📖 Study in Montreal, Canada: A Complete Guide for 2024-25

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Hi! I’m Astronaut Alex 👨‍🚀🚀, and today, we’re talking about studying in Montreal Canada. Do wish to study in Montreal Canada? Well, don’t fret if you feel confused about pursuing a course in Montreal Canada. I’ll help you understand what it is all about. 


Montreal is the largest city in the Québec province of Canada. Montréal is frequently ranked among the best student cities in the world (QS) and is one of the most popular destinations for overseas students. Home to numerous top-notch institutes and an impressive job market, the city attracts students and job seekers alike. Montreal boasts a total of 11 universities and 60 colleges, all offering various courses in a diverse range of fields. Apart from providing academic and career opportunities, the city also offers a safe and peaceful environment. In this blog, we will discuss how you can study in Montreal Canada. 

Hope you have a gist of studying in Montreal Canada. This is just the beginning! Join me as I take you on a journey of studying in Montreal Canada. Let’s go!🚀

📖 Why Study in Montreal Canada

Montreal is a very welcoming and diverse city, which allows students to feel at home. Students here receive a world-class education and enjoy a good quality of life. 

Here are some of the main reasons why you should study in Montreal Canada: 

➡️ Affordable Universities

Studying at a university in Canada is quite affordable compared to many other countries. In Quebec, the tuition fees for overseas students are among the lowest in North America.

➡️ Eco-Responsible City

While Montreal is a big, bustling metropolis, one can still breathe fresh air. The city has leafy lanes, wooded parks, and bicycle paths.

➡️ Rich Culture 

Montreal contains a happy blend of past, present and future. In various places, heritage buildings are located next to modern ones, which makes strolling through Montreal a visual treat. Art lovers are spoiled with choices, with a vibrant choice of murals, museums, libraries and festivals. 

➡️ A Huge Year-Round Playground

You cannot get bored in Montreal. Various concerts, festivals, and pop-up art installations are held throughout the year in the city. 

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🏫 Top Universities 

Montreal has various renowned universities that make it an attractive destination for students. Students enjoy a good quality of life and extensive career opportunities in the city. 

Here are some of the best universities in Montreal, Canada:

University QS World University Ranking 2024
University of Montreal141
Concordia University387
McGill University30
Polytechnique Montréal
HEC Montreal141 

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💸 Average Tuition Fees

The cost of education is one of the biggest concerns of an international student. So, in this section, we will know the average tuition cost you will have to bear when you study in Montreal Canada.

The table below shows the typical fee structure at the universities in Montreal.

Average Annual Undergraduate Tuition FeesCA$1,500 to CA$20,000 
Average Annual Postgraduate Tuition FeesCA$2,500 and CA$18,000
Average Annual PhD Tuition FeesCA$2,500 and CA$17,000

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✅ Eligibility to Study in Montreal Canada

While the eligibility criteria differ from university to university, the general entry requirements remain the same to study in Montreal Canada. 

Here are the requirements you need to fulfill in order to study at an institute in Montreal: 

  • The students must score a minimum GMAT score of 500- 700 out of 800.
  • Moreover, the candidates have to have a minimum score of 6 on IELTS.
  • Canadian institutes often prefer students to have a minimum of 12 months of work experience (for a Master’s level course). 
  • The applicants must score a minimum of 70% in class 12. 
  • Students also have to provide the following documents during their admission process:
  1. A photocopy of your valid passport or travel document
  2. An acceptance letter from your educational institution
  3. Proof that you can support yourself
  4. medical test reports, 
  5. proof of English language proficiency
  6. Passport Size Photographs
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. Letter of Recommendation
  9. Experience Certificates

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📄 Application Process to Study in Montreal Canada

The admission process to Study in Montreal Canada may be perplexing for students. Fortunately, Leverage Edu can make your application process a lot easier. 

We can aid you in your application in the following ways:

  • By making use of our AI Course Finder, you can opt for the course you wish to take.
  • Leverage Edu’s experts will then begin the application process for the university you desire on your behalf. 
  • Your application must include essays, TOEFL, SOPs, LORs, IELTS, and other mandatory documents. So, collect and assemble the required documents. 
  • Our team will then commence your application for housing, scholarships, and student loans as soon as you are done with your application process and all necessary paperwork. 
  • Finally, watch out for your offer letter, which should reach you within 4-6 weeks.

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💸 Best Scholarships to Study in Montreal Canada

Scholarships enable students to find success in their academic and career goals by providing them the financial aid. The removal of financial constraints truly empowers students to pursue their dream of studying abroad. 

The table below shows some of the most popular scholarships to study in Montreal Canada.

Université de Montréal Exemption Scholarship for International StudentsCA$2,000 – CA$21,000
HEC Montréal BBA Entrance ScholarshipsCA$7,000 – CA$14,000
Université de Montréal Fondation Olivier et Yvonne Poirier

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🔮Scope of Studying in Montreal Canada

Studying in Montreal, Canada can be immensely rewarding for international students. An international student makes about CA$63,400 per year in Canada after graduation. The average annual salary is CA$51,608 per year for entry-level positions, while experienced workers can earn around CA$81,238 per year. So, you can benefit a lot if you study in Montreal Canada. 

Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in Montreal: 

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Software EngineerCA$93,129
Data ScientistCA$95,968
Artificial Intelligence (AI) SpecialistCA$75,000 – CA$115,000
Project ManagerCA$82,884
Social Media ManagerCA$69,927 

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Mr. Astronaut👨‍🚀🚀- “ Kiddos, I have answered all your queries with the utmost precision that I was capable of. Now, I will be taking my leave, but if you think that I might have missed something do check out the FAQ section or drop a comment. I always respond!”


Ques 1. Is Montreal a good place to study?

Ans. Yes, Montreal is an ideal place to study due to its educational opportunities and vibrant cultural scene. 

Ques 2. Can I go to Montreal if I don’t speak French?

Ans. Yes, Montreal is a bilingual city and English is widely spoken in the city. 

Ques 3. Can students work in Montreal?

Ans. Yes, you can work on campus or off campus without applying for a work permit during your studies. 

So, this was all about studying in Montreal, Canada. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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