What is the Full Form of CST?

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what is the full form of CST

The term ‘CST’ stands for Central Sales Tax. CST is an indirect tax imposed on products bought and sold between states. Before being sold to a buyer in another state, products have CST added by the seller in the first state. The Central State Tax Act of 1956 governs CST. The Act defines interstate commerce, the conditions under which CST is applicable, the specifics of trade sanctions, etc. The CST is imposed by the Indian Central Government, however, it may apply to several states.

CST is an indirect and origin-based tax since it is administered by the state where the transaction originates and is payable in the country’s state where the goods are sold. Only intrastate transactions are allowed. It does not include things made in a state, exported from that state, or sold there.

Expulsions from CST 

Some of these scenarios, which are listed below, do not apply to CST:

  • If outbound freight is not included and is paid separately, product coverage is transferred to the customer upon shipment
  • Returned merchandise has a 180-day window. If not, it is excluded
  • Neither SEZs nor foreign embassies are subject to CST

CST in its whole is another moniker for Central Standard Time. A time zone 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (GMT) is represented by it. To find the local time, you must subtract six hours from Universal Time. North and Central America is where the majority of CST’s territories are located.

The names that CST may be referred to for various locations on the ground are listed below.

  • CT or Central Time
  • NACST (North American Central Standard Time)
  • In French HNC (Heure Normale du Centre)
  • In Spanish Tiempo Central Estandar (CST)
  • UTC -0600

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