What is the full form of AMUL?

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amul full form

AMUL full form is Anand Milk Union Limited. It is a cooperative dairy enterprise headquartered in the small town of Anand in the Indian state of Gujarat. Amul is India’s leading manufacturer of milk and milk products. The organisation is credited with introducing India’s white revolution and is praised as a successful cooperative business model that has empowered village men and women. It has turned ordinary country women into mini-entrepreneurs.

AMUL is now a well-known brand handled by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF). This cooperative is owned by about three million milk producers, and its products are sold in over forty countries. 

History of AMUL

Amul was founded on December 14, 1946, as a cooperative dairy in the little town of Anand, Khaira district, Gujarat. Dr Verghese Kurien and Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel formed this enterprise, which marked the beginning of the white revolution.

Since June 30, 2010, R.S. Sodhi has served as the company’s CEO.


  • Amul manufactures flavoured milk, cheese, butter, ghee, dahi, milk powder, chocolate, shrikhand, ice cream, and a variety of other dairy goods. 
  • It has also introduced Amul Pro, a brown beverage comparable to Horlicks and Bournvita. 
  • Stamina, the company’s first sports drink, was introduced in 2006. 
  • Amul butter is the company’s most well-known product. 

Amul has grown in popularity over the previous 50 years, with a new poster/billboard appearing every month. The poster was inspired by a current event, thought, or situation.

Three-Tier Model

Amul’s three-tier model is an excellent system that functions with ease and excellence. Each body functions admirably in a three-step operation. The three tiers are as follows:

  • Each plant is a member of the village dairy cooperative society, which acts as a manufacturer’s community.
  • District Milk Unions are made up of delegates elected by Village Dairy Cooperative Society members.
  • State Milk Federation: This institution is in charge of product marketing and distribution.

The Umbrella Brand

The technique employs an umbrella-style marking scheme. Amul is the foundational brand for the bulk of product classifications produced by other associations, including those for fluid milk, milk powders, margarine, ghee, cheddar, cocoa products, confectionery, frozen yoghurt, and consolidated milk. Amulspray, Amulspree, Amulya, and Nutramul are examples of Amul’s sub-brands.

Natural product beverages are sold under the Safal brand, while pleasant oil products are sold under the Dhara and Lokdhara brands. The mineral water line is known as Jal Dhara. GCMMF avoided association problems by insisting on an umbrella brand, allowing its customers to collaborate to make things.

Achievements of Amul

Amul- The Taste of India, is a unique approach that has helped India become the world’s biggest producer of milk. The following are some of the honours earned by India’s largest milk dairy brand:

  • Finalists for the World Dairy Innovation Award-2020
  • The IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award will be presented on October 30, 2020.
  • The Development of IT Awards in India 
  • 2017 BML Munjal Award
  • Award for Champions of Excellence 
  • AMUL was awarded the ET Iconic Brand Award.
  • 2014 World Dairy Innovation Awards

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Advertising Campaign

In 1966, Amul hired Sylvester da Cunha, the general director of an advertising agency, to produce a commercial for Amul Butter. DaCunha designed the campaign as a series of hoardings with pertinent topical advertisements. It was well-liked and set a Guinness World Record for the longest-running advertising campaign in history.

Bharat Dabholkar and Kumar Morey, two cartoonists, were contracted to develop advertisements for Amul in the 1980s. Dabholka, on the other hand, was opposed to the practice of putting renowned persons in advertising. Dabholkar credited chairman Verghese Kurien for creating a free environment that contributed to the creation of advertising.

The Amul girl is the company’s advertising mascot for brand promotion. The cartoon mascot was cleverly used in the brand’s longest-running advertising campaign. The Amul girl is used in print advertisements to convey levity.

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Amul has improved consumer interaction as a result of well-received advertising among Indians. Amul’s brand recall increased. The Amul girl advertising campaign is frequently considered one of the best Indian advertising ideas.


AMUL (full form Anand Milk Union Limited) has been one of the most popular and trusted dairy brands for about 5 decades. It began as a revolution of Indian farmers in response to their dismal economic situation. Off seasons, their condition has caused them to go hungry. They began the 15-day milk strike’ on the recommendation of Sardar Patel. The government eventually agreed to their demands, which benefited those farmers greatly. Thus, Amul’s experience teaches us that we must fight for our rights without giving up hope. The name Amul is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Amulya,’ which means “priceless.” Because of this brand, India has surpassed the United States as the world’s leading producer of milk. 

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