What is the Full Form of CDF?

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Full form of CDF

The full form of CDF is a Cumulative Distribution Function. For a given value, CDF determines the cumulative probability. It is used to compare the likelihood of different values under certain circumstances and to calculate the probability of a random variable. For continuous distribution functions as well as discrete distribution functions, CDF provides the area under the probability density function up to the provided value stated as well as the probability values up to what we indicate for the discrete distribution functions. 

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Other Full Forms of CDF

The full form of CDF varies according to the industry and the context. The following is a list of some of the typical complete forms of CDF:

  • Channel Definition Format (Microsoft): The Channel Definition Format is an open standard that enables a web publisher to supply regularly modified data channels for any web server for automated distribution to compatible receiver applications on PCs or other information appliances. 
  • Confined Detonating Fuse: The detonating cord (detonating fuse) resembles a safety fuse but instead of black powder, it carries a powerful explosive. The first effective one was invented in France in 1908 and comprised a lead tube with a core of TNT inside that was roughly the same diameter as a safety fuse. 
  • Cyberspace Description Format: An interconnected network of information systems infrastructures, such as the internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers, make up this global domain inside the information environment. 

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