What is the Full Form of AE?

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The most common full form of AE is Account Executive. It refers to a salesperson who manages the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining business relationships with customers. Account executives can be found in different departments of a company including marketing, finance, and public relations. 

Account Executive vs. Account Manager

Although account executive is sometimes used interchangeably with account manager, there is a slight difference between them. While both roles manage relationships and client accounts, account executives are also responsible for bringing in new clients. 

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Account Executive Job Description

The responsibilities of an account executive may include:

  • Taking over negotiations with clients and subsequently closing contracts
  • Formulate business plans to attain the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Build a network to acquire new consumers and develop relationships
  • Provide quality customer service and after-sales support to maximize customer loyalty

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Skills Needed to be an Account Executive

  • Negotiation skills: Account executives must have negotiation skills to manage client relationships.
  • Sales skills: An account executive must be able to sell the services of the company to new and existing customers and generate revenue.
  • Project management skills: Account executives are required to possess management skills as they might have to manage multiple projects, clients, deadlines, and departments. 
  • Analytical skills: Analytical skills are the basic requirements for any job position in the market. Account executives must have excellent analytical skills to analyze industry data and trends and plan accordingly. 
  • Interpersonal skills: By possessing interpersonal skills, account executives manage to interact with different clients coming from different backgrounds. 

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