What is the IMMA Full Form?

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IMMA Full form

The IMMA full form is ‘I am going to’. It is an abbreviation that is quickly used to say ‘I am going to’.  The term comes at the beginning and end of ‘I’m gonna’. Generally, the term is applicable at the beginning of a sentence.IMMA makes it easier to say what the speaker intends to do next. The abbreviation is commonly applicable in online text messages or while talking out loud. Moreover, it is used in rap songs to sing cool or for the purpose of rhyming with other words. 

About IMMA Full Form 

The 1st 3 letters of the word’ IMMA’ is a short form of ‘I am’. Similarly, the letter ‘A’ is taken from the last alphabet of the world ‘Gonna’. Therefore, IMMA full form is I’ am going to’. The term is commonly applicable as IMA. Example: used in memes featuring SpongeBob SquarePants.

Examples of IMMA in Sentences

Below we have listed some of the examples of IMMA. 

  • John: You can say what you want about mute people

Emma: IMMA report you!

  • Jacob: IMMA set up a gambling addiction hotline where every 4th caller is a winner

Alice: That should work!

An Academic Look at IMMA

In an Academic sense, the IMMA abbreviation is after a bare infinitive and not a to-infinitive. That is, IMMA example is “IMMA fail my exams. Rather than ‘’IMMA to fail my exams”. 

Other IMMA Full Foms

There are several other IMMA full forms. Some of them are listed below:

Ion Microprobe Mass AnalysisCategory Full Form
IIMAElectronicsIon Microphobe Mass Analysis
IIMAStock ExchangeInsured Money Management Account
IIMAAccounts and FinanceInsured Money Market Account

The World’s Top Five Abbreviations

Here is a list of the top 5 abbreviations as per Google.

AbbreviationsFull Form
POVPoint of View
FRFor Real
PFPPicture for Proof
SMHShaking my head
OGOriginal Gagster 

IIMA full form is ‘I am going to’. To discover more full-form articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu

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