Everything You Need to Know About Leipzig University

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Leipzig University

Best known for its expertise in medical and top-notch research, Leipzig University is one of the oldest universities in the World. The university is currently home to over 30,000 students, both domestic and international. Leipzig University offers more than 180 programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in various fields such as Law, Arts, Science, and more.  Keeping in mind that the majority of courses offered at Leipzig University are taught in German only, international students are expected to obtain knowledge of the German Language of at least C2 level to pursue education at Leipzig University. The fact that Leipzig University has participated in teaching and research for over 600 years without any interruption is what makes it stand out among other universities in Germany. Are you planning to study abroad in Germany? Do you have exceptional German speaking and writing skills? If yes, then Leipzig University can be a great choice for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Leipzig University. 

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University NameLeipzig University
Type Public Research University
Motto in EnglishCrossing boundaries out of tradition
Establishment2 December 1409
LocationLeipzig, Saxony, Germany
Campus SettingUrban 
Student Population30,000+
International Student12%
Popular MajorsMedicine, Natural Sciences, Law, Humanities
Intake SummerWinter

Did you know that Leipzig has more bridges than Venice?


Leipzig University has been ranked #18 in Germany, #98 in Europe, and #264 in the world by the Webometrics Rankings of World Universities, a web-based platform that ranks universities by evaluating universities’ scientific online publications. The table below mentions the international rankings achieved by Leipzig University for 4 consecutive years, ranked by the prestigious QS World University Rankings.

Year 2023 2022 2021 2020
QS WUR Rankings#420#447#483 #531-540
leipzig universiy
Source: Leipzig University


Starting with only 4 faculties, the University now comprises 14 faculties, each associated with an institute. Listed below are the faculties of Leipzig University:

What Courses are Offered at Leipzig University?

Germany is a country where the majority of the population speaks in their native language i.e. German. This is the reason why most of the programs offered at German universities are taught in German. However, many universities in Germany offer programs taught either completely in English or partially in English. Leipzig University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in areas of architecture, civil engineering, media informatics, computer science, and business administration, the majority of the courses being taught in German. Leipzig University also offers several courses in English and other foreign languages. The University offers several programs designed specifically for international students such as the International Master’s programs that include:

Major study areas at Leipzig University are listed below:

What are the Entry Requirements of Leipzig University?

The entry requirements will vary depending on the type of degree you’ll be studying at Leipzig University. As mentioned earlier, to gain admission to Leipzig University, you will need to have sufficient knowledge of German and the right academic qualification for your chosen degree program. General criteria for admission to Leipzig University for undergraduate and postgraduate courses are mentioned below:

Undergraduate Courses

To pursue an undergraduate program, you will need a higher education entrance qualification that is valid for German universities.

Postgraduate Courses

To pursue a postgraduate program, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 

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What are the Language Requirements of Leipzig University?

The university offers both German-language and English-language study programs for international students. Depending on the degree program, the University has certain requirements that are needed to prove your proficiency in the respective language. Mentioned below are the minimum scores required for different standardized tests, both for English and German. 

German Language Test Scores

Test NameMinimum Score Requirements
DSH CertificateLevel-2 Above 
GDS certificate C2 level Above
TestDaF certificate4 points in 4 of its sections

English Language Test Scores

Test NameMinimum Score Requirements
IELTSOverall 6
TOEFL iBTOverall 85

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How to Apply?

You can make the application process easy with the help of Leverage Edu. Here’s how you can start with the application process at Leipzig University now!

Select the Course

Our trusted AI Course Finder will help you shortlist your favorite course. Contact us at 1800 572 000 and our Student Counselors at Leverage Edu will help you start with the application process.

Application Process Starts

Experts at Leverage Edu will then start with your application process through our common dashboard platform where you’ll be able to witness the status of your application. 

Gather your Documents

Documents such as SOPs, Essays, LORs and IELTS, TOEFL, Aptitude Tests, etc. are an important part of the application. So you’ll have to gather and compile all the necessary documents. Here’s a checklist for the required documents to make it easier for you:

Submission of your Application

Experts at Leverage Edu will then start with the application process for accommodation, German Students visa, and scholarships/student loans after submitting your application and the necessary documents. 

Wait patiently for the Offer Letter

Now, wait for your offer letter which usually takes around 6 weeks. 

Leipzig University Intakes

The university offers two major intakes as mentioned below:

  1. Summer 
  2. Winter

What is the cost of studying at Leipzig University?

The tuition fees for international students are EUR 500 (INR 41,925) per semester for long-term students and EUR 350 (INR 29,354) per semester for undergraduate students.

What is the cost of living in Germany?

The cost of living in Germany as an international student typically costs around EUR 850 (INR 71,272) per month including accommodations, travel, entertainment, and other expenses. 

Given below is the list of basic amenities and their cost in Germany:

Category Cost in EURCost in Rupees
Accommodation€ 411 ₹ 32,898
Food and Beverages€ 154 ₹ 12,326
Transportation€ 72 ₹ 5,763
Entertainment€ 52 ₹ 4,162
Clothing € 514 ₹ 41,143

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What is the acceptance rate of Leipzig University?

The acceptance rate of Leipzig University is around 10%.

How many international students are there at Leipzig University?

Almost 12% of the total student population at Leipzig University consists of international students hailing from over 100 countries around the world.

What is the application fee at Leipzig University?

To apply for admission to Leipzig University you will have to apply only through UniAssist. The application fee for the same is EUR 75 (INR 6,288). The application fee is non-refundable. 

Can I work while studying at Leipzig University?

Yes, international students can work while studying at Leipzig University for 120 full days or 240 half-days per year.  

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