac Properties AED 5,000 -AED 7,000 per month
Geolog International AED 6,000 -AED 6,500 per month
Accountant-general’s Dept AED 3,000 -AED 4,000 per month
Cummins AED 7,000 -AED 8,000 per month
Powerscape for Agriculture Contracting AED 3,000 -AED 4,000 per month
Nal al Sheba real estate AED 39,000 -AED 46,000 per year
Fama Technologies AED 4,000 -AED 4,000 per month
Glass World Industries AED 3,00,000 -AED 4T per month
Abdulla Al Arif Investment AED 3,000 -AED 4,000 per month
Lals Group AED 55,000 -AED 64,000 per year 
Chalhoub Group AED 8,000 -AED 10,000 per month 

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Highest paying cities for Accountants in Dubai 

Here is a list of some of the highest-paying cities for accountant jobs in Dubai. 

Cities  Average Salary 
Dubai AED 3,767 per month
Abu Dhabi AED 3,503 per month
Ras al-Khaimah AED 3,723 per month
Mussafah AED 3,255 per month
Al Quoz AED 3,348 per month
Sharjah AED 3,289 per month

Comparison of Accountant Salary in Dubai By Education 

In the below picture, you can check the comparison of accountant salaries based on the level of education. 

Accountant Salary in Dubai based on Level of Education in 2024

Accountant Salary in Dubai By Industry 

The salary of an accountant might be different from industry to industry. Here is a list of accountant salaries in Dubai based on the industry. 

Industry  Average Salary 
Healthcare 5,500 AED per month 
Finance  5,000 AED per month
Automotives  4,500 AED per month 
Marketing  4,500  AED per month 
Real Estate  4,000 AED per month 
FMCG  5,000 AED per month 
IT  4,500 AED per month 

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Is 5000 AED a good salary in Dubai?

It all depends on how you choose to live. For someone who is new to Dubai, 5000 AED is a decent place to start, in my opinion. With transportation and lodging covered, the only costs would be for meals and a small amount of opulent living. Take it on if it’s your first time!

How much does a qualified Accountant make in Dubai?

The average accountant salary in Dubai is AED 5,000 per month. The average accountant salary in Dubai with additional cash compensation is AED 6,500, with a range from AED 750 – AED 30,000. 

What is the salary of a tally Accountant in Dubai?

The average salary for a Tally Clerk is AED 5,100 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How much can CA earn in Dubai per month?

A CA or an accountant’s salary in Dubai are as follows:
Freelancer Chartered Accountant salaries – AED 16,000/month
Dulsco Dubai Chartered Accountant salaries -AED 12,000/month

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