Top Universities that Accept Spring Transfers

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Transferring to a new university can be challenging. Almost one-third of students transfer at some point during their college career for any number of reasons. Students could transfer universities due to financial situations, poor performance, give another shot at their dream university or if the current university is not the best fit. This blog delves into universities that accept spring transfers and what the transfer process is! 

What is the Spring Transfer?

The Spring intake usually is from January to April/May. Spring transfer is when students decide to transfer to a new university in the spring semester. The acceptance rate of Spring transfers is more selective. This is due to the fact that most courses begin in the fall semester( September) and transferring mid-year in the spring semester can be difficult as it comes with fewer transferrable credits. Before choosing to transfer universities in the spring semester, look at the application requirements, the deadlines, acceptance rate of universities and research thoroughly. The deadline for spring transfers is usually around October/November. Different universities may have different deadlines, check before applying.

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Universities that Accept Spring Transfers

Here is a list of universities that accept spring transfers for international students:

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Why do Students Transfer?

Transfer students are students that transfer from their university or college to another university or college for any multitude of reasons like: 

  • Students transfer from community colleges
  • Students may transfer if they feel like the university is not a good fit for them 
  • If they want to change majors
  • If students want to apply to a university with better recognition
  • To give another shot at their dream university
  • Students may transfer due to the high cost of studying and living.
  • The course does not meet their expectations or because of personal considerations such as family illness and the need to be closer to home. 
  • Some students are just unhappy with the courses or want to “transfer” to a university they think is the best.

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Process of Transferring Universities

Here is step-wise process you need to follow to apply to universities that accept spring transfers and make it before the deadlines:

Assess why you want to Transfer and Research 

First make sure you want to transfer or not. If you’ve been studying at your university for a few months or a year, make a list of reasons you don’t like and contrast this with other universities. Begin your research for universities again. Look for universities that accept transfer students, colleges that have your major, your desired location and your social environment.

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Shortlist universities and Check Requirements

After you’ve made a list of universities you want to apply to, check the requirements for applying as a transfer student. Check if there are any additional tests required to be given like GMAT, GRE, IELTS. Check English language proficiency requirements and whether or not you need to give your tests again. You can register for Leverage Live and we will help you commence with your preparations today.

Finance your Studies

Calculate the cost of the program and the additional expenses for accommodation, food travel, etc. Make sure you have money ready for the period of your stay. If you need help with your finances, Leverage Finance can help you secure an affordable loan that can help you achieve your dream to study abroad. You can also apply to various scholarships offered to international students by universities, government and even Leverage Edu.

Credit Assessment

Check out which credits transfer. The amount of transfer credit you are eligible for is determined by the Office of Admissions based on the factors like whether or not the courses you have taken are transferable, the number of courses you have completed, whether your previous post-secondary studies fit into the program you are applying to. 

Gather Necessary Documents

The next step is to gather and compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates and LORs and exam scores like IELTS etc. 

Apply Now!

Once you have collected all the documents and fulfilled the transaction requirements you are ready to fill out the application form. Check the deadlines, and submit your saved application form at the right time to the university. 

International Students Transfer Requirements

  • You must have completed a particular amount of credits at the university you are now attending to be deemed a transfer student.
  • The minimal number of credits required for transfer admission varies from university to university and program to program. And only if you meet the minimum GPA standards will you be considered for transfer admission.
  • If you don’t meet the GPA requirements you can apply as a freshman.

Documents Checklist

The documents required for a transfer application are generally similar to the normal college application. Documents include:


Does NYU accept spring transfers?

Yes. NYU accepts spring transfers. A transfer student can apply through the transfer common application. The deadline for the same is April 1 for the fall semester. Similarly, for the spring semester, the deadline is November 1.

Does UCLA accept spring transfers?

Yes. To submit the same a student has to provide the necessary documentation. It includes the academic transcripts of the student and 350-word answers to a total of 4 questions. The deadline for the application to UCLA is November 30 for the fall semester. Similarly, the spring semester deadline for the application is 31st July.

Does Harvard accept spring transfers?

No. Harvard University does not accept transfer applications for the spring semester. Applications are only accepted for the fall semester. The transfer applications can be sent during the fall of the academic year.

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