What is the Full Form of USP?

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The Full Form of USP is a Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition. USP refers to the differentiating factor that is more meaningful, unique, and distinctive from the competitors of the same or similar product, service, or brand. Moreover, the USP is what strikes the mind of the consumer when making decisions. When it comes to the marketing world, it was coined by Rosser Reeves in the 1940s and was a triumphant advertisement campaign. Thus, devising a strong USP is necessary for effective marketing and building a brand identity.

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What are the 4 Categories of USP?

The 4 Categories of USP are as follows: 

  1. Price: When it comes to the price, it may involve offering lower prices than competitors by providing discounts or value bundles or moreover implementing a unique pricing model.
  2. Quality: The superior quality of the product or service as compared to the competitors is a common USP. It could include superior materials, craftsmanship, durability, or any other higher-quality offering.
  3. Convenience: When it comes to convenience a USP focuses on making a customer’s experience easier, more efficient, or more enjoyable. This can involve factors such as easy accessibility, quick delivery, user-friendly interfaces, or time-saving features.
  4. Differentiation: The differentiating category could include unique features, innovative technology, exclusive partnerships, or any other aspect that makes the offering distinct and memorable for the consumer.

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What is an Example of USP?

Amul stands as the indisputable leader in the Indian FMCG industry, further boasting a diverse portfolio of esteemed brands within its domain. The extensive range of offerings of products includes butter, milk, milk-based beverages, cheese, curd, buttermilk, chocolates (including dark chocolates), and ice creams.

The USPs of Amul are as follows: 

  • Affordable Pricing
  • High-Quality Standards
  • Convenient Packaging
  • Nationwide Accessibility
  • Innovative Low-Cost Advertising (the widely recognized Amul girl) 
  • Efficient and Extensive Supply Chain

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