6 Types of Standing Committees in India

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6 Types of Standing Committees in India

The Parliament of India is already bombarded with a lot of issues coming to it on an hourly basis. Due to a lack of time and valuable expertise in every matter, therefore, the Hon’ble Constitution of India, states different committees that act as mini parliament. Moreover, these are divided into two parts- Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees. The Standing Committee is a permanent committee and works continuously which also means it is constituted every year periodically. Furthermore, this committee is subdivided into six categories. Scroll to learn the types of standing committees. 

1. Financial Committees

The role of this type of standing committee is to consider the demands for grants of concerned ministries or departments. Moreover, prepare reports on the same to make it get tabled in both houses.

In addition, it is further sub-categorise into:

  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Estimates Committee
  • Committee on Public Undertakings

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This committee includes the members of the Parliament. Additionally, it is created to oversee the proper functioning of Parliament for guiding and overlooking the Executive branch.

3. Committees to Inquire

Furthermore, in matters of general public awareness or matters relating to breach of any code, this committee will look into these topics.

Moreover, it is further sub-categorise into:

  • Committee on petitions 
  • Committee on Privileges
  • Ethics Committee

4. Committees to Scrutinize and Control

The committees to scrutinize and control are made up of between 10 and 20 counsellors of different political parties representing wards across the city.

In addition, it is further sub-categorise into:

  • Committee on Government Assurances
  • Committee on Subordinate Legislation
  • Committee on Papers Laid on the Table
  • Committee on Welfare of SCs and STs
  • Committee on Empowerment of Women
  • Joint Committee on Offices of Profit

5. Committee Relating to the Day-to-day Business of the House

As the name suggests, the committee is related to the day-to-day businesses relating to the parliament of the nation. 

Consequently, it is further sub-categorise into:

  • Business Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions
  • Rules Committee
  • Committee on Absence of Members from the Sittings of the House

6. House Keeping Committees or Service Committee

The housekeeping committee is a broader concept as it works differently according to place and situation.

It is further sub-categorise into:

  • General Purposes Committee
  • House Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament

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