When Did The Santhal Rebellion Take Place?

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when did the Santhal rebellion take place

The Santhal Rebellion was also known as the Santal Hul. It took place in the year 1855-56 in present-day Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The Santhal tribe was led by leaders such as Sidhu, Chand, Bhairav and Kanhu Murmu, who rose up against the oppressive governmental policies of the British colonial administration. Here, are some of the answers as to who, why and when did the Santhal rebellion take place.

Santhal Revolt
Who were the Santhal Tribes?They were involved in fishing and hunting originally, but later they became agriculturalists
Where did the Santhal Revolt Start?Chhotanagpur and Rajmahal Hills
When did the revolt start?It started on 30th June 1855 and ended by January 1856
Who led the Santhal Revolt?Four Murmu Brothers – Sido, Bhairav, Kanhu and Chand Murmu

When Did It Started?

The Santhal Revolt started on 30th June 1855. The revolt continued for nearly a year, with the Santhal tribespeople rising up against oppressive land laws and policies imposed by the British authorities.

Where Did The Revolt Started?

The rebellion started from Rajmahal Hills, in the present-day states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar in India. The districts involved Bhagalpur, Manbhum, Palamau, Chhotanagpur and Birbhum districts areas. Later, in 2000, Jharkhand was given a separate statehood.

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Who Started The Revolt?

The Santhal Rebellion was led by the Santhal tribal people, who were indigenous to the region and had long been marginalized and oppressed by the British colonial authorities. The Santhal tribe’s people which was led by four brothers Sido, Chand, Bhairav and Kanhu Murmu who launched a series of attacks on British officials and landowners in these regions. The Murmu Sisters Phulo and Jhano also played an important role in the revolt.


The main reason behind the Santhal Rebellion was the unjust and oppressive land laws which imposed by the British authorities. The Santhal people were being forcibly evicted from their lands, which were then taken over by British officials and landowners. This led to widespread discontent and anger among the Santhal community, eventually erupting into a full-fledged rebellion. 

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